Letter: Flytipping in road is direct consequence of charges at recycling centre


I took photographs showing what I believe is the result of the imposition of charges to deposit certain goods at the recycling centre at Caister.

A large pile of timber which appeared to be the remains of a garden shed arrived on Sunday. I strongly believe this is a direct result of the new charges.

Scenario is: Person arrives at Caister tip to leave timber, is advised this now incurs a charge, they refuse to pay and drive out. The first exit from the Caister bypass leads to West Caister where conveniently out of site of any houses the timber is dumped.

This flytipping has been an occasional event at West Caister in the past but I suspect will be a more regular occurrence in future. The council, of course, will have to remove it when advised thus incurring far greater cost than would have been gained by the dumping charge.