Readers’ letters, July 21 2017

What’s happened on waterways?

A few weeks ago the council gave the green light for the work to go ahead on the boating lake and The Waterways. Has the money gone down the drain?

It does not look very nice at the moment. Also is there any more news on the seafront air show? I suppose that is finished like everything else.

MR EGGLETON Ashwood Close,


Grateful for care at Paget

My mum was taken into A&E three weeks ago at the James Paget University Hospital. She was seen very quickly and with good care and dignity. She was taken up on ward three and was there for a while. The nurses and doctors treated my mum with professional care and attention.

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She’s now recovering very well and it is all due to the dedication of the nurses and doctors. My family could not fault the treatment my mother received and appreciate their work. We are very grateful to all the staff in James Paget who helped my mum on her road to recovery.


Address withheld

Young walk atop ‘killer walls’

Seeing your illustrated publication of the dangerous walls at St Nicholas Terrace and the “killer kerb” at Regent Road, like a voice in the wilderness again I ask when is this administrative blight, the “killer walls” at George Street going to be given similar attention?

Seeing youngsters walking on top is not a pleasant experience. The walls are not falling, but children could.

DAVID KING Falcon Court,

Great Yarmouth

‘Breakit’ could be bad news for us

By going for Brexit we have decided to cut ourselves free of unity with the European Union. But certain political leaders of the opposition have decided to press the self destruct button and go for “Breakit”, which is unity with nobody.

With European Union turning into European Upset, show a bit of unity with someone or as I have said, we will finish up as that disagreeable little island of the west coast of Europe. Let’s unite and show a bit of responsibility. Get Britain on the road to being great.


Gonville Road,


Driver complaint about perfume

Years ago bus drivers were friendly, not the case of the driver who picked people up on Trinity Avenue, Gorleston the week before. My friend got on and sat right behind the driver. He got out of his cab and told her to move because of the smell of her perfume. Not in a friendly way either.

She sat there feeling embarrassed, Then he did it again when they got to Boots down the high street. In the end she did move but perhaps this driver shouldn’t be doing this sort of work.

Shes been using this bus route for 17 years and has never been spoken to like this before. A smile now again won’t hurt some of them... if they don’t enjoy their job, do something else.


Trinity Avenue,


Decisions not by the minister

After reading this week’s Mercury and especially Ceri Walford’s letter on our re-elected MP, I completely agree. Of course there were other points she could have included.

Channel 4 Dispatches uncovered it in their coverage of affordable homes and why they aren’t being built that quick and how the housing minister of the day (yes, you guessed it) and how the building giants were allowed to reduce affordable housing on appeal from as much as 40pc to 20pc at the same time reducing the square footage. That’s without going into the present Grenfell Tower Cladding issues? These decisons aren’t taken by the housing minister.



A poor show of exit from Union

The Home Office annual report for 2016/17 shows £2.1m incurred through cancellation of aircraft seats intended for removal of ineligible asylum seekers; cancelled due to the right to appeal.

It is not just the £2.1m that taxpayers lose but the exorbitant cost of legal aid that we pay for. The number of deportations of failed asylum seekers has fallen whilst appeals have increased.

In July 12 our Brandon Lewis MP in the Times spelled out numbers of expelled illegals, but he also admits Britain operates more robust human rights than any other country. I ask do we go over the top when we should be the same as other counties so there can be more control?

I am sure frontline Border Force officers are pleased with Brandon’s praise, but what they really want is for once the Force apprehend Illegals the process of deportation should be an automatic action and not have the UK funding legal aid for them to stay here.

I know Brandon is between a rock and a hard place as immigration minister there are many variables expressing the way forward especially when a senior person of another party - Sir Vince Cable - goes against the democratic vote of the people. He blames (if there is a blame) on the elderly voting for Brexit, he also expressed his opinion that Brexit would never happen left to him.

On the whole, all the elected MPs in Whitehall are making a pretty poor show of the exit from the EU, the majority vote was for leaving the EU, but listening to the way the MPs act the people’s wishes are ignored.

We want our own laws not by unelected persons in Strasbourg; Illegal Immigrants are illegal and should be sent back to Europe.

Lastly, Tony Blair should do everyone a favour and shut his mouth, after all because of him we have these problems today.


Burnt Lane,Gorleston

Collecting for hospice appeal

On Monday, August 7 from 11am to 4pm, I will have a giant bottle stall outside Wetherspoons Troll Cart in Regent Road, Yarmouth with kind permission of the management. This is to raise funds for East Coast Hospice. If members of the public would like to donate anything in a bottle jar, or container (ie, jam, Sauce, bathroom commodity etc). They must be non-alcohol items.

These can be taken to the hospice charity shops in Acle, Caister, Great Yarmouth, or Gorleston or arrangements can be made to collect. Tickets will be £1 with every ticket a winner. Contact me on 01493 661138.


Ambassador to the ECH,


Town Hall tour an eye-opener

May I through the Mercury say a big thank you to Joanna, one of the porters at the Town Hall. She talked to us (a small group from the “Start my week here” project) about the town’s regalia which is on display in the foyer there, showed us Nelson’s trunk and explained about its many keys.

We also got to see some wonderful paintings that hang there. What a treat. What a great, informative, impromptu talk. Our thanks to you Joanna.

If you are over 40, fed up with your long term health condition, or/and would like to join in the next “Start my week here” eight-week project, visiting clubs and activity groups in the borough, please get in touch with me for an application form, or pick one up from The Priory reception or one of the East Norfolk Medical Practice receptions (you do not have to be an ENMP patient to participate). I look forward to hearing from you. Call on 07747 107910.


Ageless Opportunities

Great Yarmouth Community Trust

Many types of disabilities

Hedarey and and hedarey and and

I’d like to reply to John L Cooper. I was very offended by his letter regarding his assumption on disability in the Gorleston supermarket car park. Does he really think all disabled people can’t walk?

Many people with cancer can get disabled parking. Some disabilities you can’t see. Also the parents of children with disabilities may qualify. Also on his after thought about the people in disabled bays driving big posh cars, does he think only the poorest in society could have a disability?

Name and Address withheld

Professionalism of Paget staff

Having just been discharged from ward 5, I feel I must record my appreciation of the kindness, professionalism and above all the thoughtfulness of all the staff at the James Paget Hospital. I must do so to record my complete satisfaction of my treatment there.



Restoring faith in the human race

I am a development manager for a retirement complex in Gorleston called Meadow Court in Links Road, Gorleston and On Saturday, July 15 at about 5pm two of my residents, a couple, were taking a walk along the cliff tops when the gentleman’s legs gave way and he collapsed on the floor.

He was unable to get up or drive the car home, which of course was a very worrying ordeal for them.

They wish me to give thanks to an elderly couple who were in the car at the time who attempted to lift him but to no avail, and also to a young couple with a little girl, whose names weren’t caught. Not only did this wonderful young couple assist him to his feet but they also drove them home, and ensured they were taken all the way into their front room.

It is small acts of kindness like this that restores the faith in the human race. These people put themselves out for the sake of helping another in need, a truly beautiful action. I hope this message reaches them and they know how appreciative and thankful the people they helped are!



Fire fighting history please

I’m currently researching the history of fire fighting in towns and cities across Norfolk and Suffolk. The places I’m interested in are Norwich, Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston, Lowestoft, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds. I’m looking for photographs and any history related to the fire services I have listed above. If you can help me please contact me at 26 Weavers Croft, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9PY or email



Improve look of our roundabouts

We have seen it time and time again recently. I refer to money that is being spent trying to improve the town centre. Well, what about spending some on the approach to Great Yarmouth and Gorleston.

I am talking about the verges and the roundabouts as you come into the area. They are overgrown and scruffy, which doesn’t give a pleasant impression to any type of visitor. Just take a trip outside the area and see how other towns and villages keep their greenery neat and tidy.

If it is down to manpower, why not do something permanent to the roundabouts such as, instead of grass why not use concrete slabs or concrete with a statue of some sort in the centre, such as our coat of arms or a statue of a herring.

Countries abroad have adopted this style of display and it looks great

and special, much more appealing and requires less maintenance. Why is it always the town centre that gets the consideration, surely people come to see the whole area.-



Cares and fees take precedence

What’s wrong with Great Yarmouth? There seems a desperation for money to inflate the coffers. What petty cash is available from visitors is being gobbled up by the parking meters.

In desperation the council has closed anything that is not profit making but has found the car is in abundance. The Yarmouth peninsula is already full of cars with the result when tourists come in there is nowhere to park. Memories of their trip to Great Yarmouth will stay with them forever.


Gonville Road,

Great Yarmouth