A grit bin for the winter at last!

Barbara Brett and Cllr Kay Grey

Barbara Brett and Cllr Kay Grey - Credit: Barbara Brett

For the past four years I have tried to get a grit bin for the steps between Cliff Hill and Beach Road in Gorleston, because they are often icy in the winter, but with complete failure.

The steps are owned by the borough council but the grit is provided by Norfolk County Council, and neither was prepared to compromise, and anyway NCC thought it would be far too dangerous on icy steps for one of their workers to replace the grit!

I volunteered to do the gritting when required, but this offer was not taken up.

I finally spoke to my local councillor Kay Grey to ask if she could help. She had a small pot of money for worthwhile causes in her area, and said she would look into the issue for me. She got it ordered, installed and filled with grit. Last week with frost forecast I went out and gritted the steps. Only one question remains, how will I convince NCC to join the real world and fill up the grit bin once it is empty? I now have the full responsibility for refilling and I may be looking to “crowd funding” when it arises.

The picture shows me and Cllr Kay Grey by the grit bin on the steps leading from Lower Cliff Road to Beach Road in Gorleston.


Cliff Hill, Gorleston