Readers letters Caring people came to my aid

Caring people came to my aid

I would like to thank three very kind and honest people through the Mercury, in the hope they or someone they know will see this.

I decided to take my dad to Burgh Castle on Saturday. I unloaded his wheelchair, locked the car and put the keys on the handle of the wheelchair (like I do everytime I take dad out).

I walked off thinking no more of this, wheeled dad so far along the path, until it got too difficult to push the wheelchair, I turned back and got back to the car only to find the keys which should have been dangling wasn’t there.

Slight panic set in and we re-traced exactly the same route and this time met a lovely couple, who walked ahead of us to see if they could spot the keys. Unfortunately no keys were spotted, then the couple offered to let dad sit in the warm of their car, while I worked out the best action.

The couple came to the rescue again, and offered to take me, dad and the wheelchair in their car, into Yarmouth where my son volunteers, and pick his door keys up so I could get dad to mine and somewhere more familiar.

This brilliant couple had a black Range Rover, and were mid to late 50s in age, I only remember the man’s name, which was Ernie, they told me they used to live on Albion Road in Yarmouth. Without the help of these lovely people I would have been panicking a lot more. So a big thank you to Ernie and his wife for their help today, it was very much appreciated.

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I’d also like to thank the other kind and honest person who found my keys, and laid them on the door mirror stalk, I don’t know who this was, but if you were at the Roman Fort car park and found a Ford key with a couple of keyrings, thank you so much for putting them on my car. I noticed them before driving off after biking back with my spare car key, you too are brilliant.



Arcade part of social history

Another shop opens in Victoria Arcade, Great Yarmouth. What great news! I just wish more people would take a chance and open up there.

It wants, needs and deserves to be fully functional. It’s a great part of our retail history. There are some lovely shops down there already and now Revives owner has taken a chance and moved into what used to be the Wool Shop. It’s well worth a stroll down there to see the shops already open and hopefully more will open soon.

It’s time for Great Yarmouth’s retail sector to fight back. reinvent itself and hopefully give us more of what we want. Back in the day, Victoria Arcade was the place to be and be seen in. Can we try and get it back.

Every good wish for success goes to Luke Smith and Revive and to all the other very nice shops down there.


Caister Road,

Great Yarmouth

Will station remain drab?

Credit where it is due, but is it hoped the Vauxhall regeneration will distract visitors from our drab railway station?


Falcon Court,

Great Yarmouth

Singer’s time here in show

Could I draw your readers’ attention to an excellent show coming to St George’s Theatre on Saturday, April 22 - The Matt Monro Story with Matt’s son, Matt Monro Junior.

From start to finish the show is great! We have seen it twice at The Richmond Theatre and at the Epsom Playhouse. Both times after the show Matt came out to meet the audience. He puts his whole heart and soul into the show and it is a fantastic tribute to his father. It is funny, moving and very interesting.

Great Yarmouth is really special for the Monros. Matt Snr was here at the Wellington Pier in 1965. At this time my Mum, Barbara Bailey, was working at the Britannia Pier. Her manager at the time allowed her time off work to dash to the Wellington Pier Theatre to catch the first house and see Matt’s performance.

I am pleased to say that both Mum and Dad have booked tickets in the front row to see the St George’s Theatre show.

Matt came back to the town in 1978, this time to do a summer season at the Windmill Theatre. On the last night of the season he asked Matt Junior on stage to sing with him. Through the magic of modern technology Matt Junior has recreated that duet with his father for his show.


Chertsey, Surrey

Info required on shipwreck

When I lived in Gorleston in the early Sixties, the White Swan shipwreck was clearly visible and, I believe, was further north than it is now.

Is there anyone who can tell me what its position was in relation to the promenade then, and what its position was in relation to the promenade when it blew ashore in 1914?

Thank you to anyone who can help me with this information. I can be emailed at



School absence fines justifed

I’ve noticed recently that a lot has been said about parents being fined for taking their children out of school for holidays.

Personally, I feel this is the right course of action, as there is no real excuse for prioritising a slightly cheaper getaway over the education of your child.

If parents understood the intricate process education a child follows, perhaps they would think twice about trying to save money. Teachers go to a great deal of effort to move each individual child on in their learning and additional time off doesn’t help this process.

As adults, we take for granted how easy it is for a child to forget a piece of information, a skill, or a process, so taking them out of school for the sake of saving money is neither fair on them, or their teacher.

I heard recently about a family fighting tooth and nail in court to overturn a fine, saying no legal cost was too high to get their justice. This is laughable – no legal cost is too high, but you couldn’t afford to go on holiday in half term?

I feel the onus should really be on travel agents to offer more competitive prices during school holidays to do their bit to deter people from taking their children out of school.

Until this happens, I say the fines should continue.



Teenagers hang around road

There are still a lot of children and teenagers hanging around outside Macdonalds in Great Yarmouth near Market Gates. I thought something was being done about this?

I caught my bus at around 5.50pm on Tuesday evening and the bus had to squeeze through the space to go up towards BhS as there were four teenagers happily chatting away in the middle of the road, and who ignored the bus waiting for them to move. To my mind and other passengers, they were clearly having fun obstructing the bus.

What would their parents say if they saw them? What would happen if the bus hit one of them? I suppose the bus driver would be at fault and that would not be fair.

I am seriously considering changing my bus stop as I hate having to walk through these teenagers – and they do not move an inch to let you through even if you say excuse me.

I do not want to stop them meeting, it is important they interact with their friends but couldn’t they be moved to the nearby park area?

This is a recent phenomenon I think. I have been catching the bus at Market Gates for years and it is only in the last six months I have witnessed this nightly gathering of youths.

Name and Address withheld

Sorry to see Keegan leave

As a member of Gorleston football club over the past 35 years, I was very sorry to hear that Keegan Middleton has left.

Keegan has been a loyal member of the playing staff for about the past seven years, progressing from the youth team, reserves to the first team. He is one of the most talented players to represent the Greens during the Emerald Park years.

His ability to find a colleague with pinpoint accuracy is quite remarkable, together with the success of his “trademark” free kicks from up to 30 yards of the opponents’ goal and penalty kicks when asked to take them, make him a rare talent indeed.

His lack of strength and lightweight build as a drawback to his effectiveness in the team, but I consider that 183 first team appearances and 44 goals from someone who is a provider rather than a striker is sufficient proof that he is quite capable of holding his own in all respects at Eastern Counties League level.

I think that keegan should have usually been selected in the starting XI and like any other player in the team substituted if necessary. I look forward to the day when he may return to our club and re-establish himself as a favourite with the loyal Greens supporters.


Avenue Road,


Take note of bingo change

Please note the next community bingo session at the King George V Playing Field pavilion in Caister is on the April 10, and not the third Monday as previously advertised. This is due to the Easter Bank Holiday. The session is still at 2pm and open to all in aid of the pavilion extension fund.


Lacon Road,

Caister on Sea