MANY months ago I said that ministers and local councillors will come and march up and down the Scratby beach, smiling for a photo opportunity, but they will do nothing.

MANY months ago I said that ministers and local councillors will come and march up and down the Scratby beach, smiling for a photo opportunity, but they will do nothing. So is has come to pass.

Now I know our local rulers are going to tell me it is a different fund, but here goes. Why can we beg for £18m to prop up a declining tourist industry but cannot get government to give a fraction of that to save people's homes? It's all money from taxpayers isn't it?

We have money for what the powers that be decide, including a massive funding for salaries and pensions for them. How many giant screens would have paid for better sea defences? The answer is two fold. On the one hand we have national and local politicians it is difficult to tell apart, who all have an agenda to secure power.

They do that by caring more about the PR opportunities than the inconsequential, to them, actually people. To put it bluntly, Labour has lost its conscience and the Tory party has lost its nerve.

What is the second part to that attitude? It is you, the people. You are not interested and do not ask them questions. You have a campaigning Mercury and an Online forum. Where is your protest, where are your demands for policies you want, not those that only serve vested interests? Go and join the forum. Write to the newspaper about real issues.

We have a political system that has emasculated the individual and elevated the party machine. Those who are well off don't care, those in the growing army on benefit are bought off. While you moan and do nothing, our rulers do what they want and let good people like Mr Hogg go to the devil in a handcart.

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THREE years ago, through the Mercury, we highlighted the devastation of Scratby under the banner “The sea shall not have have them.”

At that time, we and some of our neighbours along The Promenade dared to suggest the cause of this new phenomenon was down to the completion of the Scroby Sands windfarm, as the timing of the erosion was spot on with the completion of the windfarm. Others blamed the dredging, even though this has been going on for 40 years or more, and Scratby has never been touched.

With the recent announcement by the government they plan to put many more windfarms around the coast of Britain, we honestly believe if we had shouted long and hard enough, we would have been given the rock berm by now to shut us up.

We have been led to believe that where these coastal windfarms have been sited, fishermen have been compensated for disruption and loss of earnings. If this is the case, and now it has been officially confirmed that Scratby is to be lost to the sea without any government intervention, isn't it about time compensation was mentioned for the people who are about to lose their homes?

One final point: After the loss of 15 feet of dunes in the last tidal surge in November, we spoke to a man at the town hall, who said when he puts in his report to Defra about the erosion of Norfolk beaches - and in so doing mentions that the sea had breached the rock berm at California - Defra would laugh at the thought of giving £3m for the extension of the said rock berm to Newport.

We could argue the point that the rock berm was doing a very good job at protecting the cliffs at California until the construction of the windfarm on Scroby Sands. The man at the council did not argue the point.

So, it looks as if the sea shall have them.


The Promenade


MR John Bristo is quite right to be upset by the decision to abandon Scratby and the adjoining coast to the sea.

North Norfolk is an outstanding beauty spot and all efforts should be made to save it. Our authorities should take a lesson from the Netherlands which is nearly all below sea level but has been protected with various multi million pound schemes, and not in just one place but wherever needed. Hopefully the new outer harbour at Great Yarmouth will not cause greater erosion problems to the Scratby area but I am sure studies will have been made on this possible problem?


Swift Taxis

AS someone who was a resident on The Promenade, Scratby until August last year, I was appalled to learn that the borough council are leaving the area to its fate. If the study is not carried out there will be no ability to enter a bid if the opportunity arises in future.

If there are 20 properties at risk at, say, an average of £150,000, the value of the homes would be £3 million, making the cost of £2.8m a worthwhile investment without considering the damage to the holiday industry and all the other factors involved. Most important is the human cost to the people concerned.

Naturally, one does not want to see money spent recklessly, but that was not a factor when we saw the waste involved in the ludicrous giant screen fiasco. The Coastal Erosion Group has done a fantastic job over the last three years or so on behalf of the threatened residents and it is to be hoped that the borough council could give them real support.


Lilac Close


SO it's fine if one listens to the Archbishop of Canterbury for the UK law courts to adopt Sharia Law to fit Muslims' needs, but Christian people, in a historically Christian country, will be prosecuted for not promoting homosexuality?

The Archbishop really needs to get his own house in order. They want to change the interpretation of our bible so the commandment that “implies” it is wrong for same sexes to cohabit. Instead of sorting things like that and other happenings that keep Church of England congregation low. He now involves himself in political areas that should not concern him.

Too many wars and deaths are brought about by religion, or should I say religion leaders involving themselves in politics. I did not fight for Britain to have its laws changed to accommodate those we fought against.

We honoured the soldiers that fought the Taliban and in Iraq. Did they fight to have our laws changed to accommodate the enemy.


Ex Seamens Mission Manager

EACH week when I get the Mercury, the first thing I look for is Mike Bullock (Peggotty's) column. In last week's paper his column about Captain Manby and Manby's life-saving equipment and first rescue in 1808, makes thrilling breathtaking reading. How fortunate we are to have Peggotty's articles which are always so interesting and full of facts.


Lovewell Road


SO the Archbishop of Canterbury has answered his critics over his comments on Sharia law. If we are to believe what he says, then, forgive me we must be very uneducated or the BBC managed to hoodwink us on the archbishop's talk on Radio 4.

The archbishop said: “I believe quite strongly it is not inappropriate for a pastor of the Church of England to address issues about the perceived concerns of other religious communities, and to try and bring them into better public focus.”

He also says his remarks were misinterpreted by the media? How can he say this? They were circulated in print, and his radio interview was heard by all on air. We know exactly what he said: that there should not be one secular law for everyone. Well, I for one disagree. England is Anglican.

The reaction to the speech would not have been so strong if the British people had faith in our institutions to preserve their freedom. Integrity and dedication are his qualities, says Gordon Brown. Pity he hasn't any others as like commonsense, conviction in our church, determination in defence of his/our church. Then perhaps the loss of congregations would be abated.

Perhaps the archbishop should get a medal. He speaks of the sort of future we can expect if the government's catastrophic immigration and multicultural policies continue.

His words on TV, radio and in print have given us “permission” to talk about these issues more openly.

I, like most law-abiding people, know that making publicly any criticism of multi-culturalism and associated subjects will automatically bring cries of “racism” from those on the Left and the PC crowd.

What he has done is to reveal the true feeling of discontent and anger that this government's policies have brought about, revealed that they have dug a hole through appeasing the political correct lobby.

In one respect he has done us all a favour; he has, not before time, alerted the nation to the true extent of Britain losing her identity. He has be ruthlessly kicked in the bottom and deservedly so for allowing the Anglican Church to lose momentum.

It is now up to the elected government to stem the freefall we are in and make everyone wanting to live in Britain that, Britain will not change to suit them, but they should change to become British.

But then who am I the archbishop believes the common man is not high brow enough to understand his theology.


Burnt Lane


LAST weekend when I was being dragged screaming around Somerfields by my wife, I noticed a pack of herrings and thought, great, I just fancy those for lunch, and slipped them quietly and secretly into my wife's trolley. When I got home, on reading the label, I was somewhat surprised to find there was an allergy alert on it, saying “Contains fish.”

Now, I'm not the best cook in the world, but I am sure I could have worked that out for myself. The world's gone mad!



GREAT Yarmouth Gateway Club (for people with learning disabilities) is affiliated to Royal Mencap. We provide social activities for people in the borough. To learn that one of our members was attacked whilst out walking in Bradwell, is to say the least, disgusting. The experience has really upset this young man.

The committee of the above club would like to bring to the notice of the general public that Royal Mencap has made 2008 the year of anti-bullying. I would ask everybody to try and stamp out the practice of picking on people less fortunate than themselves. If you see this going on, if it is at a school, report it to a teacher, and in the event of it taking place elsewhere, report it to the police.


AS many of your readers will know Waveney VC C of E First School and Nursery will be closing at the end of this summer term, when the two Belton schools combine, as one new primary school - Moorlands C of E Primary.

We are making plans for the end of the school year and wondered if any of your readers would like to start sending in their memories of the days they spent at Waveney School. We would also like to borrow any photos from former staff, pupils or local residents may have. We will take good care of these and return them safely as long as they come to us with names and addresses on the back.

We hope to put on a display towards the end of the school year, to which anyone interested would be very welcome. More details will follow in due course. If anyone has anything to share with us, please contact Waveney School on 01493 780345.

We hope there will be lots of interesting information for us to make a display.


Acting Deputy Head

WE have to run the hot tap for a considerable time before we get any hot water, so about five gallons of water is wasted each day. As there are about 100 properties on the Wherry Way complex, this means that about 500 gallons of water are being wasted each day. Surely the local authority should do something about it from an environmental point of view.


Wherry Way


I AGREE with Alan Rae that the new concrete seats in front of the Britannia Pier look very uncomfortable. As children, we were told not to sit on cold concrete as we could get piles. Let's hope that our visitors go home with happy memories and not haemorrhoids!


Mill Lane


AS an elderly Caister citizen, not too nimble of foot and with failing sight and hearing I am sick and tired of being comforted by invalid carriages, hurtling around blind pavement corners directly at me aimed it would seem by glassy-eyed citizens indifferent as to whether they cause me injury.

I have resolved that the next time I am faced with a choice of remaining where I am and being run over or throwing myself into the road under moving vehicles I shall raise my walking stick and wait for the offender to impale himself (it is invariably a male rider).

The shocking case reported in this week's press of an 87-year-old lady who suffered a fractured wrist, pelvis and leg from one of these uncaring lunatics who has yet to be traced by the authorities, underlines my concern.

Name and address withheld

HOW many more livery yards are going to be allowed in one short road (half a mile), and how many more farmers are going to be allowed to take our business (livery yards) away from us?

Seven years ago I opposed a new livery yard in my road, but to no avail. This time, I thought “no chance”, but how wrong I was. Farmers have the advantage on normal livery yards, as they have more land, pay less rates and can grow their own hay and straw. I don't blame them, because they make money and when do you see a poor farmer?

But as a proper livery yard, I have had enough, especially when the council have allowed four livery yards in my road, which is half a mile long. The council is doing a good job of putting me out of business, with no thought or care to the small businesses. I wouldn't mind getting some of the perks that farmers get.


Crossways Livery Yard


IN last week's Mercury, a letter congratulating everyone involved in the welcome to the Royal Anglian Regiment to Great Yarmouth, was mistakenly signed as Richard Carttiss, chairman, Norfolk County Council. It should have read Michael Carttiss and the Mercury apologises for the error.