Outer Harbour at night is spectacular

Port viewed from Gorleston by David Wilkinson

Port viewed from Gorleston by David Wilkinson - Credit: Archant

It’s always interesting to read the latest weekly instalment from Cllr Castle and John Cooper in Letters to the Editor; Cllr Castle undermining his arguments by resorting to the use of unnecessary and inappropriate vocabulary and John Cooper who can be likened to a dog with a bone.

Both these gentlemen seem not to understand the inevitable – that it will be the “market” that decides which of the two arguments are correct. The owners of EastPort were reported in the Mercury several months ago to the effect they hope to have sold the port (inner and outer) by the end of 2015. Since then there have been no further media releases. However, given the buoyancy of the British economy and the present Government’s commitment to further invest in significant infrastructure projects (public financial support in part available from by New Anglia) one might anticipate Cllr Castle is likely to win the debate given that a number of prospective buyers ought to come forward if his optimism is to be believed.

Regardless, both elements of town’s port have provided and continue to provide a tourist stimulus, particularly in Gorleston. Over the past month the Outer Harbour in particular has provided some terrific sights. As recently as last week, and as a result of the downturn in offshore activity, there have been four jack-ups “stacked” in that facility. At night the scene is spectacular.