Great Yarmouth Mercury readers’ letters April 27, 2018

The Louise Hamilton Centre, the region's purpose built palliative care unit. Picture: James Bass

The Louise Hamilton Centre, the region's purpose built palliative care unit. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2013

Pass hospice cash to local charity

I, like many others, thought the Louise Hamilton Centre was going to be a hospice, that is until I visited it and found it was a glorified information centre! Oh. how the public had been misled.

We already have a wonderful local charity the East Coast Hospice which has the land and is raising funds already - in my opinion the public should now get behind them and pass the funds already raised onto them.



Line riverside with trees, not cars

Counting things is not always a good idea, no matter what the subject, but there were certainly quite a few numbers to conjure with in last week’s edition of the newspaper.

Most Read

A whole page devoted to Cases in Court, (there were 40 of them altogether), left me aghast and a little disturbed if this is indeed indicative of the way things are going in the borough.

Then a Sports section once again devoted almost entirely to football reports, (football 12 stories - all of the other sports put together six stories) - this at a time when a recent national survey by Sport England stated that Great Yarmouth residents are the least active in the country, (Advertiser, April 19).

So where to find numbers to inspire and enthuse? Well in the Letter’s pages of all places, where plaudits abound and two particular topics were particularly pleasing.

Four letters stated quite rightly that salt water should not in any way prevent trees being planted and growing vigorously along South Quay and along the seafront, and that we want our waterside areas to be tree-lined, not car-lined.

I will now stop counting. I am getting more and more like the census - broken down by age, sex and religion.


Collingwood Road,

Great Yarmouth

Sea will breach into the Broads

Erosion. This urgency needed at Hemsby and Winterton should also be employed at Hopton and Corton.

Once these two deep water gouges complete their task and break through to the Broads with particular part of Norfolk will be an island. We must now re-establish these shallow water areas.

Cut down the velocity of the water clawing away at the coastline in these tidal surges. We must somehow level these gouges out quickly!


Gonville Road,


Don’t feed gulls, they are a danger

I live in Caister and the gulls are a big problem.

We have their noise, nesting, mess and they are even a danger to us and our pets as they are becoming territorial.

This is all because they are being fed.

I know of people who do not visit Great Yarmouth because of the gulls.

An article on the dangers and pitfalls of feeding the gulls would make a great feature.



I’m ashamed of state of our town

A message to Great Yarmouth councillors.

Why is litter and a neater, cleaner town not your priority? I have to say that I am ashamed of the state of Great Yarmouth at the moment! What are you going to do about it?



Australian on way to visit his family

I recently read a letter in the Mercury of Brendan Lindsay looking for descendants of George William Lindsey/Lindsay and Maria Ellen Robinson Eastick who were married in Great Yarmouth in 1900.

He spoke of his grandfather never speaking of his family.

To all the negative folk still residing in Great Yarmouth, although I do not know the Lindsay family I did some research for this person who just wanted to learn some facts about Great Yarmouth and his family.

He has informed me he was born in Australia and will be visiting Yarmouth in early May to see where his descendants once lived.

To the person who informed him to look at Ancestry, a big thank you - not!

Hopefully, I have found some descendants, so stand by your phones as you might be contacted and having a visit from a long-lost Australian relative just wanting to know and see some members of a long-lost family.



Site is perfect for a 10-bed hospice

Could I please make a few points regarding the controversy over the siting of a hospice in the grounds of the James Paget University Hospital. I can’t honestly see what the problem is.

The land is there, hospital, consultants, doctors and medical equipment are a few minutes walk away. The patients will all be in one place instead of scattered throughout the hospital.

It is on a bus route and counsellors are already in place in the Louise Hamilton Centre. It couldn’t be better for relatives too.

I’m not impressed with the recent decisions made by the management at the hospital; the League of Friends being disbanded for one.

They should be welcoming with open arms someone with the foresight to be willing to give so much time wand effort to the plan for a 10-bed hospice.

Come on people of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, let’s get behind this scheme which is so badly needed.


Hanover Gardens,


Lucky here to have breath-taking acts

Whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent it reminded me of how lucky we have been in Great Yarmouth and how sheltered a life Simon Cowell and his panel have had, having not seen speciality breathtaking acts like they have been featuring.

Peter Jay and his family have been bringing them to us for years. May they continue to do this.


Alderson Road,

Great Yarmouth

Appeal for Jeep for 1940’s dance

I am appealing on behalf of the Friends of Cliff Park Academy, of which I am a member, as on Saturday, May 5 at 7pm we are holding a 1940s dance at the school. Tickets are £5 each from the school, bring your own Spam sandwiches and drinks. We will be dancing the night away to the Baker Boys Collective and we ask that everyone wears 1940s outfits.

What I am looking for is a 1940s US or British vehicle, maybe a Jeep. Please, if you are the owner of a vehicle please give me a ring on 07804 658905 so we can get you and your vehicle to Cliff Park.


Portland Court,

Great Yarmouth

Councillors do not ask for our views

My neighbours have never voted and they seemed quite proud to tell me that. They did though vote in the referendum to come out of the European Union.

I asked them what was the difference between that vote and voting for a councillor in our ward and they said it wasn’t worth voting. I was quite angry at this.

I told them the person who becomes the councillor is our representative and will make decisions on our behalf. But that met with a response of “but we never get asked for our opinion about anything by our local councillors,” so what is the point of voting.

I now see their point. I don’t think I have ever been asked by my ward borough councillors for an opinion on anything. So are these ward councillors making decisions that reflect how they think, or how we think?

I have my polling card ready for the vote in May, but now I am not so sure I will use it, and I have voted for over 45 years.

I would ask my name and address is withheld so I do not get bombarded with leaflets from all the candidates in my ward. I have already made my decision, that is, if I bother to go to the polling station.

Name and Address withheld

Better signage is needed at junction

On my motorcycle approaching from Lawn Avenue, I use the Fullers Hill roundabout on a daily basis and consequently get cut up daily due to poor lane control by other road users.

Surprised as I am it has reduced the queue from the northern approach but better signage is required. Right lane: Norwich and Runham. Centre lane: Gorleston and Lowestoft. Left: Lane Seafront and North Quay.

A picture on the approach showing the lanes would be preferable to white arrows painted on the road which queuing vehicles tend to cover whilst waiting to move onto the roundabout. To me it seems common sense but many drivers enter in the right lane and then exit in the left lane.

Let’s get the lane signs clearer before the holiday season starts and another serious accident occurs.


North Road,

Great Yarmouth

Help support our school fete please

It’s been four years since the last school fete at Cliff Park Infants and Junior School but a group of parents, teachers and students are working hard to make sure it has a glorious return.

However, one of their main fundraisers, a grand raffle to be called on the day, June 23, is struggling to find a sponsor for their top prizes.

The organising committee is looking for any businesses or local person who could put up one of the three top prizes. It is becoming quite urgent now as we want to be able to thank them by featuring them on the promotional leaflets etc, but whilst lots of businesses have been generous in supplying vouchers, we have no top prizes?

The group is looking for anything from a cash prize to a holiday to electronic equipment to help encourage sales on their raffle tickets which will be going on sale from the beginning of June.

If we have to take money out of ticket sales to fund the top prizes it will reduce the amount of money that can be raised to support the school.

An enthusiastic team of volunteers has been working on this event since last July. The day will see a variety of fantastic pupil performance and fun entertainment in a central arena, surrounded by some free sports and craft activities as well as traditional stalls, a bbq, bouncy castle, a craft fair and even a fire engine on display (unless it’s called out of course!).

The fete will run from 11am to 3pm on the school site in Gorleston and will be free entry for all.