Letters, November 11 2016

Does council have health opinion?

It was disappointing to learn following a public question of behalf of the trades union council that the Conservative run Great Yarmouth Borough Council will not seek to have a debate on the future Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Plan, the plan that will determine our health services in the area for the next five years.

Given the closure of the Greyfriars walk-in-clinic, the impact of housing development on our GP services, one would have thought our elected representatives would wish to ensure the council’s position on local health provision is reflected in the plan and that the council’s position is subject to debate.

Somewhat more alarming, under scrutiny the council appears to have no position on health service provision in the borough.



Great Yarmouth TUC

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Shoeboxes? Let’s have foodboxes

I read in your paper that the Christmas shoebox appeal has begun so may I suggest an Christmas foodbox to help people who will be struggling to feed themselves over the festive period.

Maybe people in their workplaces could instead of sending Christmas cards to each other maybe make up a box of food. It doesn’t have to be much perhaps a tin of soup, packet of biscuits, cakes, beans etc. I am sure it will help a lot of people. I will not be sending any Christmas cards this year, instead I will donate some food. There is a trolley in the Halifax in Market Place where food can be taken. As the saying goes, every little helps.



Brexit uncertainty is continuing

What a difference a judicial decision makes I thought, after reading Brandon Lewis’s column in last week’s paper. I for one being a Remainer, but have accepted the democratic vote cast in June, had real reservations as to how this momentous “once in a lifetime” decision would be implemented and was becoming increasingly concerned about the rather hard-line rhetoric which was being spoken and written about.

The mantra of “no running commentary” was to my mind fast losing purchase and the rather autocratic take that leave it to us that we know best, was exuding a controlling and not consensual way of operating. No-one suggests this vote to leave the European Union should be aborted or side-railed but I sincerely believe Parliament should and need to vote on this before Article 50 is triggered. I realise Theresa May is not happy with this decision and is now taking it to the Supreme Court for the final decision.

The three Judges ruled she has to allow MPs and Peers a vote and I can understand their reasoning although the right wing press have other thoughts on the matter. I can also appreciate her rather gung-ho approach and her not wishing to show her negotiating hand too soon. But the favoured “hard Brexit” had all the appeal of a solitary sojourn in Siberia and it felt too draconian and limiting.

I sincerely hope Britain does make a great success of exiting the EU and we find many new markets to explore but the perceived notion that the EU will fall over themselves to give us a good deal was I feel short-sighted and naïve. I should imagine that in very tricky times for this organisation and several of their own elections next year, beneficial negotiations will take a hard-line approach. The EU is facing its largest humanitarian disaster since the Second World War and Britain and member states have not covered themselves in glory in this matter especially in the treatment of disenfranchised refugees.

How this will play out is anyone’s guess but obviously the Brexit die is cast and must be adhered to but, and this is a big but, Remainers cannot be totally abandoned and a pragmatic sensible approach to these vital negotiations needs to take place. There is also talk of a snap General Election but one thing is certain at the moment in our troubled and complex world, there is more uncertainty that you can throw a democratic vote at.


Winifred Road,


Thanks Palmers, for book signing

I would like to thank Sue Patterson and David Howard of Palmers Department Store for having given me the opportunity of going into the store on Wednesday, November 2, with my local history books and giving their customers the chance to buy them. The usual stockists of my local history books are WH Smiths in Great Yarmouth, Music Lovers in Gorleston and Jarrold Department Store in Norwich.



Be ashamed you messy adults

I was truly disgusted when I took my dog on Caister beach on Sunday to see the absolute mess left by the fireworks. The people who left this mess should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and what a dreadful example to all the children who had been there. It’s not dogs who left the mess. It’s not dogs who should be banned from the beaches, but adults. Earlier this year there was a tremendous mess left by people who had a barbecue.

Where is your pride, people of Caister? Bin your mess and bin your dog’s mess and hold your heads up with pride. Also, can I please just ask people who see working dogs in uniform to leave them alone. They should not be touched or made a fuss of while working. It ends up with bad behaviour from the poor dog and results in it being told off. It’s not just guide dogs for the blind which need to be ignored.

Name and Address withheld

Where are local Christian voices?

Brian Bunn is “heartily sick” of my letters. Why? Any lies in what I’ve said? Where are the other local Christian voices? Not a squeak here in the “Letters” section from any of the “vicars”, “pastors” or “reverends” on the evils of Halloween, for example.

God says: “If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die’, and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his sin, but his blood I will require at your hand” (Ezekiel 3:18).


Albemarle Road


Audacity of FIFA poppy decision

I have just seen the 6pm news and the absolute FIFA disgrace of not allowing the England and Scotland football players to wear a poppy when they were playing an international match on Armistice Day. What sheer audacity! It is none of their business. This again is political correctness. How annoying that is.

Perhaps these people that are on the FIFA board should realise if it wasn’t for the unselfish sacrifice of our all too forgotten servicemen/women, then they would not be able to govern a sport which is full of greed and corruption, anyway.

May I suggest the footballers just ignore FIFA, and wear the poppies. They will not go to prison for it, but will be made to stand in the naughty corner, I expect, and likely be fined.

Whatever next?


Turin Way,


Remainers are just poor losers

We had a vote. It was to see if Britain should leave the European Union or to stay. By an excellent margin, the Brexiteers’ Leave voters won. Those who voted Remain are understandably upset.

The Remainers are now showing their colours as poor losers took their gripes to the High Court.

The decision to leave is non negotiable but here we have the will of the people being challenged by an angry woman and three judges who believe they can change a governmental order, an order in respect of a vote to leave.

Before the referendum, our MP Brandon Lewis said: “it is a free vote and I will be seeking to stay in the EU”. I suppose his decision was to follow his leader Mr Cameron and the new PM firmly stated “Brexit is Brexit”.

Brexit is being held to ransom by the Remain group of which Brandon Lewis is party of. Now is the time for Brandon to show his true colours, the people of the Borough of Great Yarmouth are Brexiteers, and as our MP, will Brandon seriously push to ensure our legal right to exit the EU is carried out to the full and not watered down as is the Remainers’ wish. The Remainers main gripe, as I see it, is the possible shortage of unskilled labour if the foreigners leave. Well if our government and Norfolk MPs had any balls they would recruit the unskilled unemployed Brits thereby reducing the benefit bill, reducing the housing shortage, giving a boost for the NHS and increasing the chances to see a doctor easier.


Burnt Lane,


Please explain parking rules

With my work, I visit Great Yarmouth about four or so times a year. The last time I parked in Palgrave Road, which I do whenever I can. On this occasion I was sitting in my car sorting my files before starting for home when I heard loud shouting and from a man protesting at a man and a woman having moved cones from the front of his house. So could someone from the council or police, through your newspaper, explain the laws on street parking so I do not have the same verbal attack.



God dissatisified by Neanderthal man?

So Mr Barkhuizen has now listed all the “religious” churches he alleges are “evil”. So here is the question: What is Mr Barkhuizen’s church and belief? Or is he afraid to publish this information.

It may help me understand where he comes from! For myself I am a non-believer of cults, but believe in an all powerful magnificent entity known to me as “God”.

One final thought: did God send his Son down to help these believers and what about his creations over millions of years ie Neanderthal man, Pekinsman etc – were they created, but not to his satisfaction, and thus superseded over a trial and error period of time.

Food for though eh?



Find the right lane and stick to it

I seem to be finding more and more drivers, when coming up to the roundabout near Asda, want to use the middle lane as a quicker way of getting into Great Yarmouth. As you are most likely aware there are three lanes as you approach this roundabout: the left to go down the Acle Straight, the middle to go straight ahead to the industrial estate, and the left lane to go into Yarmouth.

I was prepared to accept that during the summer time there may be holidaymakers who find themselves in the wrong lane to go into Yarmouth, but at this time of year there will be mainly local traffic who should know the road layout, but still try to use the middle lane in an attempt to get round there quicker rather than wait like most people. And when they find they are getting a horn sounded at them they react as if it is the person who has been waiting in the correct lane, is in the wrong.

I am now seriously fed up at getting a horn blasting at me when I go round the roundabout by a driver who knows they have got into the wrong lane. I have seen police cars there in the past but should they be there more often or should there be better signage? If there has not been an accident there yet it is only a matter of time before there is one.



Two-hour wait for an ambulance

On Monday, November 7, I was visiting a friend in California. Driving along Rottenstone Lane in Scratby we came across an 80 year old lady who had taken a very bad fall. I immediately called the ambulance service.

We were advised not to move her - she was lying on the wet grass verge and at the time it was blowing a gale.

We made her as comfortable as possible, helped by a BT engineer and neighbours who supplied windbreaks, hot water bottles, drinks and blankets. Just as well, as the ambulance service (who were called a total of eight times), took over two hours to arrive.

I have every empathy with the call handlers and ambulance staff who were extremely kind and helpful, but I have been unable to contact anyone in “management” or above to explain why the disgusting delay. I was given four different contact phone numbers and have to date made five calls. I can only hope the poor lady is now recovering well.




Write to MP about nuisance calls

Like many people I receive several nuisance telephone calls each week. I wrote to the Rt Hon Brandon Lewis about the inconvenience of receiving such calls.

I suggested to him that, as the Government is ordering electricity companies to provide smart meters, they order telephone phone companies to provide call blocking systems free, rather than the consumer having to pay £60 per annum for these. However, if done, the consumer should have the ability to opt out of call blocking.

My letter was posted during July and I still have to hear from him about this suggestion. However I did receive a form from him to sign about waiving my rights under the Data Protection Act - which seems to have has nothing to do with my letter.

Today I was informed by Mr Lewis’ office that he has only my case about nuisance calls this on his desk. I am surprised I seem to be the only person who appears to have written to Mr Lewis about nuisance calls.

I suggest to Mercury readers if you are bothered by nuisance telephone calls you immediately drop Mr Lewis a line about these, perhaps even suggesting you support my suggestion above. The more people that do this the more likely Mr Brandon Lewis will be to react and try to do something about them.



Honest person handed in purse

My faith in honest people was restored. I was in Poundland, Great Yarmouth on Tuesday when I dropped my purse. I didn’t realise until I got to the till that thankfully someone had handed it in with nothing missing, so it is with a very great thank you to the honest person who did this.



Settle by law and not mob rule

The High Court’s sound judgement simply states no government can remove our rights without the consent of the UK parliament. UKIP’s Aaron Banks agrees with this as he said, in November 2015 that we should, “Vote to leave the EU to ensure law-making power returns to our sovereign national parliament.”

Because of Brexit, all of us will lose the right to live, work, retire and study in the EU. We will also lose the right to vote in EU elections, and many other rights.

Therefore, because it is in everyone’s best interest that Brexit be done legally, every aspect of it will be under intense legal scrutiny.

This means we should be prepared for the likelihood that the EU courts, as well as the domestic courts of many other EU member states, may have to separately judge on some aspect of it. Good! Legal transparency is essential to our freedom.

If you care about it, you will welcome this judgement.

So let’s just allow the judges to get on with their jobs and settle this dispute by law, rather than mob rule.



Will of electorate is quite clear

I was not one of the 79.2pc who turned out to vote 72pc in favour of leaving the European Union during the June referendum vote.

However I also believe that no matter what the political connotations, media fervor or legal shenanigans since, the will of the electorate is clear and whether the government of the day is left, middle, right, please respect and deliver that mandate. I’m also relaxed with the latest legal challenges based upon the process and its legality, furthermore if it then requires a vote from parliament. I would then expect our adopted son MP to now vote according to his electorate wishes, if this doesn’t happen then people should question who best represents them the next time around. STEVE TAYLOR


We’re destroying all with pollution

The Acle Straight snails have more right to be on this earth than any human. We are destroying everything with pollution and wars, caused by greed and power-crazed people.

The problem with the traffic flow is at the Yarmouth end with drivers from town going round the roundabout to go over Breydon Bridge and trying to gain a few yards over other traffic. Maybe they don’t know how to turn left at a roundabout.

Snails or no snails do these people really believe work would be done on the Acle Straight now?


High Road,


Slippery leaves peril in churchyard

My husband’s ashes are interred in St Nicholas’ churchyard. Walking through to visit his grave I was dismayed at the hundreds of wet and slippery dead leaves lying around – especially on the steps.

Several elderly people visit this part of the churchyard and it could be very hazardous for them.

Surely the borough council has a machine which could remove these leaves?


Arundel Road,

Great Yarmouth