Letters, August 14, 2015

I loved holiday in Great Yarmouth

I recently spent a week in Great Yarmouth on holiday and staying with my son who lives there. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw, only one of two glitches like the used disposable nappy left on the ground in Gorleston lifeboat car park.

That was it though. I was under the impression Yarmouth and its surrounding area was a bit of a tip, a bit old hat, a bit tired. But I loved it.

We used to go to Yarmouth every year for a decade and stay at the South Denes caravan site.

Yes, Yarmouth has changed but hasn’t the world? The UK is a very different place to Yarmouth’s heydays of the 1950s and 1960s and it should not be compared to those days which could be described as “innocent”.

We went to Caister beach for an afternoon where there was no litter about, until those holidaymakers on the beach left. The public toilets there looked rather dated and not inviting though.

We spent a full day on Gorleston beach, only breaking for lunch at the lovely Pier Hotel. No sign of litter anywhere on the beach nor in the surrounding areas. The used nappy was a bit of a downer though.

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We walked down Regent Road twice and both at night and I think the shop owners there are missing a trick or two closing up so early. There were lots of people about, many families with young children. It actually looked as though Yarmouth was closed until you walked around the corner and saw the lovely lights on the seafront.

But for some business owners it seems our money is not needed. We queued for some doughnuts one night and just as we reached the end of the line and the counter the woman said she was closing! We were the only ones left in the queue. Now that did put me off and ruined my happy feelings about my holiday.


Retford, Notts

So much talent in our borough

I know I have said it before but please allow me to say it again: we are so fortunate with the wealth of talent and entertainment we have in our town and Gorleston Community Choir is no exception.

Under the baton of their musical director they have lived up to the standards set by their previous conductors and are going from strength to strength.

On a beautiful afternoon in the Minster the rafters rang with joyous song, rewarded by rapturous applause and a standing ovation. The choir’s obvious delight in music, and a warm community spirit, proved once again that in order to bring so much enjoyment to their audiences All You Need Is Love!


Links Road,


Resort closes down at 6pm

My family have been coming to Great Yarmouth since the 60s and loved it, but we came last week and never felt so fed up in our life. We booked in for a week’s holiday and we only stayed three days. Nothing for holidaymakers, everything closing by 6pm, no entertainment, so many places closed.

I do not think that the programme on Channel 5 [Benefits Britain] did it any good. Something wants to be done soon or you might well take the Great out of Yarmouth because that it is not.

The powers that be want to get off their behinds and wake up and get something done soon.



Charity pots raised £4,363

We can only say a big thank you for allowing us to have our charity pots in the 99p Store, Great Yarmouth since 2011. The total collected from customers has been £4,363.88. This has been a fantastic amount raised to assist in the building of a local hospice.


Friends of East Coast Hospice


Cathedral art exhibition lovely

Last week I visited Norwich Cathedral to view the exhibition in the library of Dr Allan Lloyd’s oil painting portraits (100 in all) of musicians and organists spanning 400 years from 1575 to the modern day. I was privileged to be part of a group to hear Allan give a art, science, music and medicine talk on so many of these famous people and the history surrounding them and their lives. A fantastic achievement. Well done Dr Allan Lloyd.


Yarmouth Road


Why was this footpath closed?

The only safe and sensible route between Winterton and Hemsby was closed with seemingly indecent haste. There is no longer access by foot, cycle, pram or wheelchair. The road is far too dangerous to negotiate by foot and is certainly unsuitable for those learning to ride a cycle.

The dunes although wonderful to use for the mobile are totally inaccessible for the disabled or wheelchair bound.

For over 20 years people have enjoyed the footpath at the end of the Winterton Valley Estate to Long Beach Road. As a leaseholder of the estate I could walk to the launderette and enjoy a drink at the Dolphin pub. My friends and family enjoyed visiting Hemsby and accessed the amusements, cafe and other delights.

People have been using this footpath for well over 20 years and are now being denied this opportunity. I don’t know what the long term consequences will be for the people of Winterton and Hemsby but I do know this should never have happened.

Instead of dialogue and discussion we have been forced to take steps to re-open the footpath. This will be obtained by either prescription or as a public right. Either way this will take time and cost money. More importantly this will raise anxiety levels for everyone. Why?


Leaseholder of Winterton Valley Estate

Improve our links to county

So work starts on another new road for Norwich (the northern distributer road) and in Great Yarmouth we still wait. No new road for us, no improved links to the rest of the county.

For us it won’t be an add on it will be the one road, and once again everything stops at Norwich. We all know dualling the Acle Straight will not be the complete answer to our problems but it sure will be a start, and at the moment we’re not even getting started.

Brandon Lewis, now in his second term, after all the promises at election time needs to act and act now before we are forgotton again!


County councillor for Bradwell and Burgh Castle

Bus shelter? It’s open to elements

Does the council know there is a cul-de-sac at the bottom of Silver Gardens in Belton, I shouldn’t think so because they never seem to remember to bring the road sweeper down this way.

Time and time again I hear about the state of our village, the mess left by inconsiderate dog owners, the manure from horses that blight our roads and footpaths, the bins that are full to overflowing, the rubbish that is thrown everywhere - the play area in Bell Lane is a good example - but the best of all is the bus stop on Bracon Road.

I was going to say shelter, which it isn’t. The weeds and branches that hang over the wall, the amount of fag ends, the plastic sheet that has been removed and not replaced, what a sight for sore eyes.

Perhaps if the parish councillors were to see for themselves they would do something about it, like providing umbrellas for a start whilst waiting for the bus. Just where did that monstrosity come from?

And as for trying to control the speeding with flashing lights, put a few speed humps along the roads, that would be the answer.


Silver Gardens


Suez a year, A47 eight years!

A47 upgrade. Will I be alive to see this come to fruition? Oluwole Odetola of Highways England states that this is a “hugely complex task”. This is costing £300m and will take eight years to complete. This is if it is on time.

Egypt has expanded the Suez Canal which took a year to complete and cost £5bn. Should we employ Mr Sisi’s staff?



Hemsby charity concert thanks

Soundwaves Community Singers would like to thank all those who made our first charity concert on August 1 in Hemsby Village Hall a success, and helped raise £555 for Hemsby Lifeboat.

In particular we would like to thank the lifeboat team; Mick Tingley who operated the sound system, Alan Lee on the door, calling the raffle and clearing up, Susie for the photos and recording, Carousel Amusements, Hemsby for sponsoring the event, those working on the bar in Hemsby Village Hall and all those who bought tickets.

I would also like to thank the singers and soloists who sang their hearts out! Look out for our next performance at the Sam Larner Festival on Sunday, September 20 in Winterton Church and our annual Silver Sunday event in Hemsby Village Hall on October 11. Further details on website www.soundwavesc.moonfruit.com


Soundwaves Community Singers

Anyone help with book plea?

A friend of mine who doesn’t live in the area is tracing her family tree and she has found a relative who had written a book/pamphlet that was privately published many years ago in Kessingland.

She would love a copy , as its quite old its out of print we wondered if anybody has a copy that they no longer want? It’s called The District Nurse and Midwife of Kessingland: By Ellen Newson.

The only place that has a copy is Lowestoft record office and this must not leave there or be copied.

So if anyone can help it would be much appreciated, please contact me on email valeriedover@hotmail.co.uk



Our High Street is under threat

Re the plan for a Wetherspoons in Gorleston High Street. My reaction on seeing this in the Mercury was how can Brandon Lewis say this is a great boost for Gorleston, it is certainly a great boost for Wetherspoons at the expense of the numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants within a mile radius.

The only two businesses likely to survive are Costa and Tides, the rest might as well close and apply for minimum wage jobs at Wetherspoons. I trust there will be enough opposition to stop this, otherwise RIP Gorleston town centre.



Fantastic Abba show on Pier

What another fantastic show featuring Abba The Show at the Britannia Theatre, Great Yarmouth. I have been following this particular act for many years now, and these really are the best. A great show again, mix that with an enthusiastic audience as well, what more could you ask for.

Watch out for them again next year, one not to miss!



Best restaurant recommendation

May I, through your paper tell you about the best restaurant in Norfolk. I and many of my friends have enjoyed the beautiful view, and the great meals we have had in the years that we have been to this eating place, with great service, great food well cooked. I have had two birthdays, one family reunion and many visits with friends, and the restaurant I am talking about is the great Filby Bridge.


Arundel Road

Great Yarmouth

Look to future with optimism

I was rather dismayed to read all the negative comments in last week’s letters (August 7). The on-going saga of the Register Office looks like to run and run. I think maybe now a line could be drawn under it and leave the council to deliberate and decide the best course of action.

I still maintain the facility in the library works pretty well and I am disturbed that all the couples who have married here are now feeling, from all the adverse publicity, that their special day was not one to remember with joy and pleasure. I think the bottom line is the lack of complaints that have been received or directed to this page in the paper agreeing with the views and opinions made on their behalf.

I personally haven’t read one, as for the births and deaths side of it, it still seems to me to be a light, modern and airy space to walk through with often a very attractive exhibition to distract and give pleasure. The library has been buzzing with all sorts of activities this summer and its diverse make-up is a constant source of interest and pleasure.

As for the other letters decrying the town as a resort, again this is negated by the amount of visitors who still come and enjoy the traditional seafront and the wonderful historical history that abounds here. I walked along our wide, spacious front last Saturday and observed many happy holidaymakers; the beach looked clean and inviting and I was also pleased to see the tea stall nearest the Britannia Pier was doing a flourishing trade.

This brought back memories as I had worked there in my school holidays over 40 years ago. There can always be improvements made but I imagine if I had taken a straw poll, there would be very positive feedback. So no Mr Lake, I do not agree the seafront is dismal.

As for the lack of entertainment in the evening I noticed the Britannia Pier had famous names appearing. These are short runs I know but there is also at St George’s Music of the Night which is very professional show.

Tonight there is a Michael Jackson tribute which is a virtual sell-out so as a volunteer steward I will be pleased to welcome many newcomers and regulars to our lovely prestigious theatre.

My last bone of contention is the outcry about experts being brought in to evaluate our town centre and I fully agree with the pragmatic response made by Steve Taylor. This might very well be money well spent and can build on the fact Edinburgh Woollen Mill is well into converting the former Co-op into new shops.

They as a major player in the High Street have obviously seen potential and consultants in their remit can establish and tease out solutions to what is an on going problem in most High Streets in the country and not just Great Yarmouth.

The council must also consider this a necessary and urgent course of action knowing the flak they would undoubtedly receive for spending ‘our money’ in this way so let’s just wait and see. There are inherent problems but there are as always practical solutions but to keep harking back to what our town was like is negative and unhelpful, so lets look to the future positively and with optimism.


Winifred Road,


Praise for day care ward staff

This is the first time I have written a letter to The Mercury, but feel I would like to in this case, as praise is due to all the staff in the James Paget Hospital Day Care Ward, where I was admitted for a procedure this week. Everyone who dealt with me there was absolutely lovely, from the assistant nurse, through to the surgeon Mrs Rashid.

They were kind, respectful, and reassuring towards myself and the other patients on the ward, and very efficient, taking the time to explain everything. I felt I would like to write about my experience as a positive, as I have previously read about negative ones, and would like to thank all the staff there.


Cliff Avenue,