Letter: Gapton retail park exacerbates roundabout congestion

Gapton Hall retail park on the edge of Great Yarmouth.Picture: James Bass

Gapton Hall retail park on the edge of Great Yarmouth.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2014

On a regular basis, I have to make the nightmare trip of trying to get passed the Gapton retail park just to get on to the Gapton roundabout, so I can get to Norwich, Yarmouth or Lowestoft and then the return trip back to the Bradwell area is even worse.

I know there are other routes I can take, but having this retail park just off the most important and busiest roundabout in the Great Yarmouth area is a disaster. This huge bottleneck, which has been formed over the years due to the expansion of the retail park, and having a pedestrian crossing, just off the roundabout, instead of pedestrian bridges or underpasses, exacerbates the problem.

Drastic modifications will be required to remove this problem. One way would be to remove out of town shopping areas completely and put shops back into town centres where they belong. This may be a little drastic and we have come too far for that suggestion, or we use all the spare land to filter traffic in and out of this retail park, and back onto the main road without compromising the main flow of traffic.

But this will never happen, just like we will never dual carriageway the A47 to Acle.

This is not just a Great Yarmouth problem it is problem that has been encouraged across the country. Out of town shopping, which is the country’s answer to help us shop easily and conveniently, has destroyed our green fields and our wonderful historic towns.

However, there needs to be improvements at the Gapton roundabout as it is an annoyance and can be quite dangerous.


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