Letters, March 4 2016

Hard-working hospital staff

Thank heaven for A&E at the James Paget Hospital. On Sunday I had to use the services at the hospital and was met by a very understanding receptionist. Within 15 minutes I was in clinic.

There was a very comprehensive discussion of my problem with all the staff and I was given all necessary treatment, X-rays and medication. Everybody treated me kindly and I left the hospital in a much more pain-free condition.

Let us remember the hard-working staff who, even at weekends when most of us are at home, they carry on providing care to anyone who has the need. Thank you to all staff at the JPH.


St John’s Farm,


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UKIP councillors fought for action

Borough councillors Grant and Smith stated in last week’s Mercury that MP Brandon Lewis is at Westminster Monday to Friday, so are other MPs but they still attend important meetings and Bradwell Parish Council meeting with Anglian Water was an important one which was attended by representatives from other parishes.

The problem with Anglian Water has been going on for many years, long before Cllr Grant was elected to represent Hopton and Bradwell etc. All Anglian Water does is say they are looking into it or sorting these problems out; they don’t keep to their promises it’s been going on long enough. Regarding all elected representatives working together, may I point out to councillors Grant and Smith it was UKIP county and borough councillors, mainly Carl Annison and Adrian Myers, who first contacted Anglian Water about the problems with the flooding and sewage waste affecting the parishes of Fritton and St Olaves, Belton, Burgh Castle and Bradwell.

Parishioners have stated they got no help from the Conservatives or Labour and that Carl and Adrian helped them a lot with the backing of county councillor C Aldred.

Now that Carl and Adrian have done most of the groundwork and emailing to get meetings with Anglian Water, the other two main parties decided to attend meetings and having their pictures in the newspapers. The truth is that before UKIP county and borough councillors won their seats and started to attend all parish council meetings did we see councillors from other parties start to attend.



Astounding show of local talent

When the curtain rose at Gorleston Pavilion Theatre for Let’s Put It All Together, on Saturday night there was an air of expectancy from a full house wondering what had been “put together” to help further a dream to enhance the lives of those facing life threatening or terminal illness in our part of the county or further afield.

The anticipated result was an astounding display of talent and generosity from performers and audience and alike.

Love Never Dies and Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of, was a theme of a long evening of nostalgia and hope. Shakespeare reminded us of the frailty of humankind, while dancing and comedy was the recipe for celebrating life even in the face of adversity.

May I please extend to our wonderful local theatrical “family”. My heartfelt and sincere thanks for giving so generously of their time, talents and themselves to the Louise Hamilton Trust’s aspirations.

In the light of the world from Les Miserables: “To love another is to see the face of God,” could it be that these music-makers and dreamers of dreams may become the movers and shakers to bring such a vision a little closer to those who need it most.


Meadow Court,


Toilets closing is a disgrace

Members of Great Yarmouth Borough Council obviously have no idea about the bodily functions of the human body!

Why do they close the public toilets on Marine Parade at 3.30pm at the weekends in the winter? These are family days out with people visiting our acclaimed attractions. Has the council opened a department which programmes the human body not to urinate etc after 3.30pm?

If so, it is not very well advertised. What a disgrace!



Good to debate the EU question

I am pleased the Mercury has started the debate on the European referendum. To many of the residents and indeed the country it is going to be a long and arduous four-month campaign. It is however one that will have profound changes for our country and could change the direction of our nation for the better.

Many residents will be undecided on which way to vote and I hope through debate, discussion and the media you will decide what is best for you, your family and our country. I will be campaigning and hoping to organise events and possibly debates to help residents decide.

The tone of the debate has already begun. So far we know if we leave the EU Vladimir Putin will start World War Three, three million jobs will be lost, Britain will go bust and cause a worldwide recession, petrol will rise by 20pc, all workers will lose their holiday and sick pay, the list is endless and when you hear all this drivel and gruel ask yourself really?

Is this how weak and insignificant the world’s fifth largest economy has become?

The only thing certain if we remain in the EU is more beaurocracy and regulation, more and never-ending high immigration, less democracy and our old favourite that always cheers us up: when our elected government and often public opinion is overruled by faceless judges who use the European convention on human rights to strike down our laws.

In Britain we have democracy. Every five years we have the ability to remove and elect governments. Locally if I do not listen, act or help residents I can be removed from office. If people want something then put it to the people in election time and get enough support, you can put through your wishes.

With the EU this does not happen, this referendum is our chance to speak. Never again for a generation will we have this opportunity. In this campaign I will be working with all people from all sides of the political spectrum to try and make change.

I have always believed in free trade and friendship with Europe but not controlled by Europe.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get our country back, one in which our own democratically elected government can decide our own laws, border controls, immigration numbers and trade deals, our parliament will ultimately be sovereign and accountable to us and we as a nation and a people will be free to control our own destiny in the world and not have the ball and chain of Europe holding us back.



Ormesby St Margaret

Visit Minster, support causes

Market Day on Wednesday, March 9 will have an added attraction between 10am and 2pm when the ladies of the Inner Wheel Club of Great Yarmouth will be holding their Easter Fayre in the Minster Church of St Nicholas, situated in the centre of the town at the end of the Market Place.

This will be a chance to support the upkeep of this magnificent building and the President’s chosen charities including Nepal in Need and Asperger East Anglia. Other charitable organisations, including Save the Children and the RSPCA, will have stalls at the event.

There will be several tables including books, plants, cakes, Easter tombola, £1 stall, handmade handbags, good condition pre-loved items, hand knitted items, toys, bric-a-brac, Tiffany lamps, cards and much more.

Refreshments will be available but entrance is free. Why not leave your shops, offices, banks and join us for lunch, coffee, or just a chat with friends?

Take this golden opportunity to visit your Minster and at the same time support these worthy causes.


Secretary, Inner Wheel Club of Great Yarmouth

Anyone help find old small book?

I am trying to locate a small book that was written by, or with a man called Alph or Alfred Webb about, I believe, Reedham Village. He had a sister named Ethel Ivyleen Webb and their mother was Mary Ann Stone (Webb) and father Noah Webb.

“Alph” was born in 1892 and still has grandchildren in Canada, this is where Alph emigrated to, but returned many times to re-visit family and also to write this booklet.

If you have or know any person who has this ancient document, I would like to copy it to give to his grandchildren in Ontario. I hope somebody can help me as I am in the Webb family and my father, Percy Webb was a cake and bread roundsman in Reedham, but never told me of most of his family who lived in the village.

I can be contacted on email at mtspider@aol.com or 01493 789402.



Coastwatch’s concert thanks

We at National Coastwatch Institution Gorleston would like to thank the following for their kind donations of raffle prizes for our charity concert at Gorleston Pavilion on February 20.

Thanks to everyone the show was a great success and has raised much needed funds for our on-going volunteer services both at sea and on land.

We would like to thank Music Lovers, Fusion, Cliff Hotel, Fleetwoods Butchers, Browston Hall, Nortique, Bradwell Butchers, Costa Gorleston, The Bell Restaurant, Tesco Express Belton, Rainbows, Morrisons Gorleston, Cosies Restaurant, Priory Farm Restaurant, QD Norwich, FlowerMania, The Pier Hotel, T G Cleaning Services, gifts from NCI Watchkeepers. Great Yarmouth Mercury for advance publicity, Gorleston Pavilion Theatre’s Stuart and Kevin, Tom and Anthony, bar and staff.

Last, but no means least, all the excellent performers who gave their time for our cause.


NCI Gorleston

Join the call for pension action

Are you a woman born in the 1950s whose State Pension Age has changed with little or no notice? It is estimated half a million women have been affected.

Please sign the petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/110776. Anyone over 18 can sign online.

If you would like to join our local group of Norfolk women who are campaigning against the unfair way the changes have been introduced please join us on our Facebook page Pension Action In Norfolk - PAIN (flower symbol). If you are not on Facebook, please email pensionactioninnorfolk@yahoo.co.uk.

We are trying to gather Norfolk women together and Great Yarmouth figures are particularly low.



Ladder fall off a lorry, appeal

Did anyone see the ladder fly off the back of an open truck on Saturday, February 20 at around 12.30pm-ish, going towards Hemsby on the Yarmouth Road?

I would be grateful for any information. Please call 07941 806286.

Name and Address withheld

Picture was of childhood pals

Since moving back to Norfolk from Hertfordshire four years ago I have become an avid reader of the Mercury which I have delivered to my home in Norwich. It keeps me well informed and up to date with all that goes on in the town I grew up in and it’s great if I can spot a familiar face. Your 1960’s supplement was wonderful and brought back such happy memories.

As soon as looked at the picture of the three children in front of the Row House off Sackville Close I recognised them as Margo Michael and Kim Anderson as they were childhood friends of my older sister Janice and I.

We did everything together, scrumping, as well as climbing all over the new library while it was still under construction - no health and safety in those days.

Our main source of income was to collect papers and rags and transport them to Kings on South Quay on Michael’s go-cart to make about 10 shillings (10p).

This grand sum was splashed out on chips and pop to go with our paste sandwiches for a day on the beach or the odd penny in a slot machine in the arcades, or bunk into the open air pool or one of the piers for free.

Yarmouth was such a great place to grow up in and they were happy days for the kids of the Sixties. Keep up the good work Yarmouth Mercury and thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Meadow Gardens,