Doubts over quango's record

LAST year, 1st East, an un-elected Quango costing taxpayers around �750,000 per year since it's creation under Labour in March 2005, claimed that Lowestoft was “a port in decline”.

LAST year, 1st East, an un-elected Quango costing taxpayers around �750,000 per year since it's creation under Labour in March 2005, claimed that Lowestoft was “a port in decline”.

1st East and Waveney District Council wanted to take over the Hamilton and Waveney docks, rename it Fishers Wharf and redevelop the area including incorporating yuppie apartments. This would have been right opposite the flourishing SLP yard with full order books for several years.

Fortunately, Lowestoft harbour has Associated British Ports, who acted wisely in ignoring 1st East and WDC and invested �1.5m in new port facilities in Lowestoft, thus well placing them and other Lowestoft companies to service and support the huge offshore Greater Gabbard windfarm together with the offshore industry generally.

In 2005, 1st East commissioned consultants to investigate and report on “known market prospects etc” for port related requirements within the wind energy sector. It would appear both 1st East and Waveney Council chose to ignore the positive recommendations in the Halcrow study report and erroneously continued to propose that valuable and job creating port areas were re-designated for housing.

1st East had produced an Area Action Plan, put out for public consultation, which was patently “flawed” but which was “adopted” in late 2006 without question, contrary to much credible advice offered by various parties including ABP during the various consultation processes. Surely, under English Law, a consultation is an invitation to give genuine advice and genuine consideration of such advice and where such advice is not taken, a public authority should have good reason for not so doing.

Whilst 1st East consider themselves “a private company” and thus not subject to such legal constraints, this subtlety does not apply to local authorities such as Waveney District and Great Yarmouth Borough councils. Who was/were the architects of this gross error, one wonders?

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Sadly, Yarmouth suffer the same 1st East URC and an equally docile and compliant GYBC, but have not the benefit of a forward thinking independent ABP. Someone once said “There is no money to be made by creating jobs” so should this regeneration company be more aptly named redevelopment company?

Many opportunities similar to the Greater Gabbard field will be forthcoming, but will the heavily blinkered 1st East and GYBC be up to recognising and responding swiftly and positively to them? On their present track record, one doubts it.


Dunston Drive


IN reply to Mr Barkhuizen, the scriptures encourages us to reason together, not to argue, as that never brings things to a satisfactory conclusion. Of course, Jesus did warn us when he said: “Happy are you when people reproach you and persecute you and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against you for my sake. Rejoice and leap for joy, since your reward is great in the heavens, for in that way they persecuted the prophets prior to you.”

But I do believe that when Jesus said “his father is greater than he” and that he came to do his father's will not his own that he meant what he said. Do we believe Christ or don't we?

As to Jesus having a myth, as Mr Brighton claims. Historian H G Wells, although not being a Christian stated: “That a man's greatness can be measured by what he leaves to grow and whether he started others to think along fresh lines, with vigour that persisted after him. By this test he says “Jesus stands first.”

I will not contribute to this discussion anymore, but I hold no animosity toward those who disagree with my beliefs.


Wherry Way

Great Yarmouth

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