Reader’s letter, July 21 2017 Not gulls’ fault they live in our towns

A seagull photographed by Shelia Atkinson.

A seagull photographed by Shelia Atkinson. - Credit: Archant

My thoughts on seagulls. They are magnificent birds. Yes, I totally agree that many people do not discard their waste correctly. Every morning I walk through town to the office and all I see is private or commercial bins overflowing, bin lids not closed properly or there’s too much rubbish so it is left by the side of the bins on the pavements or roads.

So of course to a seagull, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, they love it.

It is man’s fault the seagull numbers are increasing, they are not going to bother going out to sea to find food when all they need is here on the door step. But the biggest factor to remember is we live by the seaside and with the seaside comes seagulls. If you don’t like the seagulls then don’t live here. Let’s make more of an effort with rubbish and remember the seagulls have just as much right to be here as us.