As the nights start to draw in and the temperature drops, now’s the time to transform your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary.

“We naturally retreat indoors during the colder months, which means it’s a great time to add comfort, texture and warmth to our interiors, especially the bedroom which should always be a relaxing and inviting space,” says Tina Barkway, trading director at Aldiss in Norfolk.

“It’s also a good idea to think about storage solutions to organise your seasonal wardrobe, as well as how lighting can help to set the overall mood for the room,” adds furniture buying director, Victoria Jackson.

Here are five ways to give your bedroom an autumnal transformation:

1) Calming colour palettes

As the seasons transition, so too do colour trends. Autumnal décor is about creating a calming space with earthy shades that reflect the time of year. “We’re seeing a lot of rustic reds, terracotta, browns and creams in interior design this autumn,” says Tina. “You don’t necessarily need to redecorate your entire bedroom to update its look – try introducing small pops of colour with soft furnishings, dried flowers and other accessories.”

Subtle shades of greens and blues also remain popular. “Colours that reflect the natural world, like olive, sage and moss, as well as smoky shades of blue and teal, have an elegant and soothing effect,” says Tina.

2) Add layers of throws, blankets and cushions

Adding layers of textured soft furnishings is not only an easy way to introduce an autumnal colour palette, but it can also bring some much-needed cosiness for the colder months.

“Add thick fleece throws and textured cushions to your bed and chairs to create snug spots for reading and relaxing,” suggests Tina. “Introduce an extra blanket or a bedspread to keep the chill at bay and don’t be afraid to mix colours, patterns and textures for depth and contrast.”

3) Invest in space-saving storage solutions

Autumn sees our wardrobes transition from the light, thin fabrics of summer to thick knitted jumpers, warm coats and chunky boots. To ensure all of your clothes and accessories have a home and to keep your bedroom a clutter-free zone, storage solutions are essential.

“A spacious, well-organised wardrobe is a must, not only for everyday outfits but also for hats, scarves and other small items, to make your bedroom feel more put-together,” says Victoria.

The Wiemann fitted wardrobes and bedroom units from Aldiss come in a variety of wood, glass and mirrored finishes to suit your bedroom décor, with space-saving features that will help to keep your room organised.

“If you have a small bedroom, under-bed storage and ottomans are a great space-saving solution and can be handy for keeping summer bedding or clothes out of the way when they’re not in use,” Victoria adds.

4) Use ambient lighting

As the days get darker, interior lighting becomes more important than ever. It's not only essential for practical reasons – the right lighting can transform the overall ambience of a space and have an uplifting effect on your mood.

“Bedrooms need a mixture of bedside lamps or wall lights and overhead lighting to create different layers of illumination for different tasks,” suggests Victoria. “Lighting can also be used to make a style statement and interesting focal point, whether it’s a vintage-inspired lamp or a glamorous chandelier.”

Adding a dimmer switch and using LED bulbs for a warm glow rather than harsh, bright light can make your room feel more inviting.

5) Warm your feet with a rug

No bedroom is complete without a rug – and nothing beats the soft, warm feel it offers beneath your feet on a cold day. From statement patterned designs to luxurious thick-piles, Aldiss stock a variety of rugs to add comfort and a tasteful aesthetic to your interior.

Whatever style you choose, make sure the positioning is right for the size of the room. “Most rugs look best when the top is positioned partially under the bed, which also gives you a soft surface to step onto when you get up in the morning,” says Tina. “You can also use runners on either side of the bed, or if it’s a small rug, use it to accentuate a piece of furniture, such as an armchair or dressing table.”

To browse the range of bedroom furniture and accessories at Aldiss, visit or pop into their stores in Norwich and Fakenham.