Letters, December 11 2015

Andrew is super example to all

After reading all about the admirable exploits of wild swimmer Andrew Turner, in last week’s paper, I had to go and lie down in a darkened room for a little while, such are his accomplishments. Quite breathtaking. What a fine example he sets.

I do make an effort to get my feet wet in the sea at least once a month and have chalked up 23 dips this year, not exactly a comparable achievement but at least availing myself of an opportunity which would not be available to me if I lived somewhere like Birmingham or Leicester.

My point is that in a day and age when many able-bodied people seem to find the height of fulfilment in jumping in the car or hopping on the bus and then heading off to buy something they probably don’t want, the benefits of any exercise, however slight, are often overlooked.

Vigorous walking fits the bill in many ways. You don’t need a dog or gym membership, in fact you don’t need any reason at all. Mind you, if you live near the Caister/Ormesby boundary where the new homes are proposed, you might care to take a metal detector. Roman archeological artefacts are as likely to be found thereabouts as at Belton. Just a thought.


Collingwood Road,

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Great Yarmouth

Changing times are no better

All my life I have been proud of the fact we had freedom of speech, and movement. These virtues, to me, are now lost; not only by word but at times by movement. As times go by there will be no shops for me to visit. The key word among older people these days is fear. Fear of knocks on the door, and voices on the telephone.

Unless we have a computer, we are going to be able to acquire nothing. Our money is controlled by a piece of plastic. Our heads are becoming full of pin numbers and passwords. Christmas as a child was a wonderful time. Sitting on Santa’s lap, telling him what we would like and often being disappointed with what we received. Nowadays that which used to be Ho Ho Ho! Has been turned into a No No No! Sitting on Santa’s lap or taking photos of your child in the school pantomime are now taboo.

A Happy Christmas to all my readers!


Gonville Road,


Seeking German tales of life in UK

I am currently composing a collection of the real-life stories of German nationals who came to live in the UK during or after the Second World War, having married a British National, or of British men or women marrying a German national either during the Second World War or for the 10-to-15 year period immediately following 1945.

I’m also interested in the experiences of any German children who may have come with their parent to be adopted into a British family and remember the experience clearly enough to be able to share their stories, thoughts and feelings with me.

I have some information regarding prejudices and discrimination faced by people within these situations as have family members with stories to tell, however I also wanted to find out more about what may have been experienced on a wider scale and wondered if any of your readers may be willing to share information with me regarding their experiences in order that I can do justice to this subject.

I do appreciate this is a sensitive subject and can empathise with the situations and circumstances many of them faced. Any and all information given will be used in the strictest of confidences.

If anyone could like to get in touch with me, they can email me on LeighBladen@gmx.co.uk.



Boxing Day woe but overall rosy

First Bus may have missed a trick by intending not to run bus services over Boxing Day, however one cannot complain about the new bus service that commenced on December 7.

X1 bus services every fifteen minutes between Norwich and Great Yarmouth including a half hourly morning and afternoon service along Middleton Road in Gorleston.

First Bus must be congratulated and to follow up to my previous correspondence re lack of services along Middleton Road, I am thoroughly delighted to say the least.


Elm Avenue


Grateful for help after bike fall

Through your Letters page I would like to thank the lovely lady so much in her kindness in stopping to help me and fetching my husband for me after I fell off my bicycle on Market Road, Bradwell, on Wednesday December 2, breaking my arm.

I am sorry we didn’t get to thank you properly before you left. Also thank you to the lovely couple who took me in and looked after me until my husband arrived and then took us home.

We were very grateful for all your help.

Thank you again and a happy Christmas.


Sandy Lane,


A lovely dinner and very festive

A group of us history enthusiasts went to the Reedham Ship on Sunday December 6 for lunch and we would all like to thank Peter Clutton for cooking lovely meals and the staff for making us welcome and providing great service.

With the Christmas lights on and all the Christmas trimmings up it was all very festive and a good start to Christmas sitting there looking out onto the views of the River Yare.


Stoke Holy Cross


Wonderful care saved son’s life

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the staff in the Intensive Care Unit at the James Paget University Hospital for their amazing and dedicated care they recently gave to my son David Bolch.

Without such committed care I am sure he would no longer be with us.

After two weeks in the ICU the care given by the team, did not end once he left the unit. Staff continued to monitor him twice daily whilst he remained on a ward reassuring me that should his condition cause concern he would be re-admitted back into their care.

I firmly believe the care given was second to none and as such feel, by drawing attention to this, anyone having to see a loved one admitted to this unit can be rest assured they will receive wonderful care.

Well done to the James Paget Hospital and all the staff.



More questions over twirler slot

In response to Nevv Moore’s letter regarding our twirlers not performing we are disappointed that he has not accepted any blame for the girls not appearing.

In all communications prior to this event, we were never told to meet at the Feathers public house or the library. We had explained previously, that we could not perform in the library as there would not be enough room or height to be able to throw batons.

We were told that our slot would be at 4.15pm and we agreed to be ready in front of the stage at 4pm.

Our trainers and a committee member, informed Nevv Moore and various other Harbour Radio personnel that we were ready to perform, and at no point were we told to go to the Feathers.

Our parents and trainers asked numerous times when the girls would be going on as the girls were getting very cold. In fact at one point our music was ready to play and the troupe were in front of stage when they put on Neil Francis instead.

Perhaps he could explain how a dance group was allowed to perform twice, while ours were not allowed to perform once. Yes our parents, girls and trainers decided by 5.15pm that our girls had stood around long enough, they were cold and very upset and the younger girls could not understand why others were allowed to perform and they weren’t.

A number of the public also commented how disappointed they were not seeing the girls perform.

Our troupe ranges from age six to adults. They enjoy performing, and have been National Champions for a number of years, unfortunately this experience has left them very disappointed and let down.


On behalf of Tri Star Twirlers committee.

Dancing was my dream career

As I retire from dance teaching after twenty five years I would like to thank all my pupils past and present for their custom over the years.

There are lots of people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude not least my Auntie Joyce who showed me a whole new world 43 years ago and then Jimmy and June Harman who helped me turn a childhood dream into an adult reality passing on their expertise.

Thanks to my friends and fellow dance teachers, Nigel and Larinda Smith and Zabrina Ford.

We have happily worked alongside each other forever, and their support has been invaluable especially over the last couple of years.

I wish my present students lots of fun as they transfer to these fabulous teachers and wish Zabrina lots of success as she embarks on her career teaching children. Your latest exam results were great and I am so proud of you.

My greatest thanks go to my sons and daughters in law for giving me the push I have needed and my husband James, I thank you for absolutely everything! Roll on retirement.


Good luck to all as our era ends

May I through your letters page thank my family and friends for the cards and gifts received on my retirement as staff nurse of the GP Unit Northgate.

May I also applaud all the GP unit staff for their professionalism during the recent consultation period which lead to the closure of ward beds.

Good luck to everyone. The end of an era.


Lark Way


Where are all the litter pickers?

I am not one who normally finds it necessary to write to newspapers but I feel I need to on this matter.

I have lived in Belton all my life and seen some changes.

I am very concerned about the state of the village re litter, empty cans, bottles, I could go on.

Most mornings I go for a walk returning with at least two or three empty cans.

Have we still got a litter picker for the village?

I have not seen one in months. If we do still employ one could we see more of a presence? The whole village is a disgrace. I have a friend who lives in Browston and he passed remarks on the state of his small village saying he has not seen a litter picker in months.

Name and address withheld

Such a special year thank you

I have loved attending events this year where I have met many of you.

We have so many people who are inspirational and giving of their time making a difference to peoples lives, a big thank you to you for what you are doing it is so greatly appreciated.

I would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Mayor of Great Yarmouth

True meaning of festive goodwill

Christmas began for me on Saturday at St George’s Theatre. The simple scene of a gently falling snow outside the window contrasted with the cosiness of a 50s home being decorated for the festive season.

A grandfather was reminiscing with young Tom over a pile of old records.

In and out of that scene four delightful and talented young men (Bim and Richard Ainslie and Stephen and Paul Amer) brought the music to life in their own sensitive and inimitable way - sometimes joined by two attractive young dancers.

Granddad recalled those golden days of yore and memories of two world wars. As the bombs dropped and a single voice sang Silent Night in English and German it became painfully poignant in the light of today’s events in Syria.

While we may have learned little from the futility of war The Testostatones made very sure we remembered the true meaning of the season of goodwill and as we left after such a professional and entertaining show we understood once again the importance of family values and traditions - it had become as it was intended “Totally Christmas.”


Links Road


Thank you after my wife’s fall

May I through your newspaper thank the following people who helped after my wife’s fall on Sunday December 6, in Gorleston.

The three young men who called the ambulance service and stayed with my wife until they arrived, the ambulance service who despite being obviously very busy, arrived promptly and took great care in treating my wife and getting her to hospital, and finally the staff at the James Paget Hospital who again were very busy but saw my wife promptly and treated her with great kindness.

She was able to return home the same day and is recovering well.


Lower Cliff Road