CAISTER: Pupils choose dream jobs

caister Infants

caister Infants - Credit: Archant

The children at Caister Infant and Nursery School have been thinking about the future and their dreams and ambitions as part of Aspirations Week. The event saw parents who do a wide range of jobs visit the school and talk about their roles. The week was organised to make children think about their futures and the skills they will need in later life.

The children were visited by a dental nurse, dance teacher, graphic designer and more. The children also heard a talk by a parent whose dream had come true of completing the London Marathon.

At the end of the week, the youngsters got the chance to dress up in the uniform of the job they want to do in the future. These included nurses, teachers, vets, pilots, singers, scientists and chefs.

Meanwhile, the teachers and staff also dressed up as the roles they would do if they were not teachers.

One teacher dressed up as medical surgeon, another as a rock star and others went dressed as an electrician, a hairdresser and a DJ!


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