Letters, May 27 2016

Museum well worth a visit

I wanted to share through the Great Yarmouth Mercury my delight at recently visiting the Museum of Memories on King Street, Great Yarmouth.

We received a warm welcome and spent an enjoyable time viewing all the curios and collections within.

This museum really deserves a visit from young and old alike and I would like to thank the Howkins family for their contributions to our community and who have been part of our Great Yarmouth history for many, many years. Hopefully by supporting this lovely little museum, we can enjoy it for many years to come.


Ormesby St Margaret

Can we have country back?

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Re the coming referendum on the EU: it might interest people to know that Switzerland, which had been trying for 25 years to obtain EU membership, has very sensibly withdrawn their application - this should speak volumes to anyone who has any doubts about voting for Brexit or Leave.

It is a pity it is only those over 60 plus who can remember the freedom we had to run our own country and to trade where we liked, without having to pay millions to an organisation of 28 countries of which we only have one vote, and receive less back in return. On top of which our laws are continually being overruled by their Court of Human Rights.

Therefore, can we have our country back please.



Obama threat to remain with me

Following the Referendum vote, I will accept the outcome regardless of what it is, I have to.

However, win or lose, my abiding memory will be of David Cameron standing next to President Obama as the outgoing president threatened us with going to the back of the queue should we have the temerity to want to determine our own future as a sovereign nation.

Cameron stood on as Obama threatened we’d be pushed to the back of the queue. The leader of our country stood back as his country was threatened by its closest ally, whose citizens had fought wars together, on some occasions at the behest of America. I’ll repeat that, he said nothing.

Let’s be clear also, David Cameron’s negotiation earlier in the year achieved almost nothing. He talked tough at the time for the benefit of us voters and even threatened the EU he would back a leave vote should we not get what we want or need.

He failed, yet now he is saying migrant camps will spring up in Dover, a Third World War would break out, terrorists and Putin would jump for joy, the economy would crash etc, all if we vote leave.

If the prospect of us leaving and standing on our own two feet as a sovereign nation friends with Europe but not controlled by the EU, is so unpalatable, why did Mr Cameron ever call a referendum and suggest he would back an out vote if his demands weren’t met.

We can make a success of it outside the EU but we don’t have to turn our backs on Europe.

If on the other hand, the EU does decide they no longer want to export us their cars, wine or share information on terrorists and criminals etc, then I would question firstly the logic behind punishing their own manufacturers and citizens and secondly, how good a friend they were in the first place.

Name and address withheld

About time we had street clean

Again the passage ways of Palgrave and Alderson Road in Great Yarmouth are a dumping ground.

Rubbish is left on the roads, bins are overflowing and a gust of wind sends it everywhere. We haven’t seen a street cleaner in weeks, months. It’s about time we had a street clean plus a clean up of all the passageways.



Members voted against leader

Tuesday night’s council saw the Leader of UKIP Kay Grey defeated in becoming the Leader of the Council due to the fact two of her own group refused to vote for her. Was this an act of treachery or did they just not have confidence in their leader?

Subsequently UKIP and the Tories formed an alliance by removing all Labour councillors from positions which had been pre agreed on committees and outside bodies.

It is hard to see where the Tories end and UKIP begin - a disappointing night for democracy in Great Yarmouth.


Nelson Ward

No need for bus to be re-directed

I would like to add my comments to this ridiculous idea of doing away with our No 7 bus to Bradwell and Belton. I totally agree with Rita Johnson’s letter (May 20), I work in the High Street and have done for over 20 years.

This last month I have gone to get the No 7 at 1pm, waiting from 12.45pm only to find it does not turn up until 1.30pm missing out the 1pm bus sometimes twice a week.

This has happened and it’s true as the same people seem to be there at the time this happens

I then go out to work again at 4.10pm so that extra half an hour indoors means a lot to me in between two jobs. I think there are more than enough buses running to the James Paget without the need of re-directing the No 7.

We have a lot of elderly people who live near the Falklands and Green Lane areas and we need this bus during the day, not the evening.

I do hope someone will look into this with a little more concern for the community in the middle of this forgotten backward route.



Cannot prevent immigration

The UK cannot prevent overwhelming immigration whilst being in the EU. Our public services and infrastructure can’t cope.

Without border controls and the ability to deport those who pose a threat it is obvious, contrary to David Cameron’s claims, that we are more not less at risk.

The government’s first priority is the security of the country. By voting to remain the PM is risking our security and safety.

The EU has one overriding aim; to have a European state made up of member states (including the UK) controlled by Brussels (headed by Germany). It will not settle for the UK to merely be a member of the Common Market and will insist on further integration, despite promises to the contrary by the PM.

There are further changes planned by the EU after the UK Referendum, including setting up its own army including controlling our armed services. It follows that Germany as lead member would control our armed services despite the fact our forefathers fought two wars to keep our independence from Germany’s rule.

Can you imagine the likes of President Obama giving control of the USA’s security to another power?

Evidence of an example of the EU’s intentions is illustrated by the Daily Mail’s report of May 20 stating “EU tells UK to build more homes to house EU immigrants - at least 220,000 houses a year!”

This is our best chance to take back our own control. Don’t allow yourself to be frightened by negative threats by David Cameron’s Remain camp. We should follow the motto of our SAS, “Who dares Wins”, and tell Angela Merkel and pals, “Get out of my Country!” (In the manner of Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders.)



Any Beighton FC photos please

I live in Australia and am searching for photos of the Beighton football team in the 1950s. My Grandad played and although he passed away over 20 years ago we still keep him alive by talking about him often.

Our sons are 19 and 16 and keen footballers here in Perth and I would love to be able to share with them photos of my dear grandfather playing a sport they too love. I hope your readers can please help. I can be emailed on teresafisher1975@icloud.com



Help us get a decent service

I am a resident who lives in Cliff Park and use the No 8 bus regularly. We have a lot of elderly people who rely on the No 8 daily and depend on it to go to Yarmouth and Gorleston High Street for their shopping and banking.

What thoughtless person has no respect or consideration for elderly people? Is it the same old thing: we on Cliff Park just don’t count.

We pay our taxes but don’t get any say. How do they expect old people to carry shopping across a very busy main road when some can hardly walk?

Come on Mercury help us get a decent bus service.



Tempest was a cultural treat

I was privileged to be part of a large audience of The Tempest (Norfolk and Norwich Festival) presented at our wonderfully Hippodrome in Great Yarmouth. The whole atmosphere felt subterranean, even the foyer had a murky, transcendental ambience.

This was a cultural treat and fully deserved its rapturous applause and standing ovation at the end. William Galinsky is to be commended for seeing and realising the potential of such staging and utilising the space in a daring and positive way.

This thinking outside the ring firmly places our town in the spotlight for the arts it fully deserves.

As I have written before, there is more to Great Yarmouth than meets the eye and heritage and culture can be symbiotic with the traditional seaside scene.

Which leads me nicely to alert readers to the Great Yarmouth Arts Festival which is in its fourth year and again offers a wealth of events.

There is information on the website: http://www.greatyarmouthartsfestival.co.uk/ and there are brochures available from the Library and other places.

So please come and support an enterprise run by Hugh Sturzaker and a dedicated committee to flag up Great Yarmouth as a town which resonates with good honest seaside fun alongside prestigious museums and Festivals which are fast adding to the mix imaginatively and placing our town on the map as a destination for all year enjoyment and pleasure.


Winifred Road,


Thank you for voting for me

I would like to thank all the residents who voted in the borough elections, and a special thank you to all those that voted UKIP.


UKIP Group Leader

Gorleston Ward

Foreign court taken authority

The public donates twice as much to animal charities as to those for the elderly. Does this make granny less valued than Fido in the family pecking order?

Westminster regards the elderly unworthy of legal representation or its protection. It authorises the RSPCA to investigate and prosecute the abuse of animals, but not an equivalent Royal Society to serve and protect vulnerable pensioners.

At each abuse scandal, MPs and the media huff and puff for a day or two, whilst the legal profession stays well clear, preferring the more lucrative pastimes of ambulance chasing and protecting the abuser’s right to abuse - at the ECHR in France.

The European Court of Justice, yet another foreign court, has taken imperial authority to regularly prosecute the UK Government at the behest of political opponents, anarchists and anti-capitalists wanting to destroy the UK.

Our justice system is a disgrace, no Court of Rights, and a Civil Court which sells justice to the highest bidder.

When are our pathetic politicians going to demand an open, free British Court, and find the guts to tell the dictatorial judges who rule them where to shove their perfumed wigs and leather briefs.


Great Yarmouth

Dad’s words coming true?

Reading the changes to bus times and routes (Mercury, May 20) it brought to mind a conversation I had with my dad when I was about five or six years old (I am now in my late 70s).

I remarked to my dad how much I liked the blue buses - Great Yarmouth Corporation, better than the red buses - Eastern Counties. To which my dad replied: “I like the blue buses also, but mark my words in years to come there will be one main bus company and they will be able to do just as they please”.

Could my dad have seen into the future, as over 70 years later his words seem to be ringing very true!



Ask yourself just two questions

In regard to the referendum, what you need to do is ask yourself just one question and that is do you want to be governed by the British parliament, that you can vote for every five years, or do you want to be ruled by the faceless blunderers of the EU who can over-ride any laws our government has passed? The EU cannot even sort out its own finances.

I do not think that David Cameron wanted a referendum but only agreed because of the UKIP pressure that was growing, so is now trying his best to get his own way now.

I am an old working class man who is not easily swayed and for me there are far too many reasons why I say No to the EU, so I say think very carefully where you put your cross. I know where mine will go because I do not trust the EU.


Caister Road,

Great Yarmouth

Festival grateful for council funds

The Great Yarmouth Arts Festival is very grateful to the borough council for a grant towards the events we are planning to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday on Saturday, June 11. In association with the Town Centre Partnership we will be providing music and dance throughout the day along with other activities.

In addition we will provide tables for any local organisation which would like to showcase their activities. Any group interested please contact Robert McCrudden on rnnrobert1@gmail.com or 01493 852039 or 07510 551692. There will also be music and other activities on St George’s Theatre plaza.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and have a fun day. In the evening there will be an amazing concert Happy and Glorious in the Minster and on Sunday at 10am in the Minster there will be a special service to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. All this is part of the Arts Festival, details of which may be found at www.greatyarmouthartsfestival.co.uk..



Can’t park car near my home

I am writing because I feel something needs to be done in the Great Yarmouth area about parking. I am a 24 year old single lady, due a newborn baby in June and have to walk out of my way down other residents’ roads in order to park my car.

When my child arrives, I will then have to carry a baby and a pram daily to my car which is out of the way, just because I cannot park by my home because it’s not residential and I am not allowed a parking permit because I am not in the A zone.

I have been onto the council for a while now and all they have to say is they can’t do anything for me in my area. I have received a number of parking fines due to this because I physically can’t walk the distance I have to carrying my baby.

I live on the top floor flat which gets me out of breath as it is just getting up the stairs. Carrying shopping is also a struggle, along with other daily activities.

I will be refusing to pay my parking fines as how am I expected to be doing this every day when I should have a right to either park by my home or be allowed to have a parking permit. Just because I’m not in the A zone doesn’t give a reason for me not to have permit parking. Please help.



Paths in Caister in a bad state

Further to your correspondent’s letter in last week’s Mercury regarding the state of the footpaths in West Road, Caister; I wholeheartedly concur in what he says, and would like to add my comments.

Not only the paths in West Road are in a bad state of repair, but those of Westerley Way are, and in many places much worse, including the many driveway entrances, some, a virtual minefield, especially for the elderly, in fact it is safer to walk on the road than the paths.

As a resident and ratepayer on this road for the past 55 years not once have any major repairs been carried out on them, oh yes there were a few sections in various parts of the road did get a new surface about 18 months ago. I suspect the county council must have had some tarmac left over from repairs to our prestige seafront.

Not only are our paths in a bad state but they are also covered in weeds, what happened to the mobile weed killing machine?

And as for cutting the grass verges I think they must have someone with a rule to make sure it’s a least 12ins high before the order goes out to cut them, a real eyesore.

Your reader also mentioned some of the speeding motorists on West Road, especially noticeable on and after the school run, some of whom would put Lewis Hamilton to shame.

And why they bothered to put yellow lines and the bus stop outside the medical centre I’ll never know, as it’s usually full of parked cars making it difficult to negotiate your way down West road.

Name and Address withheld

Was UK flag upside down?

Re the Cliff Park High School and the Baker Boy collective Vintage Boogie Night, which as always is huge fun. Unable to attend on this occasion, I was pleased to see the report and picture on page 28 of the Mercury. Is it just me, or is the Union Jack in the picture upside down?


North Road,


Join group and stop speeders

How many times have you seen cars doing excessive speeds in a 30mph area?

There is a simple answer and a way you can help, by joining North Yarmouth Speed Watch Group. You may have seen us out with our camera in North Yarmouth and Caister, we are not trying to catch people, only educate them that speed kills. If you are interested in joining our group full training is given and fluorescent jackets are provided.

The group has also been campaigning for the 20mph signs outside the Alderman Swindell School and these are now in place.

If anything is worrying you in your area relating to traffic please come to one of our meeting and express your concerns. Our next meeting is on July 12 at 7.30pm at Hawkins Close community centre. Another project we are working on is discussing state of the old Marina Keys buildings, this being the first building visitors visiting Yarmouth on the broads see. What a welcome to Yarmouth.

We do feel that when we are present traffic does slow down, and we would like to be able to man more sessions, but we are short of helpers. We usually only do a hour and a half at a time, and the times can be arranged to suit you.

For more information please contact me at brenda@gmail.com



Thanks for the Crown reunion

This is a thank you to Dale King and Kevin Hannant for organising the reunion and get-together of the Crown Veterans Over 35s FC team, 1995-2002.

It was pleasing for me, as former landlord of the Crown public house in Yarmouth from 1983-2000, to see so many of the team after approximately 20 years, also thanks to the Kevill Arms for the buffet.


Whimbrell Drive,