Layby has 70mph speed limit signs!

Layby near Cantley has old speed signs.

Layby near Cantley has old speed signs. - Credit: Mick Castle

I reported this years ago, but nothing was done.

In the first picture see the 70mph (national speed limit applies) signs at the entrance to the A47 lay-by, just to the Great Yarmouth side of the White House, Cantley turn-off.

This lay-by of course was once the old roadway before the Acle bypass was built. It’s about time the old signs were replaced with blue parking signs befitting the lay-by which boasts a popular “greasy spoon” café.

It would be great if we could get this sorted if possible as it is currently the “Fastest Lay-By in Norfolk!”


County Councillor,

Yarmouth North and Central