Dog fouling? Nothing on their human counterparts!

Rubbish at Caister on Sea

Rubbish at Caister on Sea - Credit: Archant

Further to your reader’s letter last week regarding the footpaths on West Road in Caister I believe even worse are the footpaths and driveway entrances in Westerley Way.

Trying to walk along either side of the road without having to negotiate potholes and crumbling concrete driveways is nigh impossible. I have an elderly relative who is wheelchair bound and the only way to get her safely to my home is to use the road, not the best alternative.

I have lived on Westerley Way for the past 52 years and can only remember, just once, a pathetic covering of tar wash being applied to the surface which needless to say did not last very long. A few years back the cable companies came and dug trenches the whole length of the pathways including the concrete drives which is, I am sure was part of the cause of the problem.

We did have some excitement just before Christmas, for a couple of days a digger, roller, a truck full of tarmac and a gang of workman turned up and proceeded to repair a few sporadic sections before once again leaving the rest. Why these particular sections were repaired I know not as they were no worse than the rest.

Perhaps they will soon return, but I think I have more chance of winning the lottery.

Getting back to West Road, much has been written lately of dog fouling in and around the area but nothing of the endeavours of their human counterparts, I refer to the disgraceful state of the drainage dyke running alongside of the new housing estate (my picture shows).

Are these people too lazy to walk across the road to deposit their rubbish in the waste bin provided?

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