Reader shares photo of Gorleston beach scene

Gorleston view by Roly Stagg

Gorleston view by Roly Stagg - Credit: Archant

Walking along Gorleston seafront last weekend I was struck by the change that renewable energy was bringing to out timeless town’s skyline. Although the view of the breakwater, Pier Hotel and yacht pond area was much the same as it was when I was a child in the 1950s, the background of wind turbines and service platforms now dominate the north east skyline.

We all know that these changes are essential for the economic survival of our depressed area. Only a few generations ago the prosperity of this town was dependent on guesthouses for paddling holidaymakers, and herring fishing boats like Lydia Eva. It’s great we are still looking to the sea to provide our area with the financial future that green technology will provide and I’m sure Gorleston will remain the oasis of Edwardian charm that us old codgers have come to love - even if some of the sea views change.