IN reference to your article in last week's Mercury regarding the possible change of bus route in King Street, the staff and customers of shops in King Street are also concerned that if emergency services were required to attend, it would be impossible, as most of the day, vehicles are parked on double yellow lines on both sides of the road.

IN reference to your article in last week's Mercury regarding the possible change of bus route in King Street, the staff and customers of shops in King Street are also concerned that if emergency services were required to attend, it would be impossible, as most of the day, vehicles are parked on double yellow lines on both sides of the road.

We realise the need for disabled parking, but inconsiderate parking is, we fear, putting lives at risk. We have also witnessed buses having to mount the pavement, thereby putting pedestrians at risk.

The question we raise is - where are the traffic wardens/police to sort out this problem and apply the law?


King Street

Great Yarmouth

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WELL it seems to be that time of year, with all those claims and counter claims now in the public domain, from prospective and sitting aperatniks eager to please the people by popular promises. Some are going to lead the fight on our behalf to improve the long suffering Vauxhall railway station, others keen to give us an elected mayor without the economic power afforded to Boris, and yet others think turning a disused brick shed on Gorleston's historic seafront into a kebab emporium is a good idea.

Come on guys, what about other cause celebre's within our borough that are financial big ticket items such as preservation of the former Vauxhall Rail Bridge, the “proposed” �122m third crossing, the historically linked Great Yarmouth Jetty or the refurbishment of Gorleston's harbour pier. What are your realistic proposals as to funding any of these from the depleted public purse?

Having read in The Mercury about the council ready to step in with the possible compulsive purchase of land to aid the outer harbour development, this indicates a clear strategy of ongoing support. Given the previous levels of public money and facilities gifted to the outer harbour development, I would have a reasonable expectation that given this level of resourcing, that former claims and promises of community benefits are delivered and public officials held accountable for their part.

In the run up to May, there will be numerous knocks on my door canvassing support for political colours. Those not tarnished and forever silent on where and what my money have funded, will stand a good chance of a decent hearing from me, those with affiliations to the controlling minds in the outer harbour public funding plans, will stand a good chance on Hopton beach imploring the accelerated coastal erosion to cease.


Clarence Road


WELL, here we are in the middle of a recession, jobs are hard to find, money is tight, and Norfolk County Council is going to spend “some �65,000” of tax payers money, yours and mine, on surfacing the southern end of Warren Lane. The expression “some �65,000” is their way of describing the estimated cost. As we well know, these estimates are often proved to be quite low. So, it might come out nearer to �100,000. Whether it's �65,000 or �100,000, that's still a lot of money. If there is all that spare cash swilling about in local government coffers, why not use it for something worthwhile?

I would suggest a better use would be the police, hospitals, keeping street lights on instead of turning them off, repairing pot-holes, and what about putting it towards maintenance of the sea defences. I feel sure if the residents of Hopton were given a chance to prioritise the spending of their hard earned taxes, the tarmacking of Warren Lane would come very near the bottom of the list.

I have lived in this area for the past 47 years. During that time I've enjoyed the unspoiled rural tranquility of Warren Lane. Golfers use it to cross from one part of the course to the other. Birdwatchers are often there. Cyclists have always used it.

To say, as Norfolk County Council does, that it needs to be made up for cyclists is really losing sight of the fact those same cyclists have been using it for years and years. All those different users would respect the rights of each other. For instance, somebody out with a dog, would keep to one the side, to give free passage to the cyclist.

Why can't we put a stop to covering more and more of our land with concrete or tarmac? I sometimes wonder if, in all this, there is a hidden agenda. Are we being pushed into making a lane into a road which in turn would become a highway? And what would follow that - well - houses of course.

I would say to Norfolk County Council, please spend our money wisely. That's your job. To spend money on your projected Warren Lane scheme and to go on spending, in the years ahead on it's maintenance, is a complete and utter waste. Let Warren Lane retain it's rural tranquility and be enjoyed by everybody. You couldn't make it up.


Warren Lane,


I READ Labour councillor Mike Castle's comments on the letters page (Mercury, January 22) with sheer disbelief. I was amazed to find he continues, along with Trevor Wainwright, his ine of argument and that he still believes the petition to have been welcomed: a petition that has been ongoing for a substantial period of time, that has racked up relatively few signatures, that has not had the facts being clearly presented to the public and that has not highlighted clearly the tremendous cost to the taxpayer should it be successful.

These Labour Party activists have seen no support from other political sources and yet astonishingly still claim to run their campaign on a non- political basis. It is quite clear that should their slim hopes of an undemocratic, expensive and pointless Unitary Authority not come to fruition, then pushing for an elected Mayor is the next thing on their wish list.

“I hope Matthew Smith trusts local people to take the correct decision,” says Mr Castle. Well, in answer to that, I must say I do. However, it is impossible for this to happen unless the Labour Party's Mayoral campaign clearly lay out the drawbacks and expense of such a bid. I am sure once this is made clear, then finding support for the campaign let alone winning a referendum will be more than just an uphill for this piece of Labour Party policy.

Expensive, undemocratic and poorly thought out policies, it seems the local Labour Party cannot help but mirror exactly the damaging inadequacies of Gordon Brown's Labour Government.


Hawthorn Road


READERS may have recently seen the launch of our campaign “Fix our Station,” putting pressure on the rail authorities to improve Great Yarmouth's rundown railway station. It seems so little has been spent on this tired station over the years.

With readers' help we believe we can achieve significant improvements. We are looking for support for this campaign, to help us fight for the transformation this station so gravely needs.

People can help and support the campaign via the website: www.fixourstation.com to sign the petition asking for urgent change. Plus they could encourage your friends and family to join both the Facebook campaign and sign the petition.

Already National Express East Anglia, after years of neglect, has been embarrassed into action by agreeing to meet with me to discuss the disgraceful state of this station. With readers' help, we can keep up the pressure and make a real difference to the “Gateway to Great Yarmouth”. If you cannot contact us via the website please do so on 01493 650505 or write to me at the address below.


Suite 20,

Great Yarmouth Business Park

Suffolk Road

Great Yarmouth NR31 0ER

THIS year the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) - Forces Help celebrates its 125th anniversary.

At a time when members of our Armed Forces are working in extremely dangerous and challenging circumstances, SSAFA Forces Help continues to provide both our servicemen and women, and their families, with the practical support they need.

As the number of fatalities and serious injuries sustained in Afghanistan continues to rise, SSAFA's family support groups are playing a vital role in helping relatives come to terms with loss and life-changing injuries. Our two Norton Homes allow injured troops to spend time with their loved ones away from the hospital environment, giving them the opportunity to do normal family things such as eat a meal together or simply watch a film. Each year our network of trained volunteers assists 50,000 people ranging from second world war veterans and National Servicemen to members of the regular and reserve forces.

To mark our 125th anniversary we are launching Target 125 and asking everyone to 'Be a Hero' and raise �125 for SSAFA Forces Help in 2010. Whether you can run 5km, swim a mile, parachute from 12,000ft, do a sponsored silence or sit in a bath of baked beans, every contribution will help us to meet our pledge to support our troops and their families, now and for the rest of their lives. To find out more visit our website at www.ssafa125.org.uk or call 020 7463 9373.

Also here in Norfolk we are taking part in a national Collection Day organised by SSAFA on Saturday, February 13. Our volunteers will be collecting in Norwich and throughout the county on that day so please give generously if you can.

If you think SSAFA Forces Help can assist you or someone you know, or you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact the Norfolk Branch on 01603 403322.

Lt Cmdr Stuart Fidler, RN


SSAFA Forces Help - Norfolk Branch