Letters, July 10 2015

Don‘t want to be ‘one big village’

Please can I appeal to the residents of Ormesby and north Caister to make sure they write their letters of objection to the planning services at the Town Hall about the proposed development of Pointers East on the fields west of Ormesby Road, Ormesby.

If we do not take a stand against this inappropriate development we are in real danger of becoming Ormesby/Caister on sea as the development is to be built over the current border between our villages joining us up into one big village.

Apart from the increased number of dwellings to 194 with no additional infrastructures eg school or GP surgery, a major concern for the residents of Meadow Croft and Ormesby Road is the siting of a pumping station and lagoon next to their homes.

Are they aware that a lagoon is “an artificial pool for the treatment of effluent or to accommodate an overspill from surface drains during heaven rain” (Oxford English Dictionary)? This is extremely likely to overflow with raw sewage running down into their homes, just as the pumping station did in Lords Lane, Bradwell this week during the heavy rain storm.

If you do not believe how inappropriate this development is take a little trip to the new Persimmon estate just completed at Hoveton you can see the pumping station there and how tawdry and over crowded the estate looks already. We did and saw cars parked all over the pavements and even an abandoned shopping trolley in the public area.

Is this what you want for our lovely rural villages? If not get your letters in asap!

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Reynolds Avenue

Caister on sea

Asked for cash on the streets

Three times in the last two weeks I have been approached by relatively young people for money in the streets of Great Yarmouth.

I have never experienced this so much, although recall being asked on many occasions for cigarettes both here and other places I have lived in the country.

The one this morning I was tempted to help out. He was well spoken, dressed ok and with a rucksack and was standing outside McDonalds. I genuinely hadn’t got any change for him but as I walked away I felt guilty and thought was he hungry or thirsty?

Two weeks ago, I was approached by a woman and a man in their 30s on Southtown Road where they were waiting at the bus stop. They told me they were trying to get home to Lowestoft on the bus but hadn’t the fares. I said I hadn’t any change to give them – which again was correct.

The woman pointed out there was a cash machine at the nearby garage where I could get some money out for them and I stupidly said I had a £20 note in my purse and didn’t need to use the machine. However, I was flabbergasted when the woman suggested I go to garage and get them some change.

They were not menacing and I was not frightened, it was 6pm and plenty of people about. But it still preys on my mind. Obviously I do not want my name and address revealed in case I am “visited” by these people.

Name and Address withheld

Good luck to Hughes store

I would like to congratulate Hughes on their brand new store. It is 100 times better than the small shop in the Market Place. There is plenty to choose from a much bigger area with more on display.

The staff are so helpful right down to the men who deliver, on the same day and make sure everything is working. What’s more, a lovely free car park is a big bonus. Thank you so much for the excellent service I received a couple of weeks ago. I wish you well.



Cat poo fines? That won’t work!

I read with great amusement, in last week’s edition, the letter regarding cat mess. Most of us have cats digging up our gardens, we just have to live with it.

The author of the letter states there should be fines for cat owners whose pets foul our gardens. I am intrigued to know how this would be policed as cats roam free, unlike dogs. Perhaps the cats could leave a little flag in their poo, when they’re done, thus identifying who their owners are?

Or maybe install CCTV (Criminal Cat Television)?


Ormesby St Margaret

Cared for with respect at JPH

On behalf of my family and I, we would like to thank all the staff at the James Paget Hospital for their very professional care to our mother during her last days on ward 17. Also for looking after us and making us comfortable while staying overnight in her room. It was peaceful and our mum was treated with dignity and respect. Many thanks.



Quirky name for Trowels houses

I saw the article in the Advertiser, July 2, about people naming homes after movies and thought I would tell you the name of my house.

It is 2 Two Trowels. It’s in Hemsby and that is the name of the house (not the number), the name of our neighbour’s house is 1 Two Trowels. These two semi-detached cottages are the only ones in our postcode. We’re often asked why our house was built amongst others around it but it was the others that were built around our house at later dates.

The houses are very old, they show on Tithe maps of about 1847 although you’d never think so to look at them, they were altered a huge amount by the previous owner. They show on those maps as The Trowels, I believe they used to just be know as Two Trowels but when house insurance was cancelled for one of the houses (by the previous owner) the wrong one was cancelled by the company and the numbers were added at that point.

The previous owner told us that a builder used to live in one house and a gardener in the other, of course the tools of both trades was a trowel.

I have been trying to research the history but need to find the plan that went with the auction document from the sale of Hemsby Hall Estate from 1918, or anything else to be honest. I’d love it if any of your readers had any information or particularly any photos.

Name and Address withheld

Editor’s Note: Anyone who can help our reader, please write to the Editor or email anne.edwards@archant.co.uk and we will publish the information

Use funding to keep vandals out

I saw Craig le Picq’s write up in the paper about the damage and vandalism on Great Yarmouth’s historic Waterways. The borough council is getting funds to revamp the Waterways so before they start they want to keep the vandals out with high fences and a vandal-proof boathouse.Then carry on with the revamp.


Ashwood Close,

Caister on sea

The boating lake needs fix up too

I have been reading in the Mercury that the Waterways has been granted £45,000 funding. Best Great Yarmouth Borough Council starts using the monies immediately.

The place looks awful! Wonderful weed beds, no beds at all and garden waste left in piles all overt the weekend. Tourists would be so impressed.

The Waterways needs a good makeover now. The picture in the Mercury last week was not the Waterways but the boating lake – that also needs to be sorted out.



‘Bed blocking’ is a horrible term

Through your paper can I please make a plea to all organisations especially the health service and MPs to please stop pointing out that the population is “getting older”, “living longer”, or “bed blocking”, “we are living longer and our needs are more complex”.

This form of language is really not helpful, and really quite offensive, language is a powerful tool and all too often these phrases are rolled out in order to basically obtain more money.

Bed blocking is a personal favourite of mine; it is not the person who is stuck in a hospital bed unable to go home it is the services around them to support their release home.

It probably makes the recovering patient feel worse than they already do. No wonder we hear from elderly people that phrase: “I don’t want to be a nuisance, that is why I did not call you”.

We are not invisible, we do matter. The last time I looked I am an older person, and a living, breathing, thinking, working member of society.

We really need to change our attitude to older people as they are constantly being held up as examples of what is wrong with our health service.

I hate to point out the obvious but we are born, we live our lives, we die, simple.


Borough Councillor

Caister North

We need a vets practice nearby

I live in Hemsby and being a pet owner I cannot understand as to why we do not have a vets nearby.

The nearest is Yarmouth, Acle and Gorleston.

In Hemsby there are a lot of elderly people with pets who have to obtain lifts to see their vets.

Would it not be viable for a large practice to open a clinic here?

So many people wish there was.

There are a lot of surrounding villages Winterton, Martham, Scratby, Ormesby, Caister, Rollesby, Filby and so on that would use it, plus holiday makers.

It is not possible how about a mobile vets, say once a month where vaccinations and general checks can be carried out?

Come on vets, give it a thought.


The Pastures,


Sad that caravan site has decayed

This letter is in response to the harbours mouth saga. Many years ago in the late 50s my parents invested their money in purchasing two caravans which were sited at the South Denes.

My grandmother had one as she lived with us - we were a family of seven so one would not have been adequate.

We used to live at the caravans every weekend and summer holidays, this also included taking our menagerie of one dog, budgie, canary, hamster and goldfish.

How my mother ever managed this I shall never know but she absolutely loved her caravan and as for us children it was brilliant.

Plus the fact mum was a dab hand with the pressure cooker so even though the stove was only a small oven with just two rings we never wanted for good home-cooked meals.

The only nuisance was having to take a trip to the toilet block as unlike now most caravans are connected to the water and electric supplies.

Now, one might ask, where is this going?

Well my question would be: Why on Earth was the site allowed to decay? Situated in a such a wonderful holiday resort right next to the sea I am sure that had it been kept up to date it would still be a popular venue, but as usual the powers that be decided to let the site decline so that in time travellers decided to make use of it.

Now it is an awful place, weeded and neglected. Is it really too late to turn some of the land back to its former glory?

I also cant think of all the money lost in renting the site out which by now would have added up to a pretty sum.

Sometimes I do have this feeling whilst those in power may have brains common sense often seems in short supply.


The Mews,