Letters, October 11 2013

Cyclist nearly knocked me over

On the recent subject of cyclists riding their bikes on pavements, which has featured in your letter pages over the recent weeks, I would like to have my pennyworth.

Most cyclists on pavements I find are courteous and allow pedestrians room, however, the younger element seem to think they have the right of way and barge along quite merrily. Several times as I walk past the bus stop outside Matalan, my carrier bag has been knocked off by one of these younger cyclists.

Another issue worth taking up is the pedal cyclists on Southtown Road in the evenings. There really ought to be a police presence to warn these cyclists of riding on the road without any lights. I thought this was an offence. It is not well lit at all, and I nearly came a cropper the other night while out walking my black dog; we thought to cross the road and then a cyclist appeared out of nowhere! He had no front or rear lights and was dressed all in black with his hoodie up! I must admit I thought perhaps he or she was up to no good.

On another instance since the nights began to draw in earlier, I have encountered cyclists - again with no lights, on the paths. Why should I have to give way?

What would happen if I lurched in front of the cyclist causing him or her to fall off? I suppose I would be prosecuted.


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Questions for MP over pensions

The Tory party conference is over. The slogan: For Hard Working People. Could Brandon Lewis Tory MP for Great Yarmouth explain why those working 30 hours a week at minimum wage are covered for benefits and pension but those working 30 hours a week at minimum wage in two or more jobs are not covered for benefits or a pension? So much for slogans. Some of the readers may have sung the children’s hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful but there is a verse which has been omitted: The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate. He made them high or lowly and ordered their estate.” This sounds likes Tory policy, just change a few words - The rich man in his castle counting his tax rebate, the poor man at his gate asking the question to eat or to heat?


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Why does cafe shut so early?

After enjoying a sunny afternoon browsing through the photographic exhibition of “Bridges” display in the library my husband and I decided to enjoy some refreshment at St Georges’ Café. We arrived a little after 3pm and ordered our drinks. We noticed that a member of staff was clearing tables and dismantling them outside. A few moments later two gentlemen came in and ordered drinks, they were informed by members of staff inside that they were no longer serving drinks as they were closing. (A glorious Saturday mid-afternoon cuppa would be welcomed!) I cannot comprehend why this should be, in this day and age when there is a recession. Why should customers be “turned away” because of say-so?


Caister Road

Great Yarmouth

Minster would be better venue

What a shame that our new High Steward Henry Cator is to be installed at a private ceremony in St George’s Theatres with invited guests only. Surely the Minster being a much larger venue would have afforded the ordinary townsfolk who wished to the opportunity to view the installation and bid him welcome.


St George’s Plain

Great Yarmouth

Astonished by selfish driver

Outside The Star Hotel on Saturday I witnessed a disabled man trying to get his ramp down on the back of his van so he could get in to his van. I went across to help him and his wife as someone had parked their nice new Porsche so close to him he couldn’t use his ramp. On the back of the van in large writing it said ‘please leave at least eight feet for the use of a ramp.’ I would like to think that the owner of the Porsche will read this but if he or she can’t read a simple request in front of them. I don’t hold out much hope.


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Several claimed to be Messiah

I object to Danny Dart trying to put words in my mouth. I did not declare that Jesus did not exist. What I did say was in answer to Mr Barkhuizen’s claim that Jesus rising from the dead was a historic fact by pointing out that there was no proven evidence that he actually existed. Of course there is a lot of heresay evidence and various documents claiming he existed. On the balance of probabilities I would say that it is likely he did exist but as I understand it there were a number of young Jewish men claiming to be the messiah around at the time so it is likely he was one of those.


Royal Naval Hospital

Great Yarmouth

Cyclists sorted, now is parking

After the successful campaign by the police a couple of weeks ago against cyclists on the Haven Bridge being stopped and warned, and in some incidences a £50 on the spot fine being issued for not dis-mounting and walking across the bridge, perhaps the police could now turn their attention to the anti-social habit of parking. Both cars and vans, park half on the road and half on the pavement, thus causing a problem and inconvenience to pedestrians especially those in mobilty scooters and young mothers with prams and trollies. Also in so doing the police should keep their sights set on those who still park on the grass verges turning them into unsightly muddy patches, mostly this seems to happen where the house has a driveway garage attached.


Alderson Road

Great Yarmouth

No warning of road disruption

It would have been very much appreciated if Badger Buildings could have informed the Nile Road, Gorleston residents of the parking disruption we would have to face this week – a simple note explaining the works that they intended to carry out and time frame needed popped through our doors would have been so easy – they might have found that we are all much more co-operative as well.


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High standard of care at JPH

I recently had a hernia operation and want to thank all the staff on Ward 5 at the James Paget University Hospital.

I would also like to thank S Downey and her team for all their care and for a successful operation. The care I received was terrific and in my opinion world class health care. The ward was very clean and meals were of high standard. I cannot thank the staff enough for their kindness and care during my time at the hospital. Thank you all very much.


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Lives at risk outside school

Where are the traffic wardens when they are needed? They would have a hey day every school day on Bridge Road, Leman Road, and surrounding areas. Yellow lines have been painted but no-one takes any notice. If these motorists parked in the high street or town area they would be booked. There is no difference. There will be a serious accident sooner or later then maybe something will be done to stop this illegal parking on grass verges and yellow lines. I watch this every day and think ‘well, that child was lucky’. A police man or traffic warden should be there during school times.



So nice to have good service

We hear so much today about how customer service has gone down the pan - the rise of the car-friendly supermarket effectively killing off the personal touch.

In the old days shopping with my mum in Bells Road, Gorleston, the 1970s meant bobbing from shop to shop where everyone knew your name and served up your regular order with a smile, a chat, and a few questions about the health of your parents and possibly the cat.

But I am pleased to report some independent retailers are fighting back and winning back customers with the kind of attention to detail we got used to in the past.

I recently popped into the book shop in the Arcade in Great Yarmouth - with one title in mind, Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree. The chap didn’t have one in stock but said he would have a rummage about at home and to pop back in. When I next called in - no luck. How disappointing! But undefeated he took my number and low and behold he phoned a week or so later saying he had unearthed one of the original copies. I was delighted - having read my daughter two of the books that had belonged to me as a child, we were both keen to find the third and continue the adventure.All the books in the shop are £1 but when I offered to pay more - reflecting my gratitude - he was insistent it was all part of the service.

So nice to know that people are still prepared to go the extra mile, even when there is little in it for them.


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Take a bow all at St Georges

I would just like to say well done to everyone involved in the restoration of St George’s Theatre. Now the Pavilion is open it truly must be one of the best buildings in the town, if not the best, replacing a tatty old car park with a lovely area for everyone to enjoy.

It really lifts my spirits every time I drive past and I’m sure others must feel the same.

It looks lovely and makes me proud of my town. People are very quick to run Great Yarmouth down but there have been many improvements over the last decade that we should celebrate. Some people must have worked very hard behind the scenes and for that I thank them. Great Yarmouth owes you a great debt.

Also many people have commented on how lovely the flowers have looked around the town this year, especially around the Town Hall. It’s just a shame they had to get rid of the trees along South Quay. Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all!


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Littering dunes is just laziness

One of the best things about living here on the coast is enjoying the Great Outdoors. My husband and I had a wonderful walk on Winterton dunes recently. But it was almost spoiled by the disgusting amount of litter spread about on the ground. There were beer cans, vodka bottles, and cigarette ends everywhere. How anyone can put away that much alcohol in one night, I don’t know! It was obviously the aftermath of a late night party and, while I would not want to stop anyone from using the dunes whether they are walking the dog or meeting with friends, I just wish people would clean up after themselves. Littering is brought on by laziness - maybe Winterton just needs more bins?