Letters, September 2, 2017

Cycle lane needed on this busy road

As a regular traveller on Middleton Road, Gorleston, I have noticed there does not seem to be a cyclepath along this dangerous road. I am a car driver and have noticed children on the way to school, young children, hospital workers and others.

For a nation trying to encourage more exercise a cycle lane would encourage more people to use their bikes and feel safer. To ride on this road as it is means taking your life in your hands. The speeds I have seen drivers going on this road!

With the start of the new school year and dark evenings coming would it not make sense to make people feel safe on bikes and in cars? if there is already a cycle lane please make it more obvious!



Chief gets more than maximum

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So the chief executive of Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG, Andy Evans, who led the closure of Greyfriars Clinic receives £135,000 annually instead of the suggested maximum of £120,000.

Some of us were wondering where the savings went to!


Parkland Drive,


Glad to see free speech continues

I am in complete agreement with Gordon Craig regarding the new layout of the Mercury. It is good to see that the editor continues to encourage free speech and the expression of varying points of view within the bounds of legality and decency.

However, I must take issue with his unfair comment on John Cooper, a local man who has nothing to gain by voicing his opinions on the needlessly secretive and somewhat dubious affair of the Outer Harbour which has cost the borough dear in the past.

I draw my own conclusions when I observe that no-one in authority has disputed the general tone and factual evidence of his allegations. If you do not like his letters, you are not compelled to read them. Even if I disagreed with Mr Cooper I would always defend his right to make his views public.



Why fine when it’s not illegal to park?

As the seafront horse and roadtrain lane is now being made no parking, I was wondering when the borough council would be ready to refund the previous fines for parking there when in fact it wasn’t illegal.

Also in reply to the lady who is proud to be from Great Yarmouth, Gloria Webb, I would suggest she walks down the service road at the rear of 66 to 48 Marine Road, and behind the restaurants and houses, perhaps she might be ashamed to call it home.

After my experience with Marine Parade life, I hope I soon never have to see it again. I could write a book, so as you can guess, I hate the place.



Bring realism into the health service

In last week’s Mercury, hidden among reports of a car in a ditch and the rescue of a dog, was the news that Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG had decided to pay its chief executive over and above the NHS guidelines for the post.

I wonder if these faceless bureaucrats would vote for such largesse if it was their own money? Are these the same group that has decided to close the walk-in centre and surgery in Great Yarmouth and closed the purpose-built Family Health Care surgery in Gorleston to “save money”?

I no longer understand how the NHS is organised. There appears to be no shortage of “groups” and “trusts” with a say in the running of the NHS yet we have an obvious shortage of doctors and nurses.

I understand from a recent report in a national newspaper that the city of Liverpool for example has six fully managed “trusts” with its accompanying human resources, finance and secretarial departments where there used to be only one. It is time some realism was brought into the NHS.

Name and address withheld

Finance looking up since Brexit

Reading the letter from Derek Leak in last Friday’s Mercury made me wonder whether he ought to take a crash course in macro economics.

Consumer confidence has risen at its fastest monthly rate for three and a half years. The CBI, at the forefront of Project Fear during the referendum campaign admitted that retail sales climbed dramatically in August, and YouGov/Cebr Consumer Confidence Index for July to August climbed 3.2 points to 109.8 - its highest monthly leap since February 2013.

Civil engineering giant John Laing, which relies on attracting foreign investors, has announced its half yearly profits have trebled to £108.3m and said it expects more money to pour into Britain after the decision to leave the EU.

Mortgage lending in the month following the Brexit vote has proved resilient. The Bank of England’s package of monetary stimulus measures opens up the possibility of even cheaper mortgage products. Additionally there has been a marked drop in unemployment figures, with the figures for Norfolk showing a significant drop below the rest of the country. All of this comes in stark contrast to Germany, the eurozone’s biggest economy, where the signs of weakening prospects have become evident as the EU’s economic crises continues.

Clemens Fuest, the head of the Institute for Economic Research, said: “Business confidence in Germany has clearly worsened. The German economy has fallen into a summer slump.”

Mark Carney was wrong in his forecast before the referendum and there is no reason to believe he is any nearer the mark since the referendum. Unemployment in hundreds of thousands? I don’t think so Mr Leak. It’s another scaremongering tactic being put forward.

Meantime, lan Duncan Smith is quite right to keep snapping at the heels of Theresa May; after all, she is a Remainian.


Anson Road,

Great Yarmouth

Is foul sewerage the problem?

Further to last week’s letter “Is flood risk the reason for holdup”? with regard to the delay in granting planning permission for the Badger development at Claydon Grove School site, then the answer is no.

The published meeting minutes say that whilst the developer is in possession of correspondence received from Anglian Water stating that there is capacity for both foul and surface water drainage, they (Planning), have a letter that says the development would lead to an unacceptable risk of flooding downstream in terms of foul sewerage.

The planning group manager was seeking further clarification from Anglian Water.

This conflicting correspondence is the only reason the application was not approved, had there not been any conflicting letters then approval would already have been granted regardless of any flooding.


Claydon Grove,


Our annual fete was a success

Thank you to all sponsors, arena acts, organisers and the public for supporting our tenth anniversary fete at Hopton. The day was a success and the top raffle prize, donated by Potters Resort, was won by Anne and Alan Weale of Haddiscoe. Anne works for the NHS and Alan is a driver for Centre 81. They will enjoy a weekend in a luxury bungalow with food, entertainment and use of the facilities.

As soon as we have the treasurer’s report, a donation will be made to Hopton Parish Council. All money raised will go to local causes. Thank you for supporting the Great Yarmouth Lions Club.



Ticking timebomb of sewage system

For two years, since becoming a borough councillor, I have highlighted the ticking time bomb of the sewage system in the borough. In the past I have been shouted down in council meetings saying I tell lies to my electorate and that I just use my position to scare people!

I was horrified at this comment. Well I have been proved to be correct.

On August 28 I was called to get down to the White Horse roundabout. On arrival I witnessed a situation where I thought this can’t be happening. There were frantic families and a lady crying, truly heartbreaking.

I took in the number of police and firefighters at the scene doing a great job and wondered how much was this costing the taxpayer?

My continued anger at these issues are greater then ever. Why should Anglian Water not be held to account for their non-action over the years?

On the same evening I met up with a fire crew at Bradwell Community Centre. They had been called from Martham, and the fire officer said it was the second time he had been to the same building in a matter of weeks.

In times when our Tory government and our MP wants massive cuts to the fire service and next to no pay rises, we must make sure we remember this at the next election.

Councillors and MPs have had 40 years to sort Morton Crescent pumping station out in Bradwell. Yet to date nothing has been done.

Now perhaps my wave of emails to the powers that be are starting to take effect.

I believe the government seriously misread the electorate and the referendum; it’s turned them all upside down - good job in my opinion. My position as a councillor in the borough I have lived in all my life has certainly opened my eyes over the last two years.

So let’s make one thing clear my determination to get this upgrade for Bradwell has never been greater.

I will write to Anglian Water demanding they pay every time the foul water sewers breach into residents properties. What do you think their answer will be?

I sat until 11.30pm that night relating the problems faced by the public to Anglian Water. I must stress every household affected by this terrible situation in the future must call in their problem individually and this will help create a real picture of our issues.

Anglian Water have said they hadn’t realised the problem!

You can contact Anglian Water at public.affairs@anglianwater.co.uk or emergency helpline 0800 145145.


Bradwell South and Hopton ward

Pavilion summer show was brilliant

We recently went to the Pavilion Theatre in Gorleston to see their summer show and I must say it was absolutely brilliant. It was so funny and I thought how lovely it was to keep these old traditions alive. The trip was organised by Age Concern who were great and gave us all a cup of coffee and looked after us. Thank you to all.


Cess Road,


I am interested in social justice

In response to David Nettleship’s letter in last week’s Mercury (August 26) I am sorry to tell him that I feel this unnecessary and vacuous coup led by the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) might come unstuck and Jeremy Corbyn will survive with possibly an increased mandate.

I am not a “Corbynista”, member or devoted comrade, more an interested onlooker who has a very strong instinct for social justice and fair play.

This week I have been reading that members of the Shadow Cabinet might be seeking to return to their posts, which if true will be a proactive step forward. Also the front page on The Times last Wednesday had the banner headlines “Corbyn on course to win bigger mandate”.

So the media, after vilifying him for months on end, might now be retracting their vicious rhetoric.

If anyone is wearing the Emperor’s new clothes it is, I feel, Owen Smith who has sung from Corbyn’s hymn sheet, naked in a Welsh accent. Time will tell if the party can be rebuilt but the PLP does need to listen to the members or split, which will be a catastrophe. It also needs to get its act together to deal with this Government and all the myriad problems facing it.

Stop fixating on electability and concentrate on the job in hand.

As all the BhS stores have now closed with the loss of 11,000 jobs and the ongoing concerns for the 22,000 pensioners, will this writer desist on making these comparisons? This is a tragedy for these people and the solution to their problems, seems as far away as ever.

Again in The Times Sir Philip Green has been consummately named and shamed for the collapse of this retail empire. This in no way compares with the self-indulgent behaviour of dissident MP’s who did not want to, or even tried to, give their leader the necessary support he deserved.

If the outcome is as anticipated they all need to get together and find a sensible way forward, there are certainly faults on both sides but surely in the best interests of the country a proactive way forward can be established which will benefit all the long suffering members who must be devastated by the antics of their elected MPs.

It is then profoundly hoped the media will have a moratorium from their blanket coverage and allow this party to heal and mend their differences in a less contentious and cruel political arena.


Winifred Road,


Isn’t there a ban on street drinking?

I thought we had a ban on alcohol being drunk in the streets of Great Yarmouth? I believe I saw a notice taped to a lamp-post in King Street some time ago – it’s not there now.

But this week in particular I have seen several people, clearly the worse for wear, drinking beer from cans as they stopped to talk to others or as they sit down in the street and lean on shop windows for goodness sake!

There are empty beer cans all over the place, particularly down the row between the chemist and the empty shop which leads to the Howard Street south car park.

What is the point of having a new byelaw (was that what it was?) when it isn’t being enforced?

And another thing, while I have my pen put to paper, why do people going to the chemist on King Street opposite Greenwoods have to park on the pavement to be as close as possible?

Surely this too is illegal? Isn’t there any CCTV on the street which could pick out their registration numbers and send them a fine? The kerbs and pavements are being destroyed by these silly people too idle to walk.



Surprise over care home rating

I was surprised at the inadequate report by the health watchdog about St Edmund’s Residential Care Home in Gorleston. Having been a resident for over two years I can only say that care given by the staff is excellent.

When I first arrived here I was very weak and needed lots of care, which was always available. Though I still need a frame to walk with I am now nearly independent. We are looked after with kindness, humour and dignity making life very comfortable.

Regarding dignity: about six weeks ago infection control arrived. I wasn’t asked or informed by them and when I went to bed my room was a mess. They had stripped the bed, everything lay on the floor, books and ornaments were moved off the shelves and my small bathroom was a mess.

I still haven’t heard a word from them of apology. Fortunately our hard working staff were available.


St Edmund’s,


Accidents not the only problem

For the last few weeks the Acle Straight has been an absolute nightmare - and I don’t mean with accidents as is the normal complaint in these letters pages.

Recently I’ve noticed the bottle-necking going up towards Acle has been particularly bad, with traffic at a standstill. Then when you get there - expecting there to have been a crash - there’s no obvious reason for the delay.

I don’t know what the solution is to the Acle Straight, but something has to be done. As a commuter who drives on the road twice a day every day, I don’t agree the road itself is dangerous, more so the drivers on it, but it does Yarmouth no good at all if on top of all the accidents there is constant congestion too.


After the crowds, please clean

How lovely to see the clean up operation currently in progress along the riverside in preparation for the annual Maritime Festival. What a contrast with the normal state of affairs to be found around the two benches situated behind the old pumping station, about 500 yards from the door of the Town Hall.

Empty lager cans, smashed bottles, dirty old duvets and the occasional discarded syringe are not unusual. I use the route frequently.

It would be nice to think that after the crowds of visitors have gone the same attention to keeping the town tidy might continue for the benefit of the locals.