Lost racing pigeon flies in for B&B in Great Yarmouth

GYM pic stories

GYM pic stories - Credit: Archant

Early on Monday morning my dog, who was outside, came racing into our kitchen followed by a racing pigeon which flew into our conservatory and settled on the back of the settee.

I could see three coloured rings around its legs and decided to call the Pigeon Racing Club. They advised me to gently place a towel around the pigeon and take note of the numbers on the rings, not easily done.

However, once done the information was relayed and I was told the pigeon came from Grimsby and was released on Saturday.

I was able to contact the owner, who asked me to keep the pigeon overnight and release her in the morning. The pigeon rested for four hours was fed and drank and she then left my conservatory at 5.15pm but returned again at 6.10pm came straight into the conservatory, sat on the settee and went back to sleep!

She then left again hopefully on her way back to her home!

The owner has promised to contact me if she makes it.


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