Most of us won't be really happy

IN the letters page of the Mercury, May 29, Mr Watkins of 1st East had a letter regarding EastPort. Does he really believe that the town's population are ecstatic over the Chinese ship bringing two large container cranes? Yes, we were all impressed as to the size of the crane vessel, but no-one other than EastPort and those companies that have, and will have their businesses south of Gas House Quay, can be really happy.

IN the letters page of the Mercury, May 29, Mr Watkins of 1st East had a letter regarding EastPort. Does he really believe that the town's population are ecstatic over the Chinese ship bringing two large container cranes?

Yes, we were all impressed as to the size of the crane vessel, but no-one other than EastPort and those companies that have, and will have their businesses south of Gas House Quay, can be really happy.

I have yet to read how containers on lorries will be spending money on our Golden Mile or anywhere in the borough, think about it, a container ship with a crew of eighteen arrives with containers destined for all points of the compass out of Yarmouth. They are placed on lorries by the cranes operated by three staff.

The port workers have been reduced by 50pc so the port spending power has been decreased, and as articulated vehicles are not allowed in the centre and seafront of Yarmouth, we will not have the container lorry drivers spending their money with local businesses.

But if the port had been for RoRo as planned publicly, there would have been over 100,000 passengers spending their money locally. There would have been no reason to increase the town's car park prices as they have been now, increased for what? Is the excess to pay for all the necessary road upgrades to cope with the increase of heavy lorries.

Not only has our �18m gone largely for the benefit of a foreign company controlling the Outer Harbour that company being “GIP (Global Infrastructure Partners) the chairman and managing partner Mr Bayo Ogunlesi based in New York City, and PSA (UK) East Terminal.

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Year of this Investment: 2007 for a container terminal. Nothing was mentioned about containers though publicly talked of was a RoRo. IPH (40pc) formed a joint-venture company with PSA International (60pc) to operate a short sea container terminal at the Great Yarmouth Port. IPH and PSA Int are making a substantial capital investment in creating this container terminal. The first phase is projected to be operational in early 2009.

What is the link between PSA UK East Terminal: IPH (International Port Holdings): PSA (Port of Singapore Authorities) and GIP? There must be one?

Also we learn that the circular route at the North Pier - our's since Yarmouth came out of the sea - we are losing to the outer harbour complex.

And as for the final line: Great Yarmouth's ship will not be in for another 100 years, the time that our council has sold us out for.

Two other aspects which Mr Watkins has elected not to mention are (a) bad weather closing the port to shipping traffic and (b) noise and light pollution. When wind and weather or continental strikes closes down our port, what will happen to the hundreds of container lorries awaiting boarding? In Dover they use a lane of the M20; Felixstowe uses an old bit of the A14. Will Mr Watkins park them on the Acle straight or the Golden Mile?


Burnt Lane,


ALTHOUGH I'm not a betting woman (who always loses her modest stake on the Derby), I do wonder, in view of the passions aroused by the prospects of the outer harbour, what would be the odds offered by William Hill on its status in, say, 20 years time?


Marine Parade


I CAN understand Philip Watkins' excitement as chief executive of 1st East about the outer harbour. If he can't show enthusiasm then all hope is lost. The most enthusiastic of executives can't really expect anymore 30,000 tonners to come in. There is no evidence yet that I know of that any of the present port users are rushing to take up plots.

How much general cargo work do they hope to attract for the outer harbour? I believe that there will be an 80m quay on the west side which will take one vessel. This harbour is 30 years too late and the town does not have the infrastructure to cope with it.

Perhaps Mr Watkins could let it be known where the containers from this port would be delivered that could not be serviced quicker from Felixstowe or the Humber. When the ZH6 came in, I was waiting for the tidal wave predicted by a town councillor to wash all the people off the pier. It is obvious I am not a fan of the harbour in its present form, but I sincerely want it to work for the sake of the town.



POLITICIANS appear to be in an indefensible position. The claims that most politicians have submitted is tantamount to a political scandal. Both Labour and the Conservatives need to get their houses in order.

MPs get a salary: this should be all they receive. All the extras they claim are somewhat unnecessary and reflect the corrupt nature of our parliamentary system - a system which is polluted with morally corrupt men and women who appear to be feathering their own nests for personal financial benefit. Most MPs are probably morally corrupt. There are some who are not, but few in the past have stood up and said MPs' claims are unacceptable. The pressure on MPs to keep quiet would have continued if the whistle-blowers did not pass the information to the press.

It is a sad day for democracy when we are saddled with so many undeserving politicians. There are few in Whitehall who are fit for purpose. Those who have claimed ridiculous expenses should be fired from parliament immediately, with no pension or golden handshakes. The present system has a nasty smell to it - nepotism and incompetence on a grand scale, inappropriate for a so-called democratic state. It is more in line with a banana republic where corruption is rife.

Hopefully the general public will have given the main parties a short, sharp shock yesterday to clean up their act. At the moment it is a shambles and we are lumbered with incompetent politicians who appear to be serving themselves and not the public.



AS a student who has just left university, I'm facing a tough time trying to find a job in the middle of a recession. On top of that worry, I am burdened with �1000s of loans and overdrafts to pay off as a result of going to university.

So it makes me angry to read that our MP Tony Wright benefitted from a �10,000 payout when he moved out of his taxpayer-funded London flat. Students helped propel New Labour into power in 1997 because they represented a change in British politics. They have continued to help them to remain in office ever since. It won't be so easy for him to count on their support next time round.



BELLS ringing? I live in north Caister, is it me or can anyone else hear a bell ringing three to four times approximately every 30 seconds, 20 hours a day. I can even hear it indoors, it is driving me crazy. It sounds as though it maybe coming from out at sea. Has anybody else heard it, it is most annoying and I wish it would stop.

When it is slightly foggy we get a horn sounding three times every few seconds all day and night for a few days. Could any reader tell me what this ringing is through the Mercury letters columns?


Caister on Sea

DOESN'T Great Yarmouth realise that tourists or locals want cheap or free parking and a clean free toilet not just entertainment.


Burgh Road


I READ the story with interest regarding Mr Milner and his problems with getting on trains with National Express East Anglian trains. I use a disability buggy and must say that on the two occasions I contacted the train company and explained my situation they were more than helpful, they took my full details, both my home telephone number and mobile and where I would like to journey to and from Great Yarmouth.

On telling them my destination they gave me the train times and what I should do and gave me a code number and asked me to be at the train station at least 40 minutes before departure, where I would be helped to board the train. Once at my destination there would be someone waiting to see me safely off, and the same would apply on my return journey. The code number was in case of difficulties. In my case their customer services and help was good and I would not hesitate to use their services again. I was sorry to hear of Mr Milner's plight but we are all too quick to condemn, so to East Anglian trains thanks very much for all your help and courtesy.


Paston Road


I WAS disappointed to hear there has been a change of heart to not place the rock monument where that awful Orwellian giant screen once stood intrusively in our Market Place. This spot is still very deserving of a sculpture of some sort, as we don't have any in this historic area of the town.


Caister Road

Great Yarmouth

HERE we go again - the article about the poor old gulls and pigeons, (Mercury, May 29) entitled “Pigeons be afraid” etc.

A few years ago the same problem arose and a “cull” was enforced. Now I read of it again with utter disgust; these beautiful birds have a right to live where they can and breed. It's not easy for them with nets put up in buildings everywhere and areas boarded off etc. So just because of a few poo droppings, men with hard hats have to bring in another once wild beautiful bird to scare the “residents” off. Gulls and pigeons have lived in Yarmouth longer than most people, and suppose they were feeding young?

Now, if only falconer Steve Dixon could train his beautiful hawks to “move on or better still get rid of for good” the humans who deliberately cause trouble or drop waste and rubbish and who really are damn pests, this would be an advantage.

Do small minded people think why do gulls need to swoop down on them? Put yourself in their position and see how you would like to be forced from your home, would you go quietly? I doubt it.


Green Lane


I REFER to E Barkhuizen's view on Jehovah God and Jesus being the same; Jehovah created the angels but the first was Michael the archangel to whom Jehovah called the begotten son. When he came to earth to be born of a virgin he become to be called Jesus. At his baptism God's spirit came descending like a dove upon him, look also a voice from the heavens that said this is my son the beloved. (Matthew 3 v 16-17). Jesus said because I have come down from heaven to do not my will, but the will of him who sent me (John 6 v 38). So it proves Jehovah God and Jesus are not the same. Almighty God. At Thessalonians 4:16 the command of Jesus Christ for the resurrection to begin is described as the archangel's call and Jude 9 says that the archangel is Michael. It would be nice if E Barkhuizen would talk with the elders at Kingdom Hall and look at scripture together.



PHILIP Knight, in his letter two weeks ago, said that in my letter the week before I had made “many unscriptural remarks,” based on “Greek mythology.” To the contrary, all my points were based on Scripture (I gave the texts in parentheses) and the only mythology mentioned was that of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormon (Latter-Day Saints) church.

Also Mr Knight quotes from the apostle Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, and says that Paul describes the JWs. But Paul wrote his letter around 2,000 years ago to the Christians in Corinth. The Watchtower organisation was not invented until the 19th century, so Paul cannot be referring to JWs.

Likewise, the LDS church, which has similarities to the Watchtower, was birthed only in the 19th century - by Joseph Smith, an occultist and 33rd degree Freemason.

Moreover, Mr Knight accused me of using Scripture in a “selective” sense. Mercury readers can easily decide if this is true. Simply type the addresses below into the top of your web browser, press “enter” and watch the free videos:,,,,,,

May these short films help many to escape into the light and liberty of the Lord Jesus Christ: “Beware lest anyone take you captive through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men… and not according to Christ. For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (Colossians 2:8-9).


Albemarle Road


JESUS - man or myth? In recent letters to the Mercury, P Knight and E Barkhuizer have voiced their different beliefs on the nature of Jesus. I missed P Knight's letter of May 8. I am no expert on this subject, but I have read that for centuries scholars have questioned the existence of a historical Jesus, and modern day scholars say that there is very little real evidence to prove that he did. In recent decades studies of early Christianity, the Gnostic Gospels etc, and the ancient Greek Mystery religion, have brought a new ray of light o the subject. It seems the Gnostics are possibly the original Christians and they believed Jesus to be a purely spiritual being who appears as a vision, and they knew that the Jesus story was a myth. This story, scholars say, comes from the dying and resurrecting godman myth of Dionysus; later rewritten by other Christians as the Gospel of Jesus, and given historical authenticity.

The Gnostics inherited much from Greek philosophy and teachings and one ancient symbol is the butterfly; a symbol of mystical rebirth of the soul. The Greek writer Celsus wrote: “Many of the ideas of the Christians have been expressed better - and earlier - by the Greeks!


Church Road


I AM writing in response to the “Tip changes are proving rubbish”, following my own recent experience at the Caister Recycling Centre. I had taken a dismantled shed to the centre and was told that I could only bring a dustbin full to the depot each week and was told that I would have to pay �20 for the privilege if I wanted to dispose of it all in one go! At one point I thought I may have to pay as much as �45 as the staff seemed so confused and inept at deciding how much to charge.

You would think that an ordinary householder, quite obviously not running a business, would be able to dispose of a shed for no extra cost. I found out during my visit all items not classed as household, such as any DIY goods, are limited to an 80 litre sack. Is it any wonder people fly tip their rubbish? Do the council want to encourage people to dump their goods on the side of the road?

I also feel important to raise that none of the timber taken to the recycling centres is recycled! I was informed that all timber is taken to land fill sites - so much for the efforts Norfolk County Council to hit recycling targets. It now makes me wonder how much of what we conscientious householders take to the centres is actually recycled or ends up in a land fill site!

Name and Address withheld

ON Bank Holiday Monday my youngest daughter decided to have a car boot at Julie's in Burgh Castle. She took along with the usual CDs, books, games etc some jewellery, which included four rings valuing around �50 each. She was hoping to raise money for her holiday at the beginning of June which she is looking forward to. However sometime during the morning one of these rings was stolen. It wasn't left at the front in full view and she watched the jewellery continuously.

I would like the culprit to know through your letters page how upset she was and how sorry I feel for someone who stoops so low to steal. My daughter is kind, generous and hardworking and doesn't deserve to be treated in this manner.

If you have an ounce of decency you can return her property to me by putting it through our letterbox at the address below or telephoning me on 01493 780193 to arrange collection. I realise this will probably not happen but I thought I would try.


3 Gorse Close


HAS it occured to anyone, that if the townies are for the Caister Tesco expansion project, and would like a superstore, perhaps they should move next to one elsewhere? If this seems a ridiculous idea, what about those of us villagers who will be given no choice to be next to it? Not exactly community spirit is it?

Rather like the townies who move to the countryside and complain when a cock crows, or about the smell of manure, and lack of street lighting.

A parish councillor says in the village magazine that “the church hall could well find custom when the new (village) centre is overbooked.” Could this be because he says the new hall will be for “weddings, private parties, business events and stage shows”, among a few other things. Excuse me! I think people have got a tad carried away!

Currently, visiting Brownie packs and French students use the church hall facility, and for their protection it is not open to the public for obvious reasons. What we end up with, is denying the children access to the youth centre and the parish council having an office in a building too expensive for the community to use.

Are we so far down the line, people can't stop, admit they got carried away and regain their original focus?

Name and Address withheld

IT'S not only our National Government that needs modernising and democratising but the whole political system needs a re-assessment, including all layers of local and National government, quangos, committees etc. and EU legislation that is alien to Great Britain. In fact a total overhaul.

The EU has become a monster beyond its remit. Our own political system has been tinkered with in many ways over the centuries, much not for the better but undemocratic and to the detriment of our civil liberties.

Local government has been emasculated by a cabinet system that means a handful of people make the decisions and the councillors like those at Westminster rubber stamp what their leaders tell them. Most of the people we elected are left with very little power apart from being counsellors rather than councillors when residents have problems. This is not to be denigrated but should only be part of a more responsible position.

Do county councils serve a needful purpose? The people we elect at local level, the people we know, see in the street, should be able to meet face to face should have more power in local affairs and an adequate budget.

They should be our local elected representatives not political party members but independent representatives who vote by conscience and local need. The party system of politics is a nonsense at local level.

Residents need a bill of rights. Rules for open government which means that we are kept informed and questions and complaints dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Open government at all levels needs to be the prime target for an improved political system. Hopefully this will be a way to encourage more people to vote if they feel involved.


Brett Avenue,