Frightening scouring at Hopton

hopton beach from gorleston

hopton beach from gorleston - Credit: Archant

The photograph taken last Sunday, Feb 17, shows a calm, somewhat misty sea. People were out in numbers on Gorleston beach. What it also shows is the frightening scouring behind the revetment at Hopton leaving in some parts only a dozen feet between where the waves can now reach and the foot of the cliffs. Further south at Hopton the situation is much worse.

When will it be accepted that there is a catastrophe not so far away not only for Hopton beach but also the cliff itself?

It is noticeable that although the main body of Gorleston beach is growing there are problems starting at the south end.

Presumably the further inland the current reaches to the South it will eventually happen further north as can be seen at Gorleston south end.


Brett Avenue, Gorleston