Coastguard headquarters on seafront was replaced by Tower building

Great Yarmouth coastguard buildings

Great Yarmouth coastguard buildings - Credit: Mercury Library

Alex Bain emailed us last week asking for details about what was on Great Yarmouth seafront prior to the Tower complex being built in the 1960s.

“I have a memory that it was a coastguard station or something similar.” Alex said.

We consulted our history oracle, Peggotty, who sent us the above photo, taken by the Mercury photographer Les Gould, and said: “Attached is a photograph of the old Coastguard headquarters and some of the officers’ cottages sited in the middle of the Marine Parade’s Golden Mile. The complex was built in 1858 and demolished in 1964, a year after the HQ was moved to Gorleston, the site being cleared for the new Tower building.”

Hope that helps Alex.