WHY is the council so eager to ruin Gorleston's lovely Lower Promenade? As a concerned member of the public who frequently enjoys its facilities, I feel that your readers and all who love Gorleston seafront should be made aware of what could happen there.

WHY is the council so eager to ruin Gorleston's lovely Lower Promenade? As a concerned member of the public who frequently enjoys its facilities, I feel that your readers and all who love Gorleston seafront should be made aware of what could happen there.

The old lifeguard building is an eyesore and should be demolished. Why allow it to be tarted up and used as a food outlet? Why take away the adjacent shelter seating, to be replaced by tables and chairs?

I am so concerned. The building is already an intrusion into Gorleston's super seafront, yet the planning application means it will intrude even further into the walkway. Tables and chairs instead of fixed seating in the shelter will, almost certainly, prove hazardous to those walking past. This area is used by older generations, and mums with babies and young children alike. If the application is approved the roof and building will be extended and adorned with green neon signs. How naff is that?

This area needs to be preserved in its present state. The little shops there look after all our needs. The beach is wonderful. Generations have happily used and enjoyed it in its present state. Why now permit an unwanted commercial enterprise twixt the two?

Please note: the closing date for the public to make their representation with regard to this application is Tuesday, January 5.


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Kingfisher Close


WHEN the MP's scandal first emerged last spring, Gordon Brown announced that any Labour MP found to have behaved incorrectly would be disciplined. We were told that this could mean being barred from standing as a Labour Party candidate at the next General Election.

At the time, there was plenty of coverage, not just in the Mercury but also in the national newspapers, about Tony Wright MP, his trouser press and the �10,000 profit from his London flat. Therefore, I am surprised to learn that he is still hanging on to the money he made simply because he is a Member of Parliament (December 18, Letters).

There have been many cases, in both main political parties, of MPs forced to stand down because of this scandal. Why has Mr Wright escaped such punishment?


Rosedale Gardens


I EXPECT the friends of Tony Wright MP, in response to the criticism he received last week, to flood the letters page claiming that he has done nothing wrong. They will claim that this money has not come from the taxpayer and there is no need to pay it back. He has used his privileged position to make a profit from an asset funded by us. Technically, he may not have broken any rules by deciding to keep the �10,000. That does not make it morally right. It is not too late to examine his conscience, do the right thing, and give a much-needed Christmas present to one of our local charities.



ON Sunday, December 20, we attended a Christmas buffet and sequence dance at Shrublands Community centre. On entering the hall, we were surprised to find there was no heating on. No-one could be contacted to put the heating on, so it was a miserable, cold afternoon with most leaving early. The only highlight being the young dancers, Phoenix Baton Twirlers, who came to give us a show. We are all pensioners and some are 80 years old and over and deserve to be treated better. No-one can be contacted by phone for me to complain, so I hope that you can print this letter to show how irresponsible those in charge can be.


Verdure Close,


I AM not a serial letter writer and have no interest in becoming one. However, the responses by Messrs Wainwright and Castle concerning directly elected Mayors cannot go unchallenged.

How is a system that is controlled by one person more democratic than the present one of 39 Councillors? Such an office would replace the current Civic Mayor and all the charitable community work associated with this ancient, non-political office would be lost. The total cost of the exercise could double the Council Tax increase next year. All I ask is that potential signatories understand the consequences of their actions.

Finally, I am astonished by Mr. Wainwright's hypocritical criticism of “twin hatters”, (councillors who serve on both district and county) as he represented Bradwell on both councils for many years until he recently lost both seats.



Great Yarmouth Borough Council

CAMPAIGNERS for a directly elected mayor for Great Yarmouth claim this is a non-political move. However, a Labour councillor and a prominent ex-Labour councillor are circulating the petition calling for this change. I have not seen a high-profile representative from the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats announcing their support for this campaign.

I hope residents will see this idea for what it is, a thinly veiled Labour Party campaign addressing an unimportant issue that will not benefit the people of Great Yarmouth. Many other issues need resolving in the town before we opt for another salaried position.

Perhaps Messrs Castle and Wainwright will confirm that their demands have no political motive and that they are putting Great Yarmouth before political interests. All they simply need to do is announce that the Labour Party would not field a candidate if we are ever unfortunate enough to have to elect a mayor.


Pine Green


I FEEL that pen to paper is needed by me to say that the Rainbow store in Burgh Road, Bradwell is not a safe place to go in snow and ice, as they do not put any sand or grit down on their car park at all. This is a disgrace as the store is used a lot by people of all ages, and it won't be long before someone has a bad fall. I saw many older people slipping about and afraid to get out of their cars. The store does very well, so come on Rainbow store, it's time to look after your customers, dig very deep in your pockets and show that you do care for us all. Buy a few bags of sand and grit this winter please, or someone will end up in hospital.

Happy New Year anyway to all the staff in Rainbow.


Mill Lane


I FEEL the need to write to you to express my disappointment at the services provided by Hollywood Cinema in Great Yarmouth.

On Friday December 18 I went to watch Avatar. Firstly I was aggrieved to discover the film was going to be screened in Cinema 2 instead of Cinema 1 because they could not heat it effectively.

Secondly, the film broke down shortly before the end. After an appreciable amount of time waiting for the film to begin again a member of staff came into the cinema and shouted from the back that we were to remain seated as the film would re-start shortly.

You would think when the film restarted again it would have been reeled back to when it cut out, but no, the cinema went one better and reeled the film forward instead. As far as I am concerned this totally ruined the film for me.

What annoys me is that the cinema did not even apologise for their mishap. At least they could offer a complimentary ticket. All I can say to Hollywood Cinema is to get your act together otherwise you will lose your custom.


Admiralty Road

Great Yarmouth

ALTHOUGH I do not attend St Andrew's Church in Gorleston, I applaud - and sympathise with - my old friend Cecilia Ebbage in her efforts to restrain the sweeping changes put forward. Previous “improvements” going back centuries in some cases, have not necessarily proved so. A glaring example is the covering with whitewash of early wall paintings. The many St Christophers which worshippers saw as they entered the south doors can now be, only with great care, partially restored to a faded remnant of their original beauty.

In those days, people didn't expect comfort when they went to church. The fact that we do, for example with better heating, does not mean that everything else should be changed. Great discretion seems to be called for; second thoughts are often best.


Marine Parade,


IN reference to residents' parking, Apsley Road and Artillery Square; the council should back off, we dont want the 40 parking spaces and the pay and display. The pay and display is already too dear and killing our seafront and the permit parking is just working fine at the minute. Why does it need to change? I pay my council tax and also pay �25 for my parking so why should I have to pay more to the council when the system works as it is?

And does this mean I have to fight for a parking space, even though I've paid my yearly fee? Will there be designated permit spaces all day, not just after 4pm? I also have a disabled blue badge holder who needs close access to my property, so can the council guarantee blue badge holders a space?

It says in the Mercury that fewer people are being fined; this is not true, as I there is always a good attendance of parking wardens throughout the year - and tickets on vehicles.

We have a designated space in Marlborough and Russell Squares where we can hang our laundry. Will this go, and bring more vehicles to the area? This would be unwise as many children play out and it only takes one speeder to cause a fatal accident.

I think Great Yarmouth Borough Council should stop and make more effort on the seafront and the town centre parking by reducing the costs because eventually it will kill tourism. We should all object to this proposal.


Marlborough Square

Great Yarmouth

I HAVE just come back from a shopping trip to Great Yarmouth on Sunday. The town was packed with people spending their Christmas money in the sales. So can somebody tell me why with all the shops open and the town buzzing, why were the only public toilets in the centre of town ie Market Gates, closed.

Perhaps we don't need to go on a Sunday, or may be our council tax is not enough? If it's the latter perhaps it's to pay for the three police cars and one police motorcyclist, together with seven, yes seven, police officers who were standing with one speed gun between them looking to stop motorists who might be doing five miles per hour over the limit. This happened late November opposite Pasta Foods in Pasteur Road. Maybe if we cut down on this waste of money there would be enough for a toilet attendants Sunday wages.