Letters, May 30 2014

Problem with bowling tickets

A week ago, four or five of us bought a book of concessionary tickets to use the seafront bowling greens. The next day another friend went in to buy a book of tickets, but the attendant replied cordially he had none left but had requested some new books.

Nearly a week later and having been to the tourist information centre to see if they had any books, that friend still has not got one. Is it no wonder the council is looking for savings if they cannot get concessionary tickets to the attendants at the green.

Why should the attendant have to keep apologising to customers when there is such an easy solution to the problem?



Help with war dead names

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The new Bradwell War Memorial commissioned by Bradwell Parish Council and paid for with borough councillors’ ward budget monies will be unveiled at 10.45am on Sunday, August 3, the eve of the start of the First World War. Great Yarmouth Brass Band will be in attendance from 10.30am to play suitable music during the event.

In connection with the event it is hoped to publish in the October 2014 edition of Bradwellian a roll of honour in respect of those men from the First World War and Second World War remembered on the memorial. Some details have been found in respect of most of those named.

However, nothing relevant has been discovered in respect of Arthur William Bailey (WW1), who was buried in Bradwell Churchyard on 26.1.1918, and no information on William Eagle (WW2), who may have resided in Sandy Lane, Bradwell, 1939-45.

However, any further information concerning anyone named on the memorial will be welcome.


Parish Clerk,

Bradwell Parish Council

Panda is related to the weasel

Thank you for letting us know about the new red panda at Thrigby hall. We will certainly visit shortly to see it. There is, however, an error in the article in that it says that the red panda is a relative of the giant panda. This used to be the general opinion based on the similarities between the two animals. However phylogenetic tests show clearly that the giant panda is a member of Ursidae family and therefore a bear.

The red panda’s family is not so clear and is in a classification of its own Alluridae and it appears to be closely related to the super family Musteloidea which includes the raccoon and the weasel.

So while there is still some doubts about the classification of the red panda it is certain that it is not closely related to the giant panda.


Royal Naval Hospital

Great Yarmouth

Promote Sands and the wildlife

A few years ago our borough council had to demolish the old pavilion which was located on North Drive facing Barnard Road, Great Yarmouth.

Afterwards, the area was cleaned up and this has of late been used as an unofficial off street car park. There is no signage to indicate this is a car park.

It would really have given the council and tourist board an opportunity to enhance this particular area which I know is a conservation area; however, with a little imagination they could have perhaps installed information boards on the Scroby Sands and the wildlife, etc. They could have also placed a few seats, potted plants, just like the ones which adorn the tourist area further along North Drive approaching the main tourist hub.

Nothing too pretentious but in keeping with the surrounding area. This would not cost a fortune but will enhance the North Drive area; instead we, the residents and pedestrians, have to put up with more vehicles encroaching onto designated pedestrian areas and pavements.

This problem is not only confined to this area but I would suspect is a national issue where the car rules our roads and pavements.

Did I miss a change in the law? Has it changed to allow vehicles to park on pavements and pedestrian areas?


Collingwood Road,

Great Yarmouth

Only two mum and baby spaces

As a mum of three I would like to say how very silly it is that they now only have two, yes two, mum and toddler parking spaces over at the whole car park at Next in Great Yarmouth. It can only be a man that would think of that, I am sorry to say!

It is very good news they have re-done the car park but I have a little baby so from now on I will be taking up two parking spaces to get in and out. I mean it is not like they do not have over 500 spaces over there. Come on why do it?


Ormesby St Margaret

Asking UKIP to dig into Port

UKIP have stormed into the political scene, both local and Europe. A large lump of the electorate remember when the Tories took Britain into Europe, we joined a Common Market, not a Common Country.

Yes, it’s good to have a common market, a cooperative, buying and selling goods but we never envisaged our judicial system would be run by Brussels, or our government, elected by us, answerable to Brussels. We never 40 years ago agreed to have this free movement of people flooding into our small country. Let us sell and buy as a common market should, not be smothered by rules made by Brussels.

Now UKIP holds the balance of power. As long as these new, untested councillors of UKIP - perhaps naïve to the workings of the Port - take on board the businessmen and our port users’ problems they will be able to veto any move Labour or Tory want until UKIP is satisfied the move or motion is in the interest of the borough and not the political party.

As long as UKIP treats the electorate as educated people and listens to the ratepayer views I can see a positive situation evolving. I am reminded of when I tried to help a councillor when I gave some advice on a very sound subject. The councillor’s email to me was, and I quote “when did I ask you to be my conscience”.

I am asking UKIP councillors to find the facts about the Port from the residents not their opponents as what happened when Labour took over from Tories.


Burnt Lane,


Why fewer turns on bandstand?

During a walk along Gorleston seafront last week, I was very disappointed to read a notice posted on the bandstand stating that there would be only five band performances this summer season – last year there were 13.

I know from personal experience how much hard work over several years, led by the Rotary Club and its supporters, went into providing this amenity, and I know they share my disappointment at this outcome.

Can we please ask whoever is responsible for organising the programme of bandstand events, to reconsider the decision. I accept the budgets might be a little tight this year, but I feel sure some money can be transferred into the “bandstand account” from elsewhere in the council’s coffers.


Midway Flats,


Get to grips with dog fouling!

Speaking on behalf of many frustrated residents of the Northgate Street and north areas of this town, I trust our new UKIP councillor will get to grips with the never ending problem of dog fouling in this and many other areas of the town.

The great initiatives of Cllrs Wainwright and Pettit have had no effect whatsoever; if anything the problem is getting worse with apparently no prosecutions of the miscreants, or none that have been publicised.

May I again suggest to our new councillor that some radical action is needed to tackle this problem, namely, pay an incentive in the form of a percentage of the fine to the wardens and others tasked with tackling this problem, to patrol at the times these selfish dog walkers are out, ie early in the mornings and late in the evenings.

Also, my other suggestion, which was totally ignored by councillors, to utilise those on community service to be out and about with their mobile phones taking photographs of the offenders so their pictures can be published in an effort to catch and prosecute them.

A reply to this letter, from our new UKIP councillor, informing us as to what action he is proposing to take, to be published in next week’s Mercury, would be greatly appreciated.



Resurfacing has been a good job

As a frequent user of Gorleston High Street, I felt I would like to put pen to paper to say what an excellent job the contractors have recently done in resurfacing the road. There was to my knowledge no real disruption and the finished job was very professional. A big thumb’s up to all concerned.


East Anglian Way,


Is parking area official, or not?

Can I query your front page article headed “People power puts a stop to homes “blight” in the Mercury last week.

On page 2 the second paragraph states: “The land is also used as an unofficial car park for both residents and shoppers”. If this is the case how come there are numerous signs in place from Great Yarmouth Borough Council stating the rules and regulations for (off road parking) when using this car park?



Thank you for voting for me

I would like to thank all residents who voted on May 22 and re-elected me onto Great Yarmouth Borough Council, as your representative for the Magdalen Ward. I look forward once again, to be working on your behalf.



I would like to thank everyone who voted for me at the borough council elections on May 22. I really appreciate your support. I will do everything I can to help and support everyone in my area over the next four years.



Is it the tail wagging the dog?

I open the letters page to find out that approx. 25pc is devoted to religion sent in by the same few people. Is the Mercury changing to a lot of other organisations, pandering to the minority just in case it could be called racist if it told them to keep their one-sided view to themselves and not to bother thrusting it on others? Is it becoming a case of the tail wagging the dog?

I believed the Mercury was a community paper informing us of the exciting things happening and reminding us of special past events. If these people want freedom of speech let them get an orange box and stand in the Market Place.

I know Christianity is the main subject but it cannot be long before other minorities start to spout their beliefs. Then it could be a case of us being afraid to disagree because we will be afraid to offend them.



Stop the letters on religion

Please stop the continuous letters from Mr Barkhuizen. Every week he takes up space that could be used for more interesting letters. We all know he has a different view of the Bible than most people and he is welcome to that but we have heard enough.

I now know there will be letters next week answering this week’s opinion and I am sure the majority of your readers are not interested. We all have our private views on the subject and that is how it should be. By the way I am a Christian.



Do Christians ‘cherry pick?’

Lois Crowe raises some very interesting points in her letter. Here are some other signs that you are an unquestioning Christian:

1 You vigorously deny the existence of thousand’s of other gods claimed by other religions.

2 You feel insulted and dehumanised when scientists say we evolved from lesser life yet have no issue with the claim we were made from dirt.

3 Your face turns purple when you hear atrocities attributed to Allah yet don’t flinch on hearing about how God slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in Exodus and ordered destruction of entire ethnic groups in Joshua.

4 You believe the entire population of this planet, with the exception of those that share your beliefs, will spend eternity in an infinite Hell. Yet you consider yourself loving and tolerant.

5 You agree that any child who mocks a bald man suffers the pain of death at the hands of a wild bear.

6 When challenged with something that we, as adults, are still learning about; you simply answer “God did it” to any question you don’t know the answer to.

Why is it that when we bring up questions about the Old Testament; about the raping, the murdering, the pillaging, the slavery etc the answer we get is, “Well, it’s not meant literally”.

Yet isn’t this supposed to be the word of God? Also, if Jesus died for my sins, and I don’t sin, then did he die for nothing? Seems made up to me.

I think the term im looking for is “cherry picking”, something that Christians are very good at when living by their book of choice



Stoning for sin no longer applies

Thanks to Ms Crowe and Ms Knowles for replying to my letter.

Ms Knowles quotes from the old King James Bible, which has many translation errors. The text she quotes is from Mark’s, not Luke’s, Gospel. Plus Jesus, the Lord God, after rising from the dead, speaks here to His 11 apostles only, not to all Christians. He chose these men, and then spent three years training them for God’s kingdom, before sending them out to warn sinners. These Eleven differed from many church leaders today, who are just chosen by people.

Now to Ms Crowe’s letter. She is worried she may not have enough stones in her rockery to stone her sinning relatives. The texts she quotes were spoken mainly to ancient Israel. Today, God’s people, His church, are a holy, spiritual “Israel” on their way to a heavenly rest for ever. Stoning for sin no longer applies.

Those who mock God and think sin is a joke will one day stand before Him, along with millions of other mockers, and fake Christians, to be sentenced with never-ending torment.

“Then I saw a great white throne and Him who sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away... And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened... And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books... And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire,” (Revelation 20:11–15).


Albemarle Road,


Just pointing out facts, not myths

I would like to thank Roger Hayes for his comments but point out I did not make any comment on the origins of the crucifixion story. I just pointed out the Christians did have such a story that took place at Easter. Maybe that is a coincidence.

I take his point the climate of Palestine is different from the main European climate but I think it is good to remember the calculation of the dates for Easter were laid down at the first council of Nicaea which was called by the Roman Emperor Constantine. At the time Rome ruled most if not all of Europe and the Roman economy was based on the production of wheat.

So if you were deciding on the date of an important event that involved death and rebirth the time of re-growth in your main area of a of production would be a good time to have it.

And it fitted in with any celebrations their pagan allies had.

I am aware there are a number of predictions in the Old Testament about the crucifixion but there are a couple of points there. One that they were about the Jewish Messiah and he has not yet arrived and they also predicted the messiah would be born in Bethlehem.

Jesus was from Nazareth, so the gospel writers had to invent a census that never happened to account for Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem. Also predictions tend to cause events to happen.

What totally baffles me is Roger’s claim that Christmas is nowhere near the shortest day. I think Christmas is on the 25th December, the same as the birthday of Mithra, an important Roman deity, and the shortest day is about the 22nd December. I realise that this is three-days difference but the is a gap of three days before the days start to lengthen again.

Actually Roger, I was not trying to do anything but point out some facts as opposed to myths and the book is half done and has been for some time, also it has nothing to do with the crucifixion


Royal Naval Hospital,

Great Yarmouth

Thanks for your election votes

As the Conservative Party Candidate standing in the Yarmouth North Ward in last week’s local elections I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me. Although disappointed, I will continue to work within our community and perhaps if I am lucky to be selected, stand again.May I also thank the staff who worked at the polling station in Hawkins Close, and to wish Rachel Jones good luck in her new role.



I thought it would be appropriate to write a short letter to say than kyou to the residents of Bradwell South and Hopton ward. Last week I was voted into the role of Bradwell South and Hopton UKIP borough councillor.

Over the past weeks and months myself and many friends and UKIP supporters have helped me leaflet drop around the area. By this fantastic effort it gained me 49.1pc of the vote!

What I would like to say at this early stage is I will do my upmost to represent the people of the ward and I am committed in trying to make a difference, making myself visible in daily life in the village where I can work 24/7 to bring a better way of life to the residents and ensure we can work together to get the best for our area and borough.

Without doubt this task will be difficult at times I am sure, but I will be relentless and honest in doing what’s best for the wishes and needs of the people. In the coming weeks my presence will be very visible at parish and council meetings and hope in doing this I can move forward and support our great community.