Reader’s letter, July 21 2017: Motorbike tyre tracks damage community garden in Belton

The damaged flowerbed in Belton.Picture: Dorothy Knight

The damaged flowerbed in Belton.Picture: Dorothy Knight - Credit: Archant

I, together with my husband, voluntarily plant up and tend weekly to the two community gardens on the corner of Bracon Road/New Road in Belton and have done so for the past six years without too much damage.

We take great pride in these gardens and together with the other community gardens they do enhance this lovely village.

I tended the gardens on Saturday morning and all was fine, then on Sunday lunchtime when we passed the gardens we were horrified to see such vandalism and damage to one of the gardens. As you can see from the photo it would seem it is a motorbike or similar vehicle which has caused this awful damage. It was not accidental.

Judging by the amount of tyre marks it was intentional. Sadly it cannot be made good for this year.

I posted photos of this damage on our village Facebook page and had many, many comments and it has angered many villagers. I have emailed photos to the police but I appreciate they have far more important cases to deal with. I do intend to clear the garden at the end of this week but will leave it in its present state just to remind everyone there are some not so pleasant people about.


Fern Gardens,

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