Reader letter: Winter Gardens could join the Kew

The beautiful Winter Gardens in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Lydia Taylor

The beautiful Winter Gardens in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Lydia Taylor - Credit: Lydia Taylor

On a number of occasions in the past few months we have been encouraged to put forward ideas as to what could be the future for the Winter Gardens in Yarmouth.

I hadn’t thought about it seriously until I noticed an advertisement by a local coach company for a trip to see the Orchids at Kew Gardens. Wouldn’t it be great to have something similar, to attract visitors to Yarmouth? It could form part of a very attractive package to help draw people to the area, especially out of season. Everyone agrees that the building should be saved so why not have a really ambitious scheme which would give it a tremendous future as a year round Winter Garden? If we could draw on the knowledge and expertise of the people at Kew, plus a number of excellent horticulturalists in this area, it could be developed to provide a focal point of interest, education and pleasure for people coming to and living in this area.

Rosemary Cleland,

School Road, Drayton.

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