Letters, March 3 2017

Will MP change Brexit vote?

How will MP vote on Brexit? This is a letter I have sent to Brandon Lewis on Article 50 (2) proposed amendment.

Theresa May believes that our exit from the EU is irrevocable once article 50 is triggered, ‘the will of the people’ type of position.

But the will of the people was not Brexit at any cost, it was in fact in the belief the UK would be better off after Brexit.

This cost may become too high as the full reality of Brexit emerges during the negotiations with the EU.

Surely we need an escape clause in this event?

I for one think it imperative that such a clause is written in and I fully support the amendment proposed by Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town on “Parliamentary approval for the outcome of negotiations with the European Union”

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Will you support this amendment, I really think the people of Great Yarmouth would want you to. Surely being our representative MP you would only vote us out of the EU after you had full knowledge of the terms of Brexit and the impact on the people of Great Yarmouth?



Steam and timber ideal for plant

The biomass plant sounds a good idea but I would rather see it burnt to make steam to drive turbines than converted to gas to drive combustion engines.

I would also hope to see this brought in by ship rather than lorry, our roads are already overflowing.

I would also hope to see salvaged timber used as there is currently tons of this going to landfill.

Unlike days gone by when much of this would have been burnt on domestic fires, as we live in the country and have several properties all with wood burning stoves we do our bit to reduce wood going to landfill by burning waste timber from a jobbing builder friend who was paying to tip it, from time to time he will turn up with a van full of old timber cladding or window frames and old kitchen units.

This saves him and us money a win win situation plus the ash is good for the garden.

Anybody who has walked round town will have seen scrap timber in skips as premises are revamped.



Tips on zombie apocalypse

I have just finished reading your article concerning the Norfolk Constabulary’s response to how they would react to a Zombie Apocalypse.

I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Marcus Potter had a valid reason of asking the questions he did. You can scour the internet for responses from other governments stating that they have a contingency plan in case something like an “apocalypse” happens. He has more than likely looked around for the perfect place to “hold up” while it all goes on.

Chances are the Norfolk Constabulary have not even given this a thought at all.

When it comes down to this kind of thing, you have to take into consideration who is likely to know what is going on.

Scientists are at the top of the list, followed by horror movie fans and gamers. Yes, you read that right.

As a horror movie fan since a young age, I have watched a lot of zombie movies and pretty much would say there are several ways to help get rid of the scourge of undead.

1) Decapitation is indeed a good way of killing them but if they are like the undead in the film Return of the Living Dead (1985), there is a chance that their heads will remain animated.

2) Fire. This option is a winner also, but is likely to alert the undead to the survivors’ location, much like having a barbecue and inviting yourself when all the good stuff has gone.

3) A bullet to the head. Yes, this also is a great option, but how many members of the general public are likely to have access to guns? According to the law you need to have a license to own one, and then you have to have regular checks from the police to make sure it hasn’t been used for any purpose other than at a shooting club.

We could all go to the Winchester for a pint and wait for it to “blow over”, like they did in Shaun Of The Dead (which if you haven’t watched it, you should because it’s funny and insightful), or you could take yourself off to the local mall(much like Dawn Of The Dead, both versions) and try your hand at surviving in there, but let’s face facts, It’s unlikely to happen.

Besides, it will be frowned upon if you are seen shooting someone in the head or decapitating someone in the street, right?

Anyway, it was an interesting article,and I would have enjoyed reading the responses from the force.



Road crossing must be made safe

On February 24 between 11am and noon, my friend and I were standing at the crossing on Magdalen Way when a car accelerated towards us in a threatening manner. The driver was not prepared to stop to allow us to cross.

I wonder if any others have experienced such events at this crossing.

I and my friend feel this pedestrian crossing should be upgraded to allow pedestrians to halt oncoming traffic, thereby reducing the chance of an incident upon the aforementioned walkway.

Are other on the Magdalen Estate prepared to send a request to Norfolk County Council for the development of the crossing? If so could they please do.


Magdalen Estate resident

High school reunion appeal

A group of women who began their secondary school life at Lynn Grove High School for Girls in Gorleston in 1962 and left in 1967 are organising a very special fifty year reunion on 21st July.

Lyn Gibbs (nee Layton), Hilary Hanbury (nee Spall), Maggie Risby (nee Tyson) and Jeanette Riseley (nee Bartram) want to contact other pupils who were at the school at the same time to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the date they left.

1967 was a great time to be young. There were jobs for everyone and the cultural scene was fantastic. Some of the biggest groups in the UK visited Great Yarmouth Tower Ballroom and Gorleston Floral Hall including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

Were you a pupil at the school at this time? If so, please contact the group to find out more about this very special anniversary celebration.

There is a Facebook page at Gt Yarmouth High School for Girls 1962-67 or you can contact the group via email at reunion5062@gmail.com


Via website

A47 pledge is welcome news

How welcome to see front page headlines in a local newspaper advocating fully dualling the A47 from Great Yarmouth to Peterborough, an issue that transcends recurring seagull and whinges.


Falcon Court,

Great Yarmouth

No hardship in credit system

Universal Credit. Is another name for living with-in ones means? Those that are in employment do not have the option of having their employer managing their finances.

The attitude invariably is we pay you, you take care of your bills.

So as far as Brandon Lewis MP is concerned he must think as do many, the benefit system provides payment this gives chance for those on UC to manage the cash they receive as do those in real work.

Sorry if this comes over somewhat hard, but before such a world class benefit system evolved back in the 50’s & 60s we signed on twice a week there was no Giro dropped through the door and if you could not manage on the 15 shillings and sixpence a day you had the degrading option of having a visit from the “man” from the National Assistance Board,

So I cannot see any hardship in allocating rent and other bills that we all have the burden to pay whether it’s the boss at work or the Exchequer for Benefits.


Burnt Lane,


Help find my lost special ring

On Sunday, February 26, I lost my engagement ring either in or around Frankie and Benny’s at Great Yarmouth or on the Gapton Hall shopping estate near Sports Direct. We also stopped in Tesco’s for five minuets.

I have posted a “help” on Facebook and have had over 100 people share it. It’s an inexpensive Pandora Rose gold Daisy chain ring but it was given to me at the top of Scarfell Pike and particularly chosen for what it represented from my fiancé to me.

I am writing to ask readers to help with a hope someone may have found it or still might find it and let me have it back.

It means more to me than any other item I have ever owned and I am desperate to get it back.



Directory appeal thanks issued

Thank you to all those groups who have completed their forms for inclusion in this years Ageless Opportunities Directory of social activities.

Please get in touch asap if you’d like your group to go in there – entries are free (it is only advertisements that are paid entries). It’s a great way to let more people (we publish 7,000 copies) know about what your group does and how people can join you.

This year we have been asked if we can include speakers who are available to give talks to clubs. We can If you do offer a talk please get in touch and I will send you a form to complete.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kate Platt

Ageless Opportunities /”Start my week here” project worker

Great Yarmouth Community Trust



Look at religious website

The “Viewpoint” section of the Mercury often has an article by a Seventh-day Adventist.

Yet if Mercury readers look at the Seventh-day Adventist website, they will see that Seventh-day Adventists do not believe God will punish sinners for ever in the lake of fire.

But Jesus says of the ungodly, “These will go away into everlasting punishment” (Matthew 25:46).


Albemarle Road,


Hard to believe MP’s actions

Like I do, I wonder how many other people find it hard to believe that Great Yarmouth’s MP the Right Honourable Brandon Lewis is not willing to meet with residents in a public meeting to hear their questions about Universal Credit?

In his written answer to the Council’s invitation asking to attend this meeting he accuses Labour of playing political games - I ask him what political games is he playing by snubbing the constituents he has been elected to represent in this town?

He doesn’t want to hear about residents who have been evicted from their homes because of UC or the landlords who have invested in mortgages so they can let a property and have not received rent from their tenants as the tenants have received no money because of their UC claim and are unable to pay the rent. This ultimately results in an eviction.

A public meeting would at least show his constituents that he does care about them even if he can do nothing to help as it is the Conservative Government policy. But instead he hides behind lame excuses of not wanting to play political games and data protection laws.

He can’t face his Constituents as he knows that the roll out of Universal Credit in Great Yarmouth has been an unmitigated disaster and has consequences that affect those most vulnerable in our society, those that he doesn’t want to stand up for.

Well Mr Lewis I hope you are feeling proud of yourself.

Michael Jeal

No games over benefits system

At the council meeting of the 17th January, the Labour Group proposed a Motion, supported by all parties, inviting Brandon Lewis MP to attend a Public Meeting to take questions on the roll out of Universal Credit in the Borough.

Great Yarmouth is being used by the DWP as a test and learn centre , and there have been numerous cases of hardship caused to residents and family’s,from across all walks of life.

It came as no surprise when the MP refused to attend, and blamed the Labour Party and UKIP for playing political games.

Can I assure Mr Lewis that we are not playing Political Games, and that it is his Government, that is playing games with people’s lives, and causing unnecessary suffering to some of the most vulnerable in society.

Cllr Trevor Wainwright

Magdalen Ward.

Leader of the Labour Group

Mobile mast work problems for TV

The work on the mobile masts at Caister by o2 have affected our television reception causing us to be without television for three days, every station except BBC 1 was affected by interference.

The only solution was for us to have a filter fitted to our aerial, costing £65. The aerial engineer said we were getting most of the trouble from the G4 mobile mast.

I don’t think we should pay. o2 should do something and refund our money. After paying the £65 we are still experiencing some of this interference.


Seaward Walk,


Benefits film must be seen

With Yarmouth being one of the most deprived town in the UK. I would think the film I Daniel Black would be essential viewing.

The reason it is not being shown is that there isn’t call for it in the town.

Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but I believe that this decision comes from higher than the cinema management or the distributors.

Films like I Daniel Blake make people think and they might realise what this government, which is more right-wing than Thatcher’s, is implementing in this country.

Believe me you will get no help from Brandon Lewis who is to cowardly to meet wither the borough council and the public on the problems of Universal Credit.