Amazing picture of young fox in Gorleston High Street

MERCURY reader I Croft often cycles from Bradwell into Great Yarmouth. Last Thursday he did just that for an evening beer and he tells us:

“On my way home I stopped at Gorleston KFC and as I left the shop I noticed an animal to my left in “the shadows” of an alley entrance. It was a young fox!

I was amazed. My first thought was to get a pic without scaring it away - maybe I could “outfox” this creature and tempt it out into the open. I did just that with a few chips!

I was within a metre of the fox while it was feeding. I got about six pics of the fox, some were closer than this but not as clear. I am certain this fox would have “eaten from my hand” if it had not been un-nerved by passers by.

It is known that foxes “take chicken” but this one just got the chips! Has anyone else seen the fox in Gorleston High Street?

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