Reader Letter: I can legally use my scooter on the road

John Calthorpe's buggy with its registration plate

John Calthorpe's buggy with its registration plate - Credit: John Calthorpe

I use a mobility scooter on the road and I find that most motorists are considerate but there are a few that are not.

These are the real aggressive ones which get close behind you to blast their horns implying that such vehicles should not be on the road. They are not aware that the 8mph scooters are licensed by the Government and have a registered number which can be displayed if the driver wishes, and it can be driven on the road.

I drive carefully, realise my limits and keep as near as I can to the kerb. I use my mirrors constantly and if for any reason there is a obstruction in my line, I slow up or stop and wave the traffic past until clear.

I have spoken to other scooterists who have been similarly threatened. I have now fitted registration plates as I am convinced the majority of the public are unaware of the mobility scooter regulations.