Letters, May 11 2012

First burial in

1828, last 1892

I LEARN from an article in the Mercury last week that a change of use for the Dissenters Cemetery has been proposed. Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the origins of this cemetery.

Because of general disquiet at the state of the graveyard of St Nicholas Church, a group of local businessmen sought a new site. They purchased in 1828 the former Lampett’s market garden, part of this was sold on to provide financial support to maintain the cemetery. This site measures 1,308 square yards in which are interred the remains of 1,560 persons, many the prominent local citizens of that period.

The first burial took place on the 7th February 1828 of Duncan Louttid, the son of a Royal Navy Lieutenant, the last burial was of William Jonathan Budds on the 19th September 1892.

In 1846, seven victims of the Suspension Bridge Disaster were buried, these included Alice Gotts, 51, and daughter Alice, 9, Hannah Field, 11, Jane Coll,16, brother and sister James, 7, and Matilda Livingstone, 6, and Harriet Mary Little. 13.

On December 3, 1929 the then local Corporation assumed responsibility for the Cemetery, and in the following years they sought to change the site into a flower garden, bowling green, children’s playground, car park, and public toilets.

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The then deputy mayor considered these proposals to be a complete and utter abomination, and for once, common sense prevailed and the cemetery was saved.

I understand that proper respect is to be paid to the fact it is a graveyard, which I hope will be maintained. as the site was purchased in the first instance to provide an area of “Peace and Tranquillity for the Departed”.


Retired Superintendent and Registrar of Great Yarmouth Cemeteries and Crematorium

Bridge balloons


IN reply to the letter from Roger Kent (Mercury, May 4) regarding me releasing balloons for the anniversary of the 1845 Suspension Bridge Disaster, each carrying a name of the victims.

I did not go into this blind: the balloons were biodigradable and there were no ribbons attached This is the first time the victims have been thought of in this way and I thought balloons seemed a nice idea, sorry if it upset anyone.

I also asked headteacher Mark Adams if some of the Priory School children could come and release some, which he kindly let them do.

The Priory School was founded because of the Suspension Bridge Disaster, so something good came from this tragedy, and it seemed right they should be involved. Children releasing balloons with children’s names on was very moving, as 59 children died.

I will be collecting �1 donations on the next two Wednesdays in the doorway next to Palmers, 10am to 3pm, whatever the weather.

So Mr Kent, you say you support the memorial, it would be so nice if you pop down and donate your �1 please. It has been wonderful getting in touch with descendants of the victims who are all in full support of the memorial, which gives me extra strength to see this through until it is in place.

My email address is juliest800@yahoo.co.uk


Tories were stale

and complacent

THE national and local election turnouts are just further evidence are of how little confidence the public have in politicians. Any political party that remains in office for a long period becomes stale and complacent.

The old Conservative-led borough council just reinforces this point. Failure to understand the importance of residents’ street parking, the huge loss on the giant TV screens and the parking issue in Gorleston all meant the Tory vote collapsed to record levels in St Andrews and North wards.

It even sunk in areas such as Ormesby and the West Fleggs. It is ironic that Charles Reynolds who I believe created much bad feeling was returned in Ormesby..

The Tories obviously under-estimated the mood of the people in Bradwell and were rewarded with their leader’s defeat. He had staked his political career on a crazy merger of management services with Breckland and a council in Lincolnshire.

What Lincolnshire and Breckland have got in common with Great Yarmouth who knows?

Mr Ames was so positive on this alliance that his party’s literature failed to mention it. Surely shared services, if they need to happen, should be with Waveney or Norwich.

UKIP took many votes from the Tories. Its candidate in Gorleston almost succeeded in pulling off a stunning success.

People in this country and in Europe as a whole are becoming disenchanted with the EU which has become too big and bureacratic. Its failure to vet new countries finances on admission, like Greece, could lead to its demise. If the EU does fail however, the ordinary worker will have no-one to protect rights and conditions of employment.

The elections also meant that the Lib-Dems were reduced to a fringe party. Thirty six people supported them in one seat. I am quite confident that had I have stood as a penguin candidate, I would have obtained more votes.

Finally to Labour, they gained control of Great Yarmouth for the first time this century. What will they do? Will they have a vision? Well, they have a couple of new councillors with no baggage.

Their current leader perfoms well in the council chamber. He needs to have vision, be brave and end the merger, restore street parking, and talk to the people throughout the borough. The people need to be offered hope.

Great Yarmouth’s industrial decline over the last 20 years needs to be stopped. Brandon Lewis said “the Great Yarmouth economy was picking up”, not sure if you go to the town centre there is any evidence of this. He said Labour failed to gets it’s voters out. He is clearly correct in areas such as Southtown and Cobholm, and Nelson. But he and the new council need to work together to provide hope for us all.



Parking scheme

will be protected

LAST Thursday’s election victory in Great Yarmouth looks set to finally put a stop to the Tories’ misguided attempt to abolish Yarmouth’s residents permit parking scheme which protects the quality of life for residents in the densely populated terraced streets behind the Golden Mile.

The Conservatives now have no councillors at all in Yarmouth town itself - out of total of 10, and must rue the day they ever embarked on this unpopular move.

Labour pledged to protect the scheme and improve it - and that is what we will do. Inevitably there will be an increase in the price of permits from 2013 but residents there have already expressed their readiness to foot that extra contribution in order to enable the scheme to continue. I expect the new Labour administration to start work on this within days of taking office.

A big “thank you” to those who voted last week - your votes have made a difference.



Yarmouth Central & Northgate

Church is not

going wrong

I WAS pleased to see the Mercury decided to end the general discussion based on Mr Barkhuizen’s outmoded ideas on the bible. I had got rather bored with it myself. However one important point did come to light in last week’s letter from John Huggins that I feel should be answered. His comment about the church going wrong by the ordination of homosexuals. We now know that homosexuality is a natural manifestation of sexuality in humans and other animals. No organisation should be allowed to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation and for someone, particularly a Christian, to suggest this indicates to me that they in need of further education in such matters.


Royal Naval Hospital

Great Yarmouth

Reunion for rail men and women

ONCE again the Mid Norfolk Railway is hosting a reunion in July for the men and women who worked on the line during LNER and BR days.

We offer a ride on the train and afternoon tea with plenty of time to catch up and reminisce. Invitations have gone out to those for whom we have addresses. However it is three years since our last event, so some people may have moved. If you would like to come please contact the MNR either by telephone on 01362 851723, email archive@mnr.org.uk or by writing to MNR, Station Road, Dereham, NR19 1DF. We welcome any new faces who may not have been able to join us before.


MNR museum

Dereham Station

Time for voters

to change habits

WHAT a disappointing turnout for the local elections. In the national newspapers it states “Fed up voters shun the local elections” because they think all three main parties are the same.

Well they are, they all promise they will do things for the good of the people then when they get elected they soon forget about what they promised, but still voters will not change there voting habits, they vote for the party and not for the individual who is standing, well to these voters I say you get exactly what you deserve, but still they moan and groan about what the government are doing, well you voted them in.

It’s strange that people soon forget what a mess the Labour government got us in, and now the Conservatives are taxing us to the bone and will not listen to the people, taking off the poor and giving it to the rich, I think they might have got that the wrong way round.

Why on earth do the voters not give other parties the chance to run local government and maybe eventually the government of the country?

Do you not think that is about time that this country introduced compulsory voting as they do in Australia then you could complain legitimately as you would have voted.

We will soon be having county elections so all you voters who are disgruntled with the status quo you have the opportunity to change local government, but can you see that happening?I can only hope.

May I say thank you to all those who voted for my husband, Colin Aldred in the Cobholm and Southtown ward last Thursday.



Take heed and support voters

IT’S all change at the Town Hall after the borough council elections. Let’s hope the newly elected members will take heed and support the people who voted for them.

Perhaps now we will see an end to the proposed Lincolnshire management merger. Also, although not personally involved, I hope those people fighting to retain their residents’ parking permits will now be sympathetically treated.

Unfortunately there are a few issues that are past redemption: the destruction of our ancient jetty for one, and the lack of public access to the harbour mouth perimeter road for another. Still in that instance perhaps we can all live in hope!



Put light traffic

on the bridge

WHILE in the past on these pages I have always supported the demolition of the Vauxhall Suspension Bridge and erection of a new foot/cycle path, I now accept this is unlikely to happen. My main opposition was because it’s always been a hazard to pleasure craft either heading for or leaving Breydon Water.

Ideally the structure needed to be at least a metre more clear of the water but the type of river craft of today was not envisaged at the time of construction. As it is now, the rail engine pulling wagons to and from the Quayside struggled to get to the top without the aid of sand under the wheels.

If, or when, the road surface is reconstructed it should be restricted to cars and light vans only, incoming to the station or Asda since traffic on the North Quay/Conge can be at a standstill at certain times of the day and we don’t want a set of traffic lights making things worse.


Euston Road,

Great Yarmouth

Letter confirmed

harbour problem

LAST week’s letter from Hydramec is yet more confirmation of what we have been saying, the Outer Harbour is unfit for purpose. For it to live up to the pre-2007 expectations there must be some expensive changes, (expensive for International Port Holdings) not the ratepayer. Make serious attempts to get a ferry service by putting in shore-side facilities, and replacing the west quay into the planned spending beach and put in ferry ramps.

The port company must stop trying this and trying that, and admit their failure as we believe the quays are not strong enough for what they hope for (three tonsM3). The GYPA must come out of hiding; they are still the Harbour Authority, let them show they are.

Regarding the new control of the borough council changing to Labour, I am hopeful they will be proactive in realising that problems exist and will be determined to correct these in an open and transparent way.


Burnt Lane,


Listen to us in

Gorleston town

THE old administration that made so many bad decisions and cost us all millions has gone together with their leader. This the good news. The new administration has declared it will abandon the last folly left by their predecessors. That is the plan to merge officers with distant councils - a good start.

Let us now make sure our new council promotes openness and transparency, listens to us to promote interest in the borough affairs. Realises that Gorleston houses a large proportion of ratepayers and give it the interest we haven’t seen in the past. May I suggest the

following regarding Gorleston:

1 A statement of intent now would give new confidence to residents to show we have voted in a new and better administration, this will build on a good beginning;

2 A real Gorleston Forum with true resident participation where votes are taken on discussions which are seriously looked at by the cabinet;

3 If the Gorleston pier car park doesn’t materialise negotiate with Eastport, for it’s return to public use without the fences which block views;

4 Listen to residents how they want their seafront to developed;

5 Fulfill plans so boldly told that there is sufficient money to put Darby’s Hard area back into being the best bit of riverside in the borough;

6 Do something positive to sort out the congestion in Gorleston High Street;

7 Stop supporting Eastport in their claim for an Harbour Revision Order that would give them a sovereign state on the peninsular.

The big disappointment for me regarding this election was the huge amount of apathy. A turnout of just 29pc is worrying and identifies that 71pc of residents have no idea what democracy means and that it doesn’t work without people participating. Democracy means “government by the whole population through selected representatives”

The blame doesn’t rest entirely on the non voters, politicians must shoulder their share. Encourage residents to take an interest by openness and transparency, have forums where we can really make a difference. Please listen to us more and and show this by action.


Brett Avenue,


Market Gates bus

stops nightmare

REGARDING the bus stops under Market Gates, isn’t it about time signs were put up clearly where you can board a bus. There seems to be confusion between 1, 1A, 8 and 4 queues. Some number 4’s stop and pick up at the 1/1a, another time it will pick up at number 8 pick up point. It is very frustrating when you have stood 10 minutes thinking you are in the right queue, the bus arrives and you find another queue has formed and you are last in the queue. It is not having a clear space for the bus causing the problem, it is the lack of clear signs. It is not only me that has this complaint, but hearing various other comments while waiting.



Local ward work

is my priority

I WOULD like to thank all those who supported me in last week’s borough election and returned me as your councillor for the West Flegg ward. I will continue to represent the villages of Martham, Rollesby, Repps with Bastwick, Thurne together with Ashby and Oby to the best of my ability. As I stated in my election address, I believe local ward work is the top priority for any councillor and I promise to continue providing personal service to all residents in these villages.



Put the perspex

back in shelters

CAN I through your paper ask when the glass/perspex is going to be replaced in the shelters on the seawall near the jetty.

These two small shelters were the only under-cover areas between the Britannia Pier and the Pleasure Beach, a disgrace in itself, but all the windows were removed, because they were scratched, just before Easter, with I understand no plans to replace them.

This means that if you sit on the east or west side the wind blows straight through at head height making it very cold and uncomfortable.

As a regular dog-walker I cannot take my dog into the cafes nearby but was able to sit with a cup of tea in one of the shelters whatever the weather,

There are no covered seating areas anywhere along the seawall, and the so-called shelters at the bowling green are useless when it rains and this is something the council should look at, as most seaside resorts, including Gorleston, have them.I cannot be the only one to have noticed this.



Stop all the outer

harbour whinges

AS a suspension of religious debate is requested, can we also hope for a pause in the outer harbour whinge? Perhaps more emphasis on a positive aspect of our community would be welcome.


Falcon Court

Great Yarmouth

Save the chanting

for the terraces

WAS I the only person to be surprised at the scenes in the Town Hall on election night by the behaviour of the Labour councillors chanting football songs after their good result?

Is this what we can expect from them now they are elected?

Will the mayor be singing You’ll Never Walk Alone when the Olympic torch goes by.

Please save the chanting for the terraces.



First wood cycle

built in Africa

MICHAEL Thompson of Potter Heigham is not the first man in the world to build an all-wood bicycle. The world’s first all-wood bicycle was built in the early 1900s by an African farmer, and not only is the frame made completely of wood, but the drive gear is also made of wood, about six inched diameter, and a small groove running round it. Then at about every inch around this gear wheel there is an indentation of about one quarter inch in diameter, the chain is made from a leather thong that has a knot placed at one inch intervals!

This bike can be viewed at the Science Museum in Birmingham, West Midlands. I just though that I would set the record straight!


Ecclestone Close,


Witnesses plea to

bike incident

I WAS recently knocked off my bike in Tesco’s car park in Great Yarmouth. Ambulance and police were called and I was taken to the nearby medical centre.

The accident was witnessed by several people and I am having difficulty getting the insurance details off the police. My bike was my means of transport and was written off and I had to take two days off work because of injury.

I am hoping some of the witnesses will be able to contact me with what they witnessed.

It seems so unfair when I am a hardworking person involved in an accident that was not my fault. I can be contacted at shaunem9998@googlemail.com



Thank you for

all the support

MAY I thank all those who voted for me at last week’s local elections. I shall endeavour to assist all those who contact me. A special thank you to all those who helped make this possible and I can be contacted via the council website or by phone.


Magdalen ward

Reunion for 1954

Grammar intake

IT is hoped to hold a reunion later this next year/early next year of those who first attended Great Yarmouth Grammar School in the Autumn of 1954.

Would anyone who is interested in attending, please contact me by either telephone, 01493 731324, or e-mail, cresta789@gmail.com.

Anyone who has friends or relatives who they think may be interested in attending this function, please pass these details on to them so they may contact me.


Private Road,

Ormesby St Margaret

Hopton thanks

A BIG thank you to all the Hopton Residents who voted for me at the Hopton-on-Sea Parish Council elections. I will keep trying!


Sea View Rise,


Parental support

for Woodlands

I READ with interest the letter published last week regarding the staff turbulence at Woodlands Primary.

I am a very concerned parent - many members of staff are currently not at school.

This cannot be helpful for the improvements which we believe the leadership at school are desperately trying to make.

And this is a vital time of year with SATS next week.

Parental support is here, there is definite desire to see Woodlands returned to it’s rightful place as one of the best schools in the area.

Name and Address withheld

Looking forward

to assisting you

I WOULD like to thank all the residents of Bradwell South and Hopton who gave me their support on Thursday. I look forward to representing all residents, and will do my utmost to support and assist you all over the next four years.


Bradwell South and Hopton Ward