Letters, April 1 2016

Duncan Hall School appeal

In 1963, I left Duncan Hall School, Scratby and I am aware that the school went in to receivership in the late 1980s. I am trying to contact pupils from the class of 1963, they would all be close to 70 years old these days.

Many were local Yarmouth boys, one was John Harvey who lived in Yarmouth near the Britannia Pier where his parents ran a hotel for the visiting acts. Another was Michael Dack whom I think lived in Gorleston.

I now live in Devon but after leaving school left for Canada so lost touch with most of my former friends.

I was aware of a reunion a few years ago. Most of my class were from farming stock, either in North Norfolk or the Fens, a few were day boys from Yarmouth, Gorleston, Lowestoft and in and around Scratby.

I did see Peter Jay on TV just a few days ago, he was a couple of years above us.

If anyone can help, please email me at paul_hoey@hotmail.co.uk

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Great Britain for a reason

To create a better life often requires moving to a new home or changing careers. For the doubter a risky leap in the dark, for the bold the start of a journey toward greater independence and prosperity.

The UK has been given the opportunity to leave its EU family home, fenced-in for 43 years, isolated from the big wide world outside. Our people and Parliament overruled, our legal and justice systems controlled by unelected foreign judges.

Hark the doubting doomsters and greedy fear-mongers - the stick-in-the-muds and bureaucrats, the lawyers and politicians, many employed by the EU now, or angling for lucrative jobs in the future - prophesying a ‘little britain’ unless we remain part of the Federal Socialist Republic of Europe - Viva el Presidente!

The EU, with its elusive accounts and leaky borders, is fearful for its own survival without our clout and of course, our cash.

We are Great Britain for a reason - read our history. Long live the Queen!


Great Yarmouth

When will danger rail be mended?

Concerned by apparent indifference, how much longer are the authorities going to ignore this obviously dangerous situation?

A section of protective rail between George Street and a sheer drop into Aldi’s car park has been missing, and reported, for months. As this seems to elude many, including administration, and recently seeing a young lad standing precariously on the open parapet; please address this without further delay and at least spare us those oft-repeated phrases: “Mistakes were made”, “Lessons to be learnt”.


Falcon Court,

Great Yarmouth

Hazardous area for new school

I agree with last week’s letter by Lee Sutton about the site of the planned Trafalgar College. Also on Thamesfield Way is a international haulage company, a company which hires out large storage tanks and a company which operates pipeline processing equipment which includes nitrogen tanks.

Also added to that, there are regular HGV supply deliveries to B&Q, Home Bargains, Pets At Home and Argos which makes it a hazardous area for children to be in. There are also police leaving from the Investigation Centre possibly on a call out.

It sounds like none of these things were checked when deciding it was appropriate to place a school here.

Parking for dropping children off at school is also an issue.



We did not vote to have mayors

Unlike Cllr Graham Plant, (Mercury, March 25) I heard nothing in the Chancellor’s speech about the “start of a negotiation”. I heard George Osborn say that Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire will be united under an elected political mayor: and that is what was reported.

What I want to know is: have the people of those counties asked for this - I think not. Did the prospective Conservative parliamentary candidates in the region tell us before the general election this was coming - I think not.

In similar vein, the Chancellor said all schools will become academies and parent governors will be abolished; whereas previously the change to an academy was after consultation with parents - now it is by decree.

Previously if, as a parent, you had an issue with your children’s school you could talk with the parent governors or with your county councillor. If the quarrel was truly about the education policy then, next time, you could try to elect a different county council.

Now schools will be controlled direct from central government with no parent governors, no local democracy. Did the prospective Conservative parliamentary candidates tell us before the general election this was coming - I think not. Was this in the Conservative election manifesto - I think not. Has there been consultation with the public - I think not.

To me, of far greater importance than any of these separate issues is that our British democracy is being eroded and replaced by a government that rules by decree for a minimum of five guaranteed years. This should worry us all regardless of political allegiance. And no-one seems to be noticing!


Lowestoft Road,


Looking for two old school pals

I am trying to trace two old school friends. I recently met up with my old school friend Stella Watling (now Payne). We both attended Lothingland Modern School, Lound, from September 1967 to June 1972. Stella left Lothingland early as her family moved to the Beccles area where she now lives.

In November, Stella will be 60 and her dearest wish is to meet up again with her two best friends from school: Carol Ridgewell who lived at Sandy Lane, Belton and Jeanette Brown, who lived at Burgh Castle. If anyone knows them and can contact me I will put them in touch and make Stella’s birthday wish come true. My email is browston56@gmail.com or 01493 781249.


nee Brooks


Incensed by way to pay our bills

A couple of letters caught my eye last week, but one incensed me so much I felt I had to write to complain about Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

How dare they say the only way you can pay bills is by a bankers card or electronically. What is wrong with cash - which we use in shops and on buses and other things, and cheques, which we use to pay our bills?

This is discrimination and I hope a solicitor is reading this and will take some form of class action. How dare the council segregate a section of the community it is supposed to represent.

There are probably more older people in this borough who still want to pay for things by cash and cheque in order to keep an eye on their ever-tightening budgets.

As a former council employee, now retired, I am absolutely flabbergasted.

Name and Address withheld

Leave young hares in field

I read in last week’s Mercury about Kenny, the young hare (leveret), taken to Foxy Lodge in Hemsby. If anyone sees them alone in a field leave them. They have not been abandoned by their mother, she leaves her young in a form (a hare’s nest) in open spaces such as fields and she comes back to feed them on and off during the day when the surroundings are quiet and clear.

So please anyone who comes across a baby leveret on its own in a field do not touch it as your smell may cause the mother to abandon it.



Contact please for Plattens

I am researching my family tree and would like to contact any of the descendants and family of William Platten, who married Annie Spanton, Great Yarmouth, and ancestor William Platten, who married Ivy Maud Brooks, to please like to contact me as I have some photos I would like to share with them.

I can be contacted on email at liz.zzl.5@btinternet.com



Recommend this memory venue

After pondering what to do on a very inclement Bank Holiday Monday, I found myself taken back to my childhood at The David Howkins Museum of Memories.

What a wonderful place, full of an eclectic mix of history, from teddies and dolls to Royal memorabilia and an entire room where everything is covered in postage stamps.

I shall certainly need another visit as I know I will still spot other things missed on this visit.

I can recommend this venue and encourage you all to visit, it is only £3 to enter and all the proceeds go to charity.


Jasmine Gardens


What do county councillors do?

I don’t why we are so surprised when the county council decides to carry out road repairs on Yarmouth’s seafront during the Easter holidays.

Come on, be honest, Norfolk Councty Council could not care less about our towns and villages, as we are at the edge of the sea and the edge of the county. Out of sight and out of mind.

I would like to know more about what our county councillors do because we never get to hear anything. Are they fighting our corner or have they become a one-for-all, all-for-one councillor?

Just who are our county councillors anyway. I never read any of their names in the newspapers?