Poor parking opposite bus stops holds up passing traffic in Hopton

Hopton road hold ups.

Hopton road hold ups. - Credit: R Brewer

I refer to the inconsiderate parking of drivers in Station Road, Hopton. As you will see from the picture, when a Great Yarmouth bound bus stops at the bus stop, almost opposite McColls, and there are cars parked opposite, nothing can get past, until the bus moves off.

And this may take some time, especially this time of year, the holiday season, with a lot of passengers boarding and fares to be collected. Which was the case one day last week.

Down the road slightly, there is a bus stop for Lowestoft bound passengers. The parking there can be very tight and on occasions, the bus cannot stop in the kerb, and passengers alighting have a steep drop. I am able bodied and it does not cause too much of a problem for me. But some passengers do struggle to board and alight even when the bus is lowered.

The problem lies on the Lowestoft bound carriageway, and where yellow lines and “no parking” enforcement is needed. It is also a concern of mine, that should an emergency services vehicle need to get to a location urgently, it could be a matter of life or death in a medical emergency. Ambulances have had to race to Hopton Holiday Village on a blue light. In the event of a fire or a crime being committed, firefighters and police would also be delayed.

Perhaps there is the possibility of double yellow lines on the Lowestoft bound carriageway, with patrols to enforce “no parking”.


Potters Drive, Hopton