Letters, November 23, 2012

So many queries over pay-to-park

SO borough councillors in their wisdom want to charge for car parking on the Clifftop car park to reduce the council deficit.

The projected income and revenue figures given in the Mercury would mean a net income of �2,760 - this will really help bring down the debt!

Do the figures given for maintenance of �1,200 include the wages for a parking warden to ensure all vehicles have a valid ticket, for without one it will defeat the object of having parking charges; and the wages of somebody to go and empty money from the machine?

Has the council taken into account that when a car park goes from being free to charges being levied, that motorists may look for alternative free parking places bringing down the expected revenue resulting in a loss being made from the car park rather than a profit?

The report also states “parking will be free to nearby residents”. How can this work? Who would be a nearby resident? Surely if charges are going to be applied then all should pay no matter where they live.

I trust there will be no exceptions to the parking charges including the ice cream van.

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If this scheme goes ahead what will be the next idea for additional revenue: parking meters on Marine Parade (just like on Great Yarmouth seafront) and on the lower promenade?

In these days of austerity people are looking to save money, so will the charges bring in any additional revenue? Only time will tell.


Campion Avenue,


Opinions a bit of a laughing stock

I HAVE been reading the Mercury now for many, many years. The past six months or so the letters page has been used by religious folk to press their opinions on the “unbelievers”.

It’s becoming a bit of a laughing stock with one man claiming their “God” is better than the rest.

Tell me, these folk that write in and comment, do they acknowledge the other 2,999 gods that claim to exist? If they do not accept the other gods then they are only one god away from being atheist themselves! To date, there hasn’t been one scientific fact to prove the existence of said God. It’s all part of the world’s longest running and largest fairy tale.

Speaking of fairies, if these folk believe in a mystical sky daddy, do they also believe in the tooth fairy? Santa? Monsters under the bed? Is it the same god that athletes pray to for inspiration before a race that turns a blind eye to poverty, hunger and child abuse?

Personally, if I had to choose, I’d like to be Thor. He had that massive hammer and I’m renovating, so it could have been useful.


Downing Road,


Conservation is hitting birdlife

I AM a frequent visitor to Great Yarmouth cemetery to carry out bird surveys and look for and photograph fungi.

But I have been continually saddened by so-called recent conservation work, I believe by the Community Payback team.

Up to 20 have been cutting down trees, shrubs and digging up turf and the footpaths around the edges are ruined and very unsafe.

The site is a regular site for tired migrant birds to feed, avian summer visitors to breed and is full of insects and mammals. The terrible legal vandalism is abhorrent and I am sure many wildlife and countryside act laws are being broken re disturbance of wildlife habitat.

I have contacted the local wildlife police and hope we can at least get this practice stopped before more long-term damage is made. Can the payback team go and do something less destructive like picking litter?


Milton Road East,


Bigger turnout with prison vote?

WITH the national debate recently whether prisoners should be given the right to vote, and the poor turnout for the election of the police and crime commissioner, wouldn’t it be ironic if prisoners were allowed to vote in that election?

There may have been a bigger turnout.



My memories of Plevna Terrace

I WAS very interested in your article on Plevna Terrace.

I have many memories of No 12 Plevna Terrace as my grandparents Daisy and Harry Lindsay lived there during the 1960s and 1970s up until they passed away in 1976 and 1979.

I can also remember two other people of the Terrace: one elderly gentleman Ronnie (Howard I believe) with his beloved Jack Russell dog, and an elderly lady by the name Mrs Heaps.

Many a time me and my brother would play on the old Southtown station which is now Pasteur Road.


Pound Lane,


We all must be heard at inquiry

IN spring next year, we have our chance to voice our thoughts on what transpired after May 2007 when our port was privatised.

Many of us feel the end product is not what was on the “menu” when between 1986 and 2007 our council was advocating an Outer Harbour, so Norfolk Line would be able to reinstate their very successful ferry/ro-ro service to the near continent.

Some ratepayers may be quite happy with how things are, they too must be heard. As one can imagine the whole saga is a veritable minefield, and questions must be “for or against” factual, as you would not want your chance to be unheard because of being unfactual.

To assist your understanding of all that has taken place, any question you may have, you may run through our data-base to satisfy yourself you are asking a correct question. To allow this service to be carried out on a complete impartial basis please email saveourport@btinternet.com or call 01493 653721.

Dennis Durrant or I will be pleased to ensure you have the correct details for your question.


Burnt Lane,


Taking away free parking spiteful

THE spoilers are at it again! Wanting to turn Gorleston Cliff car park into a pay and display.

People won’t pay to park for a short time when there is roadside parking available, not to mention the cost of resurfacing and the employment of an inspector and all to save what is a drop in the ocean compared to the �2m debt.

Also, the desperate need to make money hardly holds water when we read that 39 councillors are to be offered ipads and computers at a cost of �30,000.

Taking away this small pleasure enjoyed by many is so spiteful given that we have already lost our harbour mouth to EastPort.



Cliff Top parking for all to enjoy

I FEEL sorry the council feels it needs to introduce charges to the Cliff Top car park. This is a wonderful place for everyone in the borough to enjoy.

I know when having to make regular distressing visits to the hospital to see relatives, being able to sit for ten minutes in the car watching the waves gave me time to gather my thoughts and be ready to face the world. It seems a shame these councillors who have been “given” money to spend could not join together and preserve this car park as a free site.

However, I wonder if the council sees car parks as such an easy source of raising money and will the car park in Greyfriars become a seven day a week pay and display? I believe currently the car park from Monday to Friday is reserved for council staff.

Perhaps if these who are able to take advantage of this had to join the rest of us in the “fun” of first finding a space and then paying a fortune for it they might understand how the parking (lack of and cost) is slowly killing the town.

Name and Address withheld

Tax reduction for loss of lights?

HERE in Hopton our street lighting goes out at 11.45pm, pitch black down our road, an accident waiting to happen.

I have already heard somebody complain that they tripped up the kerb. I myself do not have any problems with this.

My query is do we get a reduction in our council tax for this or do we still have to pay the same rate as other residents that have the pleasure of having their streets lit all night?


Misburgh Way,


Think again on pay-to-park bid

HOW can the council justify the �15,600 they are going to spend on tablets when they are so much in debt and want to charge for parking on Gorleston Cliff top and Marine Parde in Gorleston.

They need to think again if a petition is up and running to sign I will sign it to stop the parking and the misuse of rate payers money on these tablets and the running costs.



Thank you NHS for quality of life

I RECENTLY attended a seminar at the Burrage Centre, Sandford Suite. It was organised by the Pacemaker Support Group.

I was greatly impressed by the presentation of all the group from Dr Nair who performed the implants, the support team who are of equal importance to the patient. I won’t mention individuals by name, but the heart nurses who visit and keep Dr Nair informed of progress, either up or down, are the tops.

I was told that about one third of people eligible to attend did, two-thirds didn’t. I hope it wasn’t through indifference as there is always something to learn. Thank you support team. Another department I have attended for many years but like many other departments only gets publicity when something goes wrong was the hearing aid department. I had my first aid on March 14, 1980. It was a monstrous affair. Two batteries, one AC the other DC, and just fitted in my working overalls’ top pocket, a capsule with a microphone which hung round my neck and all I could hear was the constant rubbing of my shirt across the mic.

What a difference there is today! A battery no larger than a five pence coin, an earpiece with a small tube attached to the receiver - what more could you ask for. Well! One that could be implanted so when I eat or talk people don’t look to see where the squeak or whistling is coming from.

So thank you NHS for giving me a better quality of life and thank you Aneurin Bevan for implementing the service.


Audley Street

Great Yarmouth

Premier Hotel news is good

GOOD news that Premier Inn is coming to town. They guarantee a standard of accomodation at bargain prices if booked ahead. They create jobs with training and career progression.

As an occasional Premier Inn customer, I consider they are in a different market, bring business to the town and help regeneraion. Others may need to raise their offering, rather than bleat about competition. Some of the restaurants may need to look at their menus as I can think of several to avoid.

I also see the unelected newly created quangos, Local Enterprise Partnerships, are seeking funds to build up their bureaucracy and are to be involved in transport planning.

Brilliant from a Government committed to cutting quangos and spending �100m on increasing democracy of the police, with only 12.5pc voting, yet cutting democracy in another area!

Wasting �100m is mind boggling at a time the town faces cuts of �10m. Clearly what the country needs is more commissioners and then we could abolish MPs and councillors! I would apply, at �90k a year, to be Commissioner for Bats in the Belfry.


Victoria Street,

Caister on Sea

ipads, yet we lose lighting?

WITH regards to the article about ipads being offered to all 39 borough councillors. The question I would like to know is why I and fellow residents of the village of Caister-On-sea, are having to have our street lights shut off from 11.30pm until 7am the following day placing us into pitch black as if in the middle of a power cut, causing residents to feel unsafe and uneasy in their homes instead of having the reassuring glow of a street light outside.

After all wasn’t the idea of putting low energy blubs into the lights supposed to save money. So you can image it is adding insult to injury to the public to see the abuse of money being used to pay and I quote “around �30,000 of taxpayers money” to be put aside to pay for all new equipment under a new policy for tablets, laptops and printers, with phone and internet costs which will be set to run to almost �9,000 each year.

I suggest they switch back on our lights properly with the energy saving bulbs go back to the good old phone or pen and paper. Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council need to get the priorities straight, after all they only appear at election time and then ignore everyone’s views and concerns.

Name and Address withheld

Bugsy Malone show a treat

YET again Mary Carter, John Stephens and the Dusmagrik Young Peoples Theatre Company have given the theatregoers of the borough a treat with their production of Bugsy Malone. What a pleasure to see youngsters so obviously enjoying themselves and looking so happy.

I don’t know if our adult theatre companies are eyeing the older ones up as future members of their casts as I understand some are approching Dusmagrik leaving age but my advice to them is get in quick or lose out.

I think they will be much in demand. Thanks Dusmagrik for a grand night out.


Thames Way

Caister on Sea

Call for wartime evacuees to talk

IT is now 70-odd years since some three million children living in the expected target areas for German bombs were moved to places of comparative safety in the country. Carrying their gas masks, sandwiches and a change of clothes they journeyed into the unknown.

Billetted with strangers, they had to adapt to a new environment. Some were treated as welcome members of a new family. Some were regarded as unwanted “intruders” and were subjected to cruelty that affected them for the rest of their lives.

I am planning to publish a book of the reminiscences of former evacuees, and would like anyone wishing to contribute to contact me.

In the first instance all I need is a name, address and phone number or email address, after which I will be in touch. Contact me at Wayletts, Brentwood Road, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3SH or email brianwayletts@yahoo.com



Hitler’s parents were catholics

HITLER was not a Roman Catholic? To say he was is an “obscene claim”, says Roger Hayes in his letter of November 9. Here are four facts Mercury readers can easily check for themselves.

First, Hitler’s father and mother were both Roman Catholics – he was raised in a Catholic home.

Secondly, the Catholic priest Bernhard Stempfle was an important member of Hitler’s inner circle.

Thirdly, in 1941 Hitler said to General Gerhard Engel, “I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so” (source: Hitler’s biography by J Toland).

Fourthly, after Hitler’s supposed death, Cardinal Bertram of Breslau, the senior Catholic priest in Germany, wrote an order for a requiem mass to be held for him in every Catholic church in Germany.

I applaud Mr Hayes’s zeal in defending his religion but, as I’ve shown in previous letters, Roman Catholicism is not Christian (in the New Testament sense of “Christian”). My prayer for all sincere Catholic devotees, like Roger Hayes, is that they will research the facts about Catholicism, turn away from it and become disciples of the living Lord Jesus.


Albemarle Road


Will beach be next cash pot?

WHAT will we have to pay for next? Walking on the beach maybe. I think it is totally out of order asking people to pay to park on Gorleston cliffs.

I walk my dog along the cliffs almost every day and people are sitting in their cars looking out to sea, relaxing just watching the world go by.

Why should they have to pay that? The council took away the lovely spot at the harbour mouth and now they want to do the same in Gorleston.

Two thousand pounds is not a lot to maintain the car park when you read how much is being spend on Ipads. So if this goes ahead I suppose a traffic warden will have to be paid to keep track of who pays for that small piece of pleasure that people enjoy.

Changing the subject, what has the councillor for Bradwell done with his �2000 that is supposed to be put into the community.

May I suggest a few more litter bins - Mill Lane, Wren Drive, Mallard Way, Willow Avenue, could all do with a bin not to mention a few more roads in Bradwell.

Food for thought Mr Councillor.



Thanks Acle, for our play park

IN August 2011 I wrote to you in support of the article featured in your paper entitled “Mum’s plea - sort out our play park”.

I would now once again through your letters page like to publicly thank and congratulate Acle Parish Council for providing a new and excellent play area for the children.

It is so refreshing to learn that the wishes of the parishioners have been taken into account, the funding provided and action taken in a relatively short time. Thank you Acle Parish Council and well done!


Fletcher Way,


Positive events in our borough

MAY I through your letters page focus on some of the positive events that take place through out this borough as comments made by some of the Mercury letter writers almost always seem to be very negative.

As mayor, I see on a daily basis the commitment given by various organisations all of whom are supported by armies of volunteers giving of their time to assist others.

Just this weekend I attended the Retroskate gala which was amazing to watch with youngsters from all over the country encouraging each other to do well and supported by mums, dads and extended families.

These children are an absolute credit to both their families and the skating club. Well done to all the directors, coaches and staff and may you go from strength to strength.

I shall definitely return next year.


Mayor of Great Yarmouth Borough

Evidence Hitler was a catholic

THERE is photographic and written evidence that Hitler was a Catholic and that he had a relationship with the Pope, although there were those of that faith who found the practices of the Nazi regime abhorrent.

Nevertheless no war can be justified especially when Catholics kill Catholics and Protestants kill Protestants and the authorities erect monuments to the glorious dead and when the clergy on both sides pray for victory to late troops to the same God.

Christ stated to Pontius Pilate “My kingdom is no part of this world. If my kingdom were part of this world my attendants would have fought.”

No, Christians do not fight in the wars of the nations, their’s is a spiritual warfare.


Wherry Way,

Great Yarmouth

Anyone help me with family tree?

I AM tracing my family tree and would like to find any living descendents of my three times great grandfather - Thomas Lupson and his second wife Sarah nee Gillder still living in Norfolk where he married an Emma in 1850.

He was a tailor but by 1871 was the parish clerk of Great Yarmouth. He lived in Priory Row, Great Yarmouth with three children - Elizabeth, 18, (born 1853), Ellen, 14, (born 1857), and George, 9, (born 1862).

Edward’s wife Emma died 1881-1890 when married again to a Sarah.

Edward remained as parish clerk to Great Yarmouth until he died aged 80 in 1908.

So although my family line descends through Thomas Lupson the Elder (four times great grandfather) to his son Thomas and his first wife Sarah Layer any descendents of Thomas by his second wife Sarah Gillder are related to me.

If anyone can understand this bit of a jumble and are descendents of Edward or his two sisters would they get in touch?


1 Sharpe Close,


CV34 5BY