A Gorleston fitness instructor has befriended a trainer-to-the-stars to bring some LA sunshine to the Norfolk coast.

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Former pro dancer Hannah Powsey, 28, teaches classes at her private fitness studio - Riverside Studio - in Riverside Road.

She wanted to help people get in shape without “throwing themselves around the room”, and found a solution with LA-based instructor Tracey Mallett.

Tracey has counted Madonna, Michelle Obama and Natalie Portman among her clients, and her ‘Bootybarre’ workout is growing in popularity.

Hannah struck up a friendship with Tracey online, has become the first person in the country to teach the workout and says the people of Gorleston are embracing it as much as US celebs.

“This class is huge in LA, everybody’s doing it out there,” said Hannah. “Celebrities don’t always want to lose weight - they want to train and look good on the red carpet and that’s what this does.

“It’s been huge here and I’ve now got eight classes per week.

“My oldest lady is in her seventies and the music is upbeat.”

Riverside Studio is the only studio offering the class, which aims to strengthen, tone and sculpt the body.

People in the class are led through a fusion of fitness techniques from pilates and ballet through to yoga - incorporating moves with a wall-mounted bar.

Hannah explained these techniques are designed to tighten and tone muscles without adding bulk.

And she said she was taught the workout after getting to know Tracey - its creator.

“I was looking to get ideas then became an instructor and got friendly with her through [internet phone service] Skype,” said Hannah. “She’s asked me to be the master trainer for Europe and the UK.

“I’m going to London to meet her in April then hopefully to LA to her studio, and she’s meant to be coming to Gorleston too.”

Hannah’s background is as a pro Latin and ballroom dancer who has been a finalist in the British Championships.

She trained in musical theatre in London before touring musicals including her favourite West Side Story, and even featured in the Basil Brush TV series.

She says she is now thoroughly enjoying the challenge of having her own studio and teaching and changing peoples lives.

And she said it is something she is passionate about, having used pilates to rebuild herself after a significant injury towards the end of her dancing career.

“It was worth it and I’m so much stronger now,” she added.

Her classes got started in June 2012, and says she has had to extend her timetable to meet demand.

To enquire about giving the workout a go, call the studio on 07926 565902.





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