Letters, April 13, 2012

White lines could

solve the problem

I FEEL an alternative to dualling the Acle Straight would be to have double white lines down the centre of the road from Vauxhall Holiday Centre to the roundabout at Acle – and a speed limit of either 50 or 55mph.

After all, it is only eight miles long and once the Acle roundabout is reached it is a dual carriageway for quite a way so motorists who have an appointment to keep could soon overtake there.

I hope this would satisfy the conservationists and save money.


Gresham Close,

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Straight - a road built on water

AGAIN, dualling the Acle Straight has raised its head, Rob Burchett being the latest to write to the Mercury on this subject.

Many people advocating the dualling of this road cannot be local and know this road. The whole length is built on boggy marsh. It was originally built for horse and cart and I understand it was first built on faggots.

In one of his books, our local historian states it was started in 1829 and finished in 1971 therefore one could say it is built on water.

If we did move the dykes back, which has been suggested, this would cause the road to sink further.

My question is why, a few years back, when Great Yarmouth’s harbour was full of ships, mainly serving the gas and oil rigs, the road was very busy with HGVs and coaches, there were very few problems?

I did travel up and down myself a few times, now there is much less traffic there is now a cry to dual it. If this was possible it would not stop accidents, which are caused mainly by lunatic and big-headed drivers, some with large cars they cannot control.

I have written to various people, one said they resurfaced the road fairly regularly but years ago I suggested this road should have been a maximum speed of 55mph and a minimum speed of 50mph and no overtaking except for emergency services.

Those in a hurry should allow more time for their journey. With cameras, a lunatic driver would soon be spotted.

If anyone thinks the Acle Straight will be busy due to ships coming to Great Yarmouth, they can dream or hope. The ships are gone and it is doubtful they will return. Great Yarmouth started to wake up 40 or 50 years too late.




Serious issues face electorate

GOOD to see coverage of the borough council elections which are fast approaching. This is an opportunity to cast a verdict on the councillors. How far are they representing the people of the borough? How effective are they?

Is it a good idea to have the council chief executive based in South Holland and not more locally (or India perhaps)?

What about the Gorleston seafront parking farce and the neglected shelters? Should the car parking permits go? Are car parking charges deterring visitors and shoppers? Do all the empty shops represent a failed retail policy? Is our heritage well served - St George’s is finished but what of the loss of the the jetty and the Winter Gardens still in decline?

What of the farce of the failed television screens? Is enough being done to recycle?

What has been done about the disappointing approaches to the town and the dismal bus station?

Where are all the trees? Where are the projects to help the unemployed and to prevent a generation from never having worked?

The elections provide a chance to make one’s views known and elect councillors with a passion for the borough rather than egos.

There is a chance to elect new and younger councillors and more women. There is a chance to elect councillors who represent the people rather than just the richer people of the area. Some may also wish to use the election to pass judgment on the budget for the rich. Either way, the people can have their say by using their vote.

I hope, by writing to the Mercury, I will not be dubbed ‘deluded’ by a councillor. Serious issues face the area.


Victoria Street,

Caister on Sea

Be forthright and assertive ...

IN last week’s Mercury, two very good letters appeared with concerns over issues in Caister.

I find it rather sad these days people seem so frightened of being forthright and assertive in their opinions.

Both letters had strong opinions and if I had written them I would have been proud to attach my name.

Years ago I was bullied and lacked self esteem but nowadays this is not the case.

I would like to say to these people be proud of your letters and never seek 100pc approval because it’s not going to happen but be assertive.

You are entitled to your opinion just as much as the next person and you would be surprised at the respect you gain from speaking from the heart.

There is an old saying: you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time and it’s a great saying to remember especially in politics with so many different opinions.

So whoever you are, next time go for it! You may well surprise yourself at the respect you gain from doing so.


Audley Street

Great Yarmouth

Make this the best turnout

IT’S amazing, same old, same old electioneering once again. At the last council election we were promised various things, prosperity and jobs for the area, now it’s the third bridge crossing; something the citizens of Great Yarmouth have been asking for, for many years.

It was tentatively promised at the last elections. And my, oh my, dualling the Acle Straight. Some years ago I asked a councillor about this, and was told in no uncertain terms, it can’t be done.

The article in the Mercury last week made me look twice, and we have to read between the lines here, the wording is, hunt for funds, and could be a massive economy boost to the area if, remember, if, funding could be found.

Brandon Lewis has backed a multi-million pound blueprint by the council that could bring prosperity to the area, the wording here is “could bring prosperity”. The council is working closely with the government - I’ll take that one with a pinch of salt.

And I ask what investors? If we had the harbour with roll-on roll-off ferries as was promised at the last election, the investors would be knocking each other down to invest in a new bridge, and the widening of the Acle Straight. What have we got now to entice investors here?

If the council has these blue prints, then why didn’t they invest in their belief, and those of the citizens of Great Yarmouth and Norfolk, who have been shouting from the rooftops for many years, and build the infrastructure we so desperately need.

I’m asking people to not be complacent and make this the best turnout for an council election ever.


Yallop Avenue,

Gorleston on Sea

No-one wants this legislation

I WAS interested to read Brandon Lewis’s attempt to sell the government’s hugely unpopular health and social care bill in his column last week.

He chants the party line about “choice”, “cutting bureaucracy” and “GP control” but the reality is that no-one wants this legislation.

The doctor’s are opposed to it, the nurses are opposed to it, the midwives, radiologists, health unions, patients groups and the public at large are all against it.

The only people that are glad to see this legislation rammed through are the government and private healthcare organisations waiting in the wings to pick up the contracts.

I recently attended a NHS defence rally in Norwich where a plethora of people who use and work in the NHS spoke passionately about the dangers that this bill presents to the future of a publicly owned NHS.

The only person present who agreed with the bill was Chloe Smith MP who was roundly jeered from the stage.


El Alamein Road


God’s church is not a business

I WAS amazed to see the article in last week’s Mercury Viewpoint by the Rev Leda Schofield, Associate Pastor, Park Baptist Church.

Is Mrs Schofield aware that the apostle Paul says: “I do not permit a woman to teach”?

He says this in the context of how God’s church is meant to function. He also says God’s church is the “pillar and ground of the truth”.

What happens there must reflect what God requires, and women are not allowed to teach doctrine or hold positions of authority in the church.

There is no such office as “associate pastor” in the New Testament, and leadership is always male. The apostles were all male, as were the elders and deacons. Nor was anyone ever called “Reverend”!

No problem with a woman being in charge of a business. Anne Edwards, for example, is doing a sterling job steering the Yarmouth Mercury – I take my hat off to her. But God’s church is not a business!

Those who use these titles and are in positions of spiritual authority, against the clear teaching of Scripture, do so at peril to their souls. And those who blindly follow them are also skating on thin ice.

Paul warns: “We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad. Knowing, therefore, the terror of the Lord, we persuade men” (2 Corinthians 5:9–11).


Albemarle Road,


Vote for a person

to help Borough

THE local elections are at hand and the Mercury is full of quotes by the current incumbents of our town hall.

The Mercury Opinion last week highlighted just what we all should think about as our duty.

In our borough we tend to vote for the Party as we do in General Elections. In local elections we should look at how well the sitting councillors have looked after our money and our interests, and then vote out councillors who have made costly mistakes since the last elections.

Yes, we need the Acle Straight dualled, we need the way to the Midlands and South cleared of obstructions but how can we trust our current incumbents with even more expensive projects?

In the Mercury, Cllr Ames stated: “As the new leader of the cabinet I will be open and transparent”: we are still waiting.

It cost �900,000 for the big screens, and with the Olympics being this year, what a boost these would have been for the borough.

There is the failure of the long heralded outer harbour, The millions of pounds we now have to pay for the upkeep of the Gorleston side of the river, the loss of Gorleston Pier, the burden of Haven Bridge - cabinet decisions again.

Use your vote to elect a person that will do well for the borough, never mind the party.


Burnt Lane,

Gorleston on Sea

Try to find my

long lost family

I AM trying to contact any family of the late Percy and Teresa Grimmer. I had a sister Hilary who died last year in Norwich.

My father was Robert Grimmer and he had brother Percy, who had a daughter called Gertrude, and a sister Olive, who had a daughter called Peggy.

Percy had seven daughters, the names of some I recall and they were Margaret Rose, Olive and Shirley. I hope someone will recognise the names and contact me. I can be telephoned on 01202632291, or email riecherre@hotmail.co.uk


Democracy little

shown in Borough

WITHOUT the Mercury editor and reporters it would be almost impossible to find out just how arrogant and undemocratic some of our councillors are and their errors made at great cost to ratepayers.

Last week and the week before, The Mercury revealed details of the giant TVs. Bought in a hurry but others have been blamed others because the InteGreat group “only” had three months to claim funds. Grant money grabbed without a real purpose? I am sure residents could have come up with scores of better projects to bring tourists to our resorts. Certainly cash-starved Gorleston could have used it.

Nearly a million pounds and they claim they didn’t have sufficient time to decide what to spend the grant on - do they spend their own money in this way?

Whatever were they expecting the TVs to achieve as an investment? They don’t even appear to have covered them for maintenance.

The word democracy is little shown in our borough.

Remember the overspend on a �17m grant when they had to “rob” the Gorleston Beacon Park project. The million pounds spent on strengthening South Quay for all the lorries coming from the outer harbour which never materialised, These and other mistakes were big costs for ratepayers to bear.

Reading the editor’s opinion column and David Brown’s letter in last week’s Mercury will give voters food for thought and hopefully they will look at the facts in deciding what councillors should be returned in May’s elections. Remember look at the man or woman and not his/her rosette because they will make decisions that affect us all for another four years. .


Brett Avenue,

Gorleston on Sea

Blinkered views

on the good book

THERE have been regular letters in the Mercury from E Barkhuizen offering your readers some very blinkered and opinionated views on biblical teaching.

Like most fellow Methodists that I regularly meet with, I have chosen until now not to react - to “turn the other cheek” as it were - but the letter printed on April 6 cannot be allowed to pass without comment.

Firstly, in defence of Churches Together, why make dismissive remarks just because they have no understanding what this title means? This group involves many Christians drawn from all the various churches around Gorleston and Bradwell, who meet together to explore ways in which they can combine their talents and share God’s message effectively. Surely all of us who profess to be Christians should be constantly seeking new ways to share the good news.

Secondly, if we were to follow to the letter what has been put forward in Mr Barkhuizen’s earlier offerings, then we would not celebrate Christmas or Easter at all !

I believe one will find that the New Testament makes no mention of days to mark one’s birth or wedding anniversary, so going by this theory I trust these are totally ignored in the Barkhuizen home as well.

Fortunately, we are all still free choose to celebrate the seasons of Christmas and Easter as we wish, and from a Christian view point it is right we do so with reverence but also with great joy. And so, a final message to E Barkhuizen - I will never claim to have authoritative knowledge of all the teachings of the Bible, but then neither should you.


Address withheld

Directory shows

what’s going on

I WAS sorry to read of the worries of the writer who refers to learning from the back page of The Ageless Opportunities directory the extent of what is happening at St George’s Theatre.

I wonder if there may now be confusion for people about the content of The Directory. The Directory is now in it’s 6th edition and is available free to let people over 50 years of age know about what activities, physical and sedentary, are available across the borough. These vary from coffee mornings to Dance to T’ai Chi, Flower Clubs, Keep Fit, Woodturning and much more.

Copies are available from Great Yarmouth Community Trust at The Priory Centre in Priory Plain, local libraries, JPH and GP surgeries.

The local Older People’s Network was the instigator of The Directory and the OPN is holding “Participate & Celebrate” events this summer to commemorate the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee. Look out for details of these in the local press or call me for more details on 01493 720635.



Ageless Opportunities Steering group

No ban in place

around here

I HAVE just read and re read the article in the Yarmouth edition of the Advertiser about the hose pipe ban and there is not one reference to the fact that Essex and Suffolk Water - which supplies Great Yamouth, Gorleston, Lowestoft etc has no ban in place and will only do so if it feels it is necessary.

I am sure that when I use my hose my neighbours will moan as I suspect they too will have been swayed by the media misinformation machine.

I can’t help thinking how Dr Goebbels must be laughing his socks off now at the “stupid English”.


Elmhurst Close,

Gorleston on Sea

Hospice yes, but

an info centre?

AM I alone in thinking that the money that I and many others have been donating over the years, was for a much needed hospice for this area, situated in the grounds of the James Paget Hospital?

Perhaps whoever came to the agreement to build an elaborate information centre with the money donated for a hospice, would like to pay for that building themselves.

We could then have both, a no expenses spared information centre, plus the hospice that I thought I was donating to.


Tyrolean Square

Great Yarmouth

Yarmouth High

School lunch

THE Great Yarmouth High School Old Girls Society will be having their Spring Lunch on Thursday, April 26 at the Burlington Hotel, Yarmouth.

If there are any non-members who would like to join us, please contact the address below.

We have a collection of the High School magazines dating back from the turn of the 20th century...we are one edition missing, and that is for 1935...has any one a copy of this that we could have please?

We are also starting a GYHS memorabilia chest...have you anything that is connected with you schooldays that could be included in this?