Casino and hotel plan makes good use of land

A view of the South Denes area and seafront in Great Yarmouth. Picture: James Bass

A view of the South Denes area and seafront in Great Yarmouth. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

There have been several derisive comments made around the town about the long-awaited arrival of the Edge casino complex.

I believe Mr Albert Jones should be regarded as a very tenacious go-getter. When the Edge was advertised back in 2007, we all thought we would be getting an international ferry, but our local and county councilors made a deal that did not include a ferry service to the near Continent as they boasted we would get in their glossy brochure.

With high unemployment and a large percentage of the population on benefits a ferry would have brought the promised 1,000 jobs and for Mr Jones well heeled continental punters. The 200-bed hotel will also employ many local people.

Port directors are saying to MPs Brexit mean ports will have to have more land for storage, for what may I ask? The present land at Great Yarmouth is not fully used, the land east of the South Denes is just fenced off; there must be many hectares’ of scruffy land that they now own. We do not have container trade and if they have another bash at that there is more than enough room.

I would like to see more wind energy companies filling the vacant plots owned by the council on the South Denes.

If Mr Jones is lucky enough to bring his idea to fruition then that bit of port land adjacent to the Pleasure Beach should be made to look presentable.


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