Readers’s letters, June 2 2017

Please support our arts festival

Today sees the start of this year’s Great Yarmouth Arts Festival offering 10 days of the best we can bring including ballet, exhibitions, performers, a carnival procession, a community fair, a gala concert tomorrow and a visit by the Norwich Mozart Orchestra next weekend.

It is a real feast of events – several of which are free – but it does need your support for this to continue.

The future of the Great Yarmouth Arts Festival is at stake. Unfortunately, we have failed to raise as much money to support the festival as in previous years so we are unable to publicise events as much as we would like.

In the past I have underwritten many invoices and subsequent ticket sales have eventually covered the costs. This year, with very poor sales and some large unexpected expenses, it looks as though we could make a large financial loss. However, this could easily be reduced by local people deciding to support the festival by buying tickets, coming with a group of friends to events and by spreading the word about what is on.

The festival was started to increase interest and active participation in art in all its forms, to show the great talent that exists here, to develop a sense of pride in the town and borough, to raise the aspirations of the young and to help the local economy by attracting a large number of visitors. We are very keen that this should continue.

Details about all these activities are on our website where you can book tickets, which are also available from St George’s Theatre and at the Minster (for events there). They are also available at Gorleston Library for the talk on the history of Butlin’s and the British seaside next Thursday and Gorleston Pavilion for Jonathan Veira’s concert next Friday.

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If local people wish for its Arts Festival to continue then please support it.



Invite to attend festival concerts

Please may we, through your columns, invite young musicians (16 years and under) to a concert at Great Yarmouth Minster on Saturday, June 10 at 7.30pm.

There is no admission fee for anyone 16 years or under.

This concert is to be given by the well-established Norwich Mozart Orchestra.

The music chosen includes Bach’s concerto for 2 violins – Beethoven ‘s Romance for violin No.2 (the soloist is Helen Pye – a local musician), Debussy’s Petite Suite and also music by Carl Davis.

Not only is it a great pleasure for the GYAF to have the Mozart Orchestra performing in the wonderful setting of the Minster, it will be a splendid finale to the 2017 festival and this is a great opportunity to hear well-established musicians playing, which we hope will give the young musicians an insight into how things could be if they keep up with their playing.

Tomorrow there is a concert by young musicians of the Orchestrate Project , and the cost of each concert is £10 to those older than 16 years of age.

We hope to see many of you at the Minster on June 3 and 10.


Great Yarmouth Arts Festival

Terror: choice seems limited

With the revelations on Sunday in the national press, if we put our cross for Labour we have the choice of living as an Islamic state or take up communism.

Mr Corbyn faces serious questions on tackling terror as it emerged he spoke about trying to block every new security law for 34 years. He blamed Western wars for ISIS’s murder of British aid volunteer Alan Henning in shocking comments filmed at a Stop The War rally.

Mrs May’s answer is catch a few and put them in jail with other radicalised prisoners then let them out free to stay here. So to me there is not much choice.

One police expert has advocated the use of internment as MI5 and police cannot keep track of 3,000 terror suspects. Internment worked very well against EOKA terrorists, it saved lives and shortened the war.

We had a referendum; we chose to quit the European Union, mainly so we could control immigration and remove undesirables without the restraints of Brussels laws.

The broadsheets today tells us there are 24,000 jihadist currently in Britain and on their way here from Syria, ordinary folk who I mix with cannot understand, if our Tory government are aware of these people that dislike us intently, why this pussy footing about?


Burnt Lane,


The Puppet Man beats Sheeran

I must take issue with Mr P Turner’s feelings regarding Dave Perry, aka Puppet Man. I have travelled the world and seen buskers in all the big cities visited. What Mr Perry does in my experience is unique, pure street theatre.

For goodness sake Mr Turner, how many more Ed Sheeran wannabes do we need droning on, strumming their out-of-tune guitars with the three chords they learnt the day before from the internet equivalent of Bert Weedon’s Play in a Day?

On the other hand, another P Turner also had a letter published. His opening paragraph says it all regarding Brexit. If your readers still have Friday, May 26’s Mercury it’s worth digging it out and having another read.

When life returns to normal in the village, we will indeed all wonder what all the fuss was about.


Burgh St Peter,


Puppet power is good for children

I write to you regarding the Puppet Man letter in your opinion section of the Mercury on May 26.

Like Mr Turner of Fleggburgh, I have seen the Puppet Man near the bus station on hundreds of occasions over the years.

I can only speak for myself and do not know what other people feel, but he has never caused me any problems.

I am not aware that he has ever caused any harm, i.e affray, assault, public disturbance etc. Indeed his puppets may promote entertainment for young people. Why should he have to move on?

I feel that if Mr Turner does not like it then he is the one who should move on.


Lime Way,


Start new month with new group

On Monday. June 12 at 10am we are starting another “Start my week here” project.

We are working with the Lighthouse Medical Centre and the project will be based at their premises in Howard Street South. You do not have to attend that surgery to come to the project.

If you are over 40 , would like to improve your well being, meet new people and try some new activities around the borough please get in touch!

We ask that you do not attend any groups at the moment, or only one. The activities on offer will be a variety, to be chosen by you and the other people taking part in the project.

If you would like more details or an application form please contact me on 07747107910 or or call in at The Priory Centre reception for a form.

Come and find out how many activities there are available, and give them a go!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ageless Opportunities,

Great Yarmouth Community Trust

The Priory Centre

Priory Plain

I have the solution for ‘killer’ kerb

Apologies for raising my ugly head again, but noticing the yellow paint on the steps to Fullers Hill car park there lies the solution to the ‘Killer Kerb’ at Regent Road, and much less expensive.

While on the safety issue, and far more potentially dangerous though given less attention, I recently saw a young woman walking on the top of a 20ft high brick wall at Aldi’s car park. Please remedy this permanently.

DAVID KING Falcon Court,

Great Yarmouth

Chat in street led to Bible talk

This week in Gorleston High Street I had a friendly chat with a Jehovah’s Witness. Although the Bible teaches in many places, from its first book to its last, that Jesus is the eternal God, Jehovah’s Witnesses say Jesus is the archangel Michael, “God’s first creation”.

I asked the Jehovah’s Witness what he made of Isaiah 9:6, which he agreed was an Old Testament prophecy about Jesus: “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given … And His name will be called … mighty God.” He replied that this does not mean Jesus is “almighty God”.

I then asked him to read out from his bible Isaiah 10:21, which refers to Yahweh (Jehovah), the creator of the universe: “The remnant will return … to the mighty God.”

The same Hebrew words for “mighty God” used in Isaiah 9:6 of the Son are used in 10:21 (and Jeremiah 32:18) of Yahweh.

When I pointed this out to the Jehovah’s Witness, he refused to budge on Jesus being the eternal uncreated God, even though Isaiah 9:6 and 10:21 clearly call both the Son and Yahweh “mighty God”.

Also, in John 20:28, about a week after God the Father has raised Jesus bodily from the dead, Thomas calls Jesus “My Lord and my God.” Jesus’ reply to Thomas, in the next verse? “Because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

And in John 8:58 Jesus says: “Before Abraham was, I Am” (see Exodus 3:14 in the New King James Version Bible). The Jehovah’s Witness bible has changed the present tense of the original, “I Am”, to “I have been”, thus altering Jesus’ words and meaning.


Albemarle Road


Airport tax will put passengers off

Flying out of Norwich Airport a few weeks ago, everything seemed pretty straightforward as far as access to and dropping-off arrangements were concerned at what remains as provincial an airport as you are likely to come across.

A far cry from the horrendous situation at those two awful London airports of late – and long may this continue.

However, Norwich International as it is so grandly named, seems to have created a problem of its own making in the form of an Airport Development Tax of £10, which all must pay before passing through security.

I was one of quite a few people who knew nothing of this and had to spend time finding the right money for the infernal machine, a bit like all those people at the JPH who have to get the right money to pay for parking.

Apart from the legality of a tax such as this, what really concerns me is that we appear to be becoming a society where people are led like sheep into a situation where it is becoming the norm when receiving a good or service to pay something towards its provision and development in the future.

There is no legal or ethical reason why this should be the case and more people should stand firm on the matter.


Collingwood Road,

Great Yarmouth

I tried to remember deeds of MP

Having received several ‘fliers’ from Brandon Lewis telling me why I should vote for him again, I tried to remember what he had achieved for us over this last seven years. During his stay he has been Minister for Transport and Minister for Housing; well we badly need road improvements and social housing or council housing as it used to be known, but I’ve seen no improvement in either. The only constructive thing I remember him doing was to vote with his government to close down the Coastguard Service and this from an MP representing a maritime constituency.


Hebrides Way,


Unusual vehicle sparked interest

I was pleased to see in letters pages of the Mercury for May 19 a correspondence from Bill Bentley with two photographs taken in Southtown during the 1953 flood.

One of the photographs shows an unusual vehicle owned by Jewson’s that was normally used to carry large quantities of timber.

My late father, Bill Godfrey, worked for Jewson’s before and after the Second World War and I remember him talking at the meal table about these unusual vehicles that he called Ross Carriers.

He also spoke about the so called drugs, that were used by Jewson’s before they had the Ross Carriers.

From what I recall a drug was not a Ross Carrier but was a four wheeled trailer that had two supports for the timber. These supports were adjustable for different lengths of timber and the front wheels were pivoted so that they could turn tight corners in and out of the saw mill. I do not recall what they used to tow the drugs but is was probably a tractor.

I did a Google search for “Ross Carrier” and found these vehicles were known also as straddle carriers and were invented in the United States in 1913 by HB Ross.

I did a similar search for “timber drug” but found nothing relating to the timber industry.

In the 50s Southtown Road was alive with the timber industry. Jewson’s saw mill with its noisy Stenner bandsaws and Palgrave Brown’s huge timber yards along with the stacks of timber on Bollard Quay ready to be transported by the Ross Carriers to Jewson’s Southtown sawmill. The whole road had the lovely aroma of freshly sawn timber that was spoiled by the nasty sulphurous waft that came from Gorleston Gas Works.


Lowry Way,


All the parties are a waste of time

Another general election and our local MP is back, Brandon Lewis. He was going to work wonders for Great Yarmouth before the referendum. But where was he?

This is the MP who turned his back on the electorate and dedicated his time to the stay in Europe campaign with Cameron and the elite. They were so confident they were going to win. How could they lose? The truth meant nothing. I would not waste a vote on any of three main parties. They have proved beyond doubt they are not to be trusted.

I would like to add to agree 100pc with the letter in the Mercury last week – Treat the nation’s young and old fairly.

I am 81 years old and have no confidence in the political system.


Why Ukip will be getting my vote

So now that there is a chance to change our MP, my choice is, as it was in June of 1975, to support those who were against us joining the Common Market.

At that time I had recently left the armed forces, where I had spent time in Germany, along with a tour of Northern Ireland.

I chose to stay out of Europe then and voted that way in the recent referendum. Because the Tories have such as bad record in the town of late and because of my army service where I, and my colleagues saw terrorism and death daily, I have no faith in the other party either due to stories about Mr Corbyn and the IRA.

Regardless of how they do in the general election the only true voice for a clean break with Europe is Ukip and I shall give them my vote.

Whether the main parties can ever win back the trust of the electorate I do not know.


Nelson Road Central,

Great Yarmouth

Please stick up for this town

I just felt I needed to write to the letters page as I am so fed up of people slagging off this town, the lack of facilities, jobs, housing…

I think people are still really struggling and are in a financial mess due to the universal credit shambles. If this town has its problems it isn’t helped by the cuts this government has made, its as if the divide between rich and poor has never been so wide.

There are many good caring people in this town who are just getting by and I just hope that Labour get into power because it’s the only way Great Yarmouth will get the genuine help it needs.



No clear plan on Brexit has come

I am struck by the stark policy choice the electorate in Great Yarmouth face. A Labour party with polices that will abolish university tuition fees; supporting a high wage economy, that will recruit 10,000 police officers; tackling the rise in crime, that will set up a national investment bank; supporting industry and inward investment, and much more.

And then the Tories that will allow a free vote on fox hunting, that will end winter fuel payments for an unknown number of pensioners - estimates, not denied are between six-10 million and introduce, the so called dementia tax, that will use homeowners wealth to pay for social care, the limit of the which is to be decided after the election.

However what strikes me most is the lack of a clear plan for Brexit from the main parties

As a leave voter I quite happily pressed the reset button on our relationship with the EU, but in doing so I expected our politicians to take on the challenge.

No clear plan has been laid before the electorate.

With an ageing population, with the number of workers to retired people dropping from seven in the 1950s to a projected two in the 2050s, an economic and social crisis is approaching, there will be simply not enough workers to support the needs of those retired. This fact is not being addressed by the campaigns, quite simply as the stop gap solution is more, not less immigration.

LEE SUTTON Willow Way,


Please just answer the question

I am becoming increasingly annoyed by the answers given by politicians when being questioned by the press or public.

They seem incapable of giving straight answers to questions.

Instead they either keep repeating their party script, or call the opposition names and claim their ideas are rubbish without telling us why.

Also, when defending their political positions over the years, they do not simply apologize or say “I got that wrong”. Instead they talk about their hairstyles, or again, blame another party for the problem.

Maybe they are all graduates from some sort of political Hogwarts College that trains them to talk and think this way, thus perpetuating their fantasy that they are “serving” the people. On election day, I think we should tell them what we’d like them to do with their broomsticks.



A cruel tax may be imposed

Dementia Tax?

In reality this tax is a cruel, callous pensioners’ illness tax.

Many people round here will be affected by the Tories’ cold hearted plan because this evil tax is aimed at all those who are terminally ill and wish to die at home, all those who need daily care and all dementia sufferers.



Thank you to woman who helped

Recently I collapsed on the pavement outside what was Marks and Spencers in Yarmouth. I was unable to move and virtually unable to see or speak.

After having many tests at the hospital it was concluded that I have severe vertigo and I seem to be ok now.

Anyway while still on the pavement I was assisted greatly by a lady with black hair who was especially kind and sympathetic.

Another young lady and possibly her sister or daughter came along and helped me. This lady then went and got her coat and then managed to get me inside and the dark haired lady wished me well and left.

So I was driven all the way to the JPH by two strangers while continually being sick in the back of her car.

In this terrible world we live, what an act of unselfish generosity and kindness, it almost makes you believe in something again.

I have no way of properly thanking these good people, and only hope that someone will see this letter and maybe say ‘oh that was you’ or maybe a parent might say ‘we are proud of you, you are a credit to us’.

I cannot emphasise enough now that my head is clear just how appreciative and moved I am by your actions. There are saints among us after all.


Woolies would be welcomed back

I was reading an article about Woolworths. The article states ‘has Woolies had its day or would you like to see the return of the pick-n-mix’.

I use to shop at Woolies regularly when they were in Great Yarmouth and Norwich for pick-n-mix, video tapes and audio cassettes.

I would like to see them return to our shopping streets.


St Margaret’s Way,


Dogs could pose a beach danger

So finally the weather has turned and we can now enjoy the sun, sea and beach. You can’t beat going to Gorleston beach for a nice walk and maybe a naughty ice-cream. It’s lovely to see people smiling and relaxing and enjoying our stunning little part of the east coast. So lucky to live here. However, not all people respect others, mostly dog owners who think it’s fine to have their dogs off the leash.

These owners seem to think that it’s ok to let their dogs roam as they please.

Their dogs may go up to other dogs who are nervous/frightened, but that’s fine. Their dogs may go up to young children who could innocently provoke them, but that’s fine.

Their dogs could go up to people who are genuinely frightened by them, as I am of large dogs after an attack when I was younger, but that’s fine.

Their dogs could just be overly excited around uncomfortable people, but that’s fine. There are many situations.

However certain owners just have their hands behind their backs and say, “he/she is fine, don’t worry”. Sorry, but I do worry.

I don’t want an animal I don’t know bounding up to me or my daughter/wife not knowing their character.

It’s a public area, many people and children go there to relax and have fun.

Before any negative comments are made, I’d like to say I am a owner of two small dogs, to which I always have on a leash and make sure they are close to me when passing people and other dogs.

I go to Gorleston beach a lot, but always end up criticising some owner over their carefree attitude to others. Very selfish. And on another related subject, I actually bother to pick their mess up as well, which seams to be so difficult for others. Poo bags don’t cost that much. Have a little thought and respect for others. It doesn’t cost anything, but goes a long way.



Can PC crowd keep quiet on terror

What an appalling cowardly attack on our young in Manchester. Part to blame, (a big part) are the political correct crowd that tie the hands of those that are in place to protect ordinary folk of all religions by making all fearful of litigation.

To get Britain on a safer footing the PC crowd should concentrate on helping our services that try to make us safer instead of stopping deportations and assisting those that obviously dislike our way of life and want us to change.

So would the PC crowd just shut Up and let the government do its job.


Burnt Lane,