Letters, September 12, 2014

One voice in a Thatcherite party

I am writing in response to Adrian Myers’ letter (August 29). While I am obviously pleased Mr Myers is opposed to NHS privatisation himself, is he aware he is one voice in a Thatcherite party committed to rolling back the state and free market fundamentalism?

Paul Nuttall, deputy leader of UKIP, discusses the future of the NHS in a letter on his own website which states “I would like to congratulate the coalition for bringing a whiff of privatisation to the beleagured NHS... I would argue the very existence of the NHS stifles competition...”

Is Mr Myers also opposed to UKIP’s Thatcherite small business manifesto commitments (2013) on axing holiday rights, maternity rights and sick pay? The UKIP manifesto states “UKIP would put an end to most legislation regarding matters such as weekly working hours, holidays, redundancy or sick pay”(sec 3.1)

Finally, Mr Myers states in his letter that his party is a great pillar of democracy. I’m not sure that Roger Lord, the UKIP candidate in Clacton overthrown by a coup, would agree. The back room deal cut between Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell was far from democratic and transparent.



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No to houses on Pontins site

Hemsby village hall has been the hub of the village for several decades now and as such by the very nature of the venue it is host to many varied activities including, keep fit, dancing, bingo, Monday afternoon club, pantomime, car boots on the playing field, football, fetes, fireworks and many other events.

On Sunday evenings we have country music and have done so for many years. In recent months residents of a new estate have been complaining about the level of noise from the music and from the people coming and leaving the venue.

There are signs on the village hall itself and surrounding fencing advertising these events large enough for anyone to see. When the residents were looking at buying a property on this estate they would have seen these signs and thought long and hard before they bought their house next to a village hall. Why is it when people move into the village they want to change it to suit themselves?

They choose to live here and as such should accept it the way it is. If they are not happy they are quite free to leave and move somewhere else. With this in mind the next issue in the village will be from the new homes being built on Newport Road opposite the Bermuda Club. The same issue could arise there when they have live music throughout the summer months, the new residents will be complaining about the noise and try to get it stopped. We don’t need more complaining residents we need new drainage systems, a new medical centre and school. We also need more recreational venues for holidaymakers and residents to enjoy, tennis courts, swimming pool etc as Centre Parcs, all of which could be accommodated on the old Pontin’s site. We do not want any more houses.


Newport Road,


Voodoo doll is not a ‘fun’ toy

A so-called “novelty” voodoo doll kit is being openly sold in The Works shop in Great Yarmouth and it is the most worrying unsettling thing I have ever seen.

I contacted their HQ and received a reply which more or less said they would not be removing the product from sale and that it was intended for adults to have “fun” with. If they were to get into the hands of impressionable youngsters and children heaven help us.

I did seek help at the local town hall who referred me to consumerdirect - again no joy. They only advised me to contact The Works which I of course already have done.

As a committed Christian it worries me that with all the turmoil this world is in it really is incredible we should add to it by selling these awful things.



Voodoo doll toy offends our Lord

The Works in the Market Place is selling voodoo dolls with the instruction to place a picture of the person you hate on the face and stick pins into it.

How sick is that, particularly in these times of conflict and suffering around the world? This is utterly abhorrent and repellent. This product should be withdrawn from sale.

Please pray that this product is removed from sale without delay as it could severely damage vulnerable people/children and is a message that offends our Lord and should offend any moral person.



Quick action by GYB Services

In reply to Richard McSweeney in last week’s letters section, I would like to defend GYB Services especially Michael Stephenson. When we had a big problem at Middle Market Road car park Michael especially sorted the lighting problem out very quickly. So therefore I have nothing but praise for GYB Services.

Even in the past when we have had lights go out in the car park Michael has got them sorted very quickly so therefore once again nothing but praise for GYB Services.


Chairman, Middle Market Road Tenants Association

NHS helped dad to bounce back

On behalf of my dad, Gerald Griggs, I would like to thank the lovely staff at James Paget Hospital who nursed him during his 10-day visit. They were attentive and exceeded expectations. The paramedics were absolutely superb and Hemsby Doctors Surgery has been supportive and “on the ball”. Well done everyone, the NHS should be proud of the brilliant and committed staff that have made my dad better again and bounce back!


Newport Cottages,


Are we forgotten part of Belton?

Have the borough or parish councillors ever heard of Silver Gardens in Belton? We never see a road sweeper, a grass cutter, or any person to clean our drains out down here, or any other side road come to that.

The authorities are quick off the mark when it comes to switching the street lights off though. A council worker did ride down here once, he had a spray gun in his hand possibly for killing weeds, he never used it at all. He did a complete turn and off he went.

We live at the bottom of Silver Gardens in a cul de sac, the councils must know we exist, they charge us enough in rates. So come on, there’s more to Belton than just the main highways.



Dodging cyclists on the cliffs

Last Sunday afternoon my wife and I decided to take a walk along the Gorleston cliffs. Unfortunately, we spent most of our walk dodging cyclists, both young and old. I thought cyclists were not allowed on the pathway on the top of the cliffs, only on the prom where there are signs that allow them to. If I am wrong in assuming this, would someone please correct me.



Dive-bombed by the seagulls

I am on holiday in Great Yarmouth and read with interest the letter from David King in the Mercury (Seagull moans so petty). Perhaps he has never been dive-bombed by a large seagull as I was on an earlier holiday this year – a total of six times and almost touching my head, very scary.

I am getting on in years and was told by a resident that it was due to the seagull having a nest nearby. If this had been an elderly person with heart problems it could cause a heart attack or even worse.

So this is not a problem and so petty is it?


Headingley Road,


Voters subject to fairy stories

There have been some good themes running through the recent issues of the Mercury letters pages, stoked by the entertaining views of those entrusted with the public purse, which would have us building on all pockets of land to dissuade travellers through to the terrorist target potential of the harbour’s mouth, keeping it closed off to the public.

It’s no wonder an electorate fed up with not just being told the truth from officialdom, but are subject to fairy stories.

Now I’m no Fox Mulder believing in a gunman on the grassy knoll, but with a little poking more realistic reasons come to light.

“...from May to October, the maximum stored Ammonium Nitrate (Fertiliser) will not be more than the controlled quantity of 1000 tonnes.... it is suggested that in order to minimise the likelihood and impact of a major accident.... GYPA considers the issue of public access to the Southern end of the harbour peninsular may include designating this area as a restricted port area.... considerations should include the best possible segregation of large numbers of the public from the ammonium nitrate store...”

Accidents although infrequent, that involve an explosion are devastating when they occur, googlewack an incident from last week: “Ammonia truck explosion site still unsafe, Queensland fire authorities say,” and note that this involved “just” 50 tonnes.

Now that would seem a more likely reason as to the fence and road closures remaining in place. Whilst I have no doubts as to the safe management and regulatory oversight of this undertaking. Wouldn’t it be better to tell people.


Clarence Road


Get rid of those automated tills!

Automated tills — proof of Satan? Automated supermarket tills. No, please god, no...

In theory, modern supermarket shopping is very simple: you take your basket of shopping to the till, the nice lady or gentleman scans your goods, you pay and off you toddle.

If it’s busy you can use the automated till. This works in the same way, only you scan your purchases yourself.

These machines have been introduced for you, the shopper. They are there to make your life easier and are in no way an attempt to make even more swill for greedy shareholders by chucking a few more members of staff on to the scrapheap. Oh no. They’re only thinking of us, the customers. Not.

On Saturday at 5.45pm I decided to get a few things (actually less than 10 items) from Morrison’s in Gorleston.

So the obvious choice was the Automated Tills yes? Agree?

No. There was a queue 15 people deep! One member of staff trying to assist, but every five minutes it all came to a stop. Problem after problem with these Satan tills.

So my only choice was to use the conventional way to pay at one of the 14 other tills.

Problem Solved? No, no and no again.

I counted nine tills not staffed. The end result was queues a third way down the shopping aisles, causing problems to others shopping.

Bring back the local shops in the high street and towns. Do away with self service Satan tills. Employ more staff to man the tills. Start respecting customers. Perhaps somebody from the top may wish to explain why?



Grateful for my health care

I wish to convey my gratitude and thanks to the Sandra Chapman Centre at the James Paget Hospital, and the Colney Centre, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, for providing the necessary treatment over four years, to reach my recent 70th birthday and hopefully far beyond.

I realise there has been adverse media reports of hospitals in different parts of the country of not providing the necessary care/treatment for the older patient. This is certainly not what I have experienced. To this point I cannot praise enough the care etc that I have received from the consultants, doctors, specialist nurses, nurses and general staff: especially as an outpatient at the Sandra Chapman. I trust this will provide some comfort for the older patient that has been recently diagnosed with cancer.



What?! Seagulls a big problem

Having read last week’s short letter from David King saying seagulls are a petty complaint, I amongst many others agree to differ! A good night’s sleep being a distant memory, droppings over the windows, cars, and washing relentlessly.

Whilst people insist on feeding them, the problem continues to escalate and seagulls continue to increase in numbers. Without culling, or a ban on feeding them, how will this growing problem be solved?



Well done to the festival chiefs

Can we, as a group, congratulate the Maritime Festival yet again for putting on such a spectacular event, which over 30,000 people attended. Our thanks go to Aileen Mobbs for her hard work and co-ordination, and her family for allowing her the time to put on the event. Also thank you to all the volunteers who gave up precious family time to put the Great back into Yarmouth. We all hope this group will remain at the helm for future events.


UKIP Group Leader,

Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Cheesed off with crawling traffic

Once again I crawl along the bypass over Breydon Bridge to the Asda roundabout only to find a police officer with a stupid sign saying road closed! Too late, I’m already stuck in the traffic.

Why can’t they put signs up on previous junctions to help with the traffic jams? Oh no, that’s too easy. Also, why don’t the highway people paint yellow boxes on the Gapton “joke” roundabout?

I’m really getting cheesed off with not so Great Yarmouth.


Lords Lane,