Letters, January 3, 2014

We’re not heavy engineering firm

Reference Mr John L Cooper’s letter (December 20). Firstly, can I point out that Hydra Rig UK is not a heavy engineering company and our location at Beacon Park is almost exclusively used for final assembly of our capital products in a very clean environment.

When we acquired the Beacon Park site it was the only available building in the borough council area that suited our immediate requirement, the only other alternatives were in Norwich, which would have been far from ideal for our existing staff, any new and future staff would have most likely come from the Norwich area.

Any buildings on the South Denes Enterprise Area would have taken 18 months from planning to completion and in that time Hydra Rig UK would have missed out on several million dollar contracts that would have gone to our competitors in the Far East and USA, plus all the repeat work and contracts that generally follow. We currently have 137 quality people employed here in Great Yarmouth and hope that number will continue to grow at the same speed as the previous 10 years, we also have a massive network of local suppliers who in turn employ hundreds of quality people too, do we really want some other area in the UK, Europe, USA or Far East to take this from us?

I would like to invite Mr Cooper to visit our facility at Beacon Park and actually see what we do here.


Hydo Rig UK

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Sea cadets here in the 1930s

My reason for writing is that on looking at your report on Great Yarmouth Sea Cadets, I could see no mention of the years 1936, 37 and 38 and therefore feel you would like to be aware of the following.

During the period mentioned, a number of local lads used the Unitarian church hall, by kind permission of a Revd Kaufman, for the purpose of physical training exercises and from here a cadet corp by the name of Great Yarmouth Sea Training Corps was formed under the leadership of a Mr Bacon, a Yarmouth postman, and his nephew, Mr Norman Bacon. Sometime, I believe about 1937 or 1938, he organised this to become part of the Navy League Sea Cadets. The training transferred to an institute on the quayside by Trinity House.


West Winch,

King’s Lynn

Court cases of no interest to public

I glanced at the Great Yarmouth Mercury court cases list, and do not think it is right to give the names and addresses of people who have been fined for not sending their children to school. This “naming and shaming” can only be of interest to voyeurists. And could do further harm to the children in question who are already struggling with the situation. Most magistrate court cases can be of no interest to the public at large.



Larger erosion area created

Reference Mike King’s letter, December 20 on the subject of aggregate extraction. My attempt at reverse psychology fell on deaf ears, in view of the result it brought. In fact it went no further than I expected - Marinet! Pat Gowen and Mike King! For many years I have sailed the same course as they, punching out of weight, and rarely getting positive results. Overall view of the general public is, what’s it all about?

I refer them to the happenings along our coast. Due to the constant vacuuming of this self regenerating pit, which with its drag is drawing in most of its fuel between the Wash and Pakefield, producing a larger erosion area as it gets deeper.

Sand and shingle beds are now muddy areas and carrying on like this will bring about a coast akin to Southtend. To get more information on the subject Marinet would like you to pull up their website on www.marinet.org.uk. Then, if you have any objectiuon to the aggregate extraction applications being made, write to Marine Management Organisation Licensing Team, Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7YH.


Gonville Road


When did name Hemesby alter?

In reply to Andrew Fakes’s letter last week concerning the pronunciation of the name Horsey. I too get wound up at the way some people – especially TV presenters and newsreaders who pronounce it as Horzey - where did the ‘z’ come from? I also wonder when the letter ‘e’ was dropped from the name Hemesby – now known and spelt as Hemsby?

When you listen to real local people they still pronounce it with the ‘e’ in it Hem- es- by. Just look at old maps and charts and the History of Hemsby etc and you will see it spelt Hemesby, named after Roger de Hemesby c1200.

Ormesby still has it’s ‘e’ as does Lowestoft, so why and when did Hemesby lose it’s ‘e’?


Hemesby/aka Hemsby

School reunion deadline nears

If you haven’t got your ticket yet for the Greenacre School Reunion, and do want to come, can you send an SAE as soon as possible and I will get your ticket to you. This will be the last reminder as time is drawing near to give the Furzedown Hotel the final numbers. The response has been overwhelming with everyone saying how they are looking forward to a good night. So come along and meet up and have a chat with old school friends. Please make a cheque out to Greenacre School Reunion and send to Nanette Smith, 11 Olive Road, Cobholm, NR310BH. You can call me on 01493 650395 or email Nanettes@sky.com



Proud family’s wish for Sophie

At the end of 2013 we, her proud parents, grandparents and all relatives would like to add our congratulation and good wishes to Sophie Mckinna as reported recently in your sister paper the EDP as the Top Norfolk Athlete for 2013; from her success in The Europa Cup at Gateshead to finishing second in the Great Britain senior team in Rieti in Italy, and one of her finest moments, breaking the UK Junior record of 17.32 metres which had stood for over 25 years. Well done, a credit to Great Yarmouth and Norfolk, and we are all looking forward for special 2014, starting at Sheffield in Febuary.


Alderson Road,

Great Yarmouth

Thanks for help after appeal

I would like to say a big thank you to all those people who sent me emails and telephoned me about Gorleston Railway Station and Good Yards. The response to my appeal has been terrific and I have received enough information and maps to complete my project.

I wish everybody who contacted me a big thank you and a very happy New Year.