One police officer assaulted per day in Norfolk last year

Norfolk Police and Crime Commisssioner Lorne Green.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norfolk Police and Crime Commisssioner Lorne Green.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Recent weather conditions have been treacherous and challenging, with their impact felt by everyone, not least by the most vulnerable in our communities.

But, while incredibly difficult, I truly believe those conditions have shown the Norfolk community at its finest.

There are so many examples of the brave, kind and tireless efforts of heroes who did Norfolk proud and helped get us through what were indeed extraordinary circumstances.

Members of the public looking out elderly and vulnerable neighbours. Volunteers offering their time and effort to help those in need.

Residents and motorists coming to the aid of those stranded on roads and in the rural of locations. And Norfolk’s emergency services working in the most perilous of conditions, going far beyond the call of duty to keep us all safe.

Tested by the most extreme of conditions, our police, fire and rescue, ambulance crews and NHS staff rose to the challenge and delivered what we want, need and, quite frankly, ask of them.

I send my thanks. But the fact of the matter is they deserve much more. They deserve to be able to turn up to work and provide a service without having to face outrageous abuse.

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They deserve to deliver their commitment to protecting us from harm without falling victim themselves to intolerable assaults. Last year, there was one police officer assault per day in Norfolk. That’s disgraceful, and it doesn’t take into account the cowardly attacks targeting those working in fire and rescue, NHS, ambulance service and prison officers. Wouldn’t it be nice if, to say thank you, we could stop assaults on our emergency services personnel?

With bodyworn cameras for our police and by lobbying for tougher sentences for those who commit these attacks, I am working to do my bit to protect the protectors.