Readers’s letters, September 8 2017

Let us keep town’s history preserved

Regarding the letter in the Mercury ‘Eyesores should be demolished’. It would seem that Mr Spragg has a problem with the heritage of Great Yarmouth. “Put the teak counter in a museum”? No, certainly not! It should be seen in its original environment - the Iron Duke needs to stand proud where it is for all passers-by to see and admire the art deco of this lovely building.

I was not born and bred in Great Yarmouth but I have every respect for its heritage and history so long may it be cherished and preserved.

Unfortunately there have always been so many derogatory comments about this town and I think it is time to put matters right - let’s keep its history alive and bring it into the 21st century kicking and screaming for all to see and admire. Let us do more to preserve the history of this lovely town.

On another note, whatever happened to the Lacons emblem when Aldi was built - it should have been retained and displayed on the original site.

It seems that this is yet another example of the total disregard by the planners and builders of the town’s history and past.


Most Read

Ormesby St Margaret

Traffic will pour through town crossings

Plans for the new, third river crossing are no doubt well-intentioned but new bridges, like new roads, tend to lead to increases rather than decreases in traffic. Witness the new Queensferry Bridge over the Forth, opened only last week and already experiencing traffic snarl-ups on the roads leading to and from it.

Then think of the almost daily logjams already taking place along South Quay at certain times of the day and when one or both of the bridges happen to be up. Multiply this by a factor of about ten when you consider traffic pouring over the new bridge and heading into the town from the south and not just from the north and west as it does at present.

Meanwhile nothing at all seems to be being done about the sheer volume of traffic. Whatever happened to dedicated lanes for cars with two or more passengers; your car registration determining on which days of the week you can drive your car, (as they did in Sweden during the fuel crisis in the 1970s); no commercial traffic on certain roads at weekends, (as they do in France); and finally, dare I say it, raising the age at which you can first drive to, say, 25.

Don’t worry. None of these things is likely to happen as we continue to take this short term approach, patching things up as we venture along and hoping for the best.


Collingwood Road,

Great Yarmouth

Hospital staff were wonderful to us

After spending many times in the last two months in accident and emergency departments I should like to say what a wonderful service this is, from ambulance and paramedics to doctors and nurses.

All the staff were all so kind and caring, especially the two stroke doctors who pinpointed my husband’s problem with so many visits. We are so indebted to one and all and thank you for a such a wonderful hospital.

We are extremely lucky to live in Norfolk.


Suffield Road,


Draconian measures need explaining

Your article on foodbanks exposed the difficulties these are having in keeping up with demand. However, I would like to see the Jobcentre/DWP explain why they are sending people to these foodbanks in the first place.

There is very little economic justification, little money is saved as unemployment payments are a small percentage of the welfare budget, and the misery and worry caused by stopping welfare payments is out of all proportion.

One reason claimants are not finding work is because the local economy is so poor. Witness the empty shops around the Market Place and in Victoria Arcade. The market itself is declining, as reported in the Mercury. The town is apparently unable to provide a bus service to the train station which is a further obstacle to economic activity.

Given this challenging economic backdrop, would a spokesperson for the DWP please explain why they are inflicting draconian measures onto claimants? I see no justification, economic or moral, for the misery caused.


Upper Cliff road


We are here to help with dementia

There have been many articles written over the last few weeks about the rising number of people with dementia and the strain this puts on their carers.

The Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Memory Club are one of the very few clubs for those with dementia who welcome the people with dementia on their own giving their carers a well deserved and much needed break.

We are a constituted volunteer run members club who meet twice every week – on a Monday at All Saints Parish Hall, Scratby and on a Wednesday at the Methodist Church Hall, Magdalen Way, Gorleston from 10am until 2pm.

Next Monday, 11th September, we are having an open day at All Saints Parish Hall, Scratby to showcase the activities we carry out at the clubs. Everybody is welcome to come along anytime between 10am and 2pm to see what we do. We will be entertained by the West End Waiters as well as having a craft stall of items made by members and a tombola to raise funds for the club.

Further information about the club can be found on our website or from one of the co-ordinators Sandra Edmonds 01493494217; Ann Basey 01493 656464 and Kerry Hunt 07887 984341



GYG Memory Club

Can we park on the street island?

Re the island at the top of Northgate Street, opposite the Northgate Fish Shop and King’s Arms. Someone was recently informed it was a “No parking area” although this has been used as such for a number of years now, by a great number of vehicles, with no redress - it was found on inspection that there are no yellow lines anywhere and also there are “No Parking” signs.

Any court case would thus prove interesting.


Thank you for collection support

Brian Harris and myself are associate members of the NVA, Normandy Veterans Association Norwich branch. On Saturday we had a collection at the Asda super store in Yarmouth. We would like to say a big thank you to the managers and staff who were most helpful and a big thank you to the customers of Asda, who were most generous in their contribution to our collection.

Once again thank you all very much.


Palgrave Road,

Great Yarmouth

Understand cycle risks we take

Dear Name and address withheld, I have recently taken to cycling again after a lapse of considerable time. How different now as from then. My cycling attire then was crop trousers T-shirt, trainers and sunglasses, plus an extra sweater if required.

My attire now is a cycle helmet, wrap around sunglasses, bright gloves, a bright sweater with a pocket in which to house my mobile phone, firm trainers and gym trousers. All of the above in case of a motorist has not the patience to sit in second gear behind me for a few yards, until it is safe for the motorist to overtake.

I am considerate in my cycling behaviour. I would like you Name and address withheld to cycle with myself and see what I and others endure on a cycle ride in the village. It is not our fault there are no cycle lanes in the area and instead of a whinge and whine, Name and address withheld, please write to the MP to get lanes installed in Norfolk, the same as in Suffolk.


Appleton Drive,

Ormesby St Margaret

Shadow minister saw centre work

The Great Yarmouth Unemployed Workers Centre was visited by the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell on August 22. He met with the new charity’s volunteers and trustees and discussed the hardship that is being caused by the governments cuts to local services as well as benefit reforms. The fully digital roll out of Universal Credit here in Great Yarmouth has caused many issues to the town. He was very keen to hear how this benefit has been rolled out and what obstacles and hurdles the benefit is causing still. We also discussed housing issues, the Work Capability Assessments, Personal Independence Payments and Employment Support Allowance. The centres advisors Alison Warner and Rex Tyrell gave an overview of the case work that the centre has been dealing with.

How refreshing it was to speak with someone who knows what is really affecting people by the austerity measures this government is forcing on us all.

John knows this area well and experiences similar issues at his own constituency office. He has great empathy for the struggles faced here in Great Yarmouth as well as appreciating the advice and support that local residents receive at the GYUWC.

The Great Yarmouth Unemployed Workers Centre is currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30am-4.30pm. This charity relies totally upon donations for its funding. If you would like to make a donation you can either pop in to the centre, which is at 6-7 Broad Row, Great Yarmouth NR30 1HT.

If you would like to come and have a chat with us and see what we do please contact Paula either at the centre or by emailing her at


Jellicoe Road,

Great Yarmouth

We need group of fresh councillors

All these wonderful schemes our councillors dream up helped by the employed unelected officers in our Town Hall.

Over the past two decades the same councillors have brought our borough to its knees, and they will continue to do so because none of them have the acumen to take the bull by the horns and do what is needed.

Yarmouth is amongst twenty most deprived resorts in Britain why is this? There have been over the years several chances to live up to the “Great” in our name, but what happens lack of experience and self-promotion takes over resulting in a irretrievable loss of cash and ability to make these ideas fruitful.

The Town Centre Master Plan, is this another mega size TV screen, or the million pound loss on parks and gardens? But worse much worse the none existent ferry for our outer harbour. Yes there are a few jobs associated with the outer harbour but that was not built just for the declining offshore industry, in 2005 the Minister of Transport the European Union and our MP were quite clear that a three sailing a day was needed to put some oomph into the job market, to promote tourism from the Continent more customers for our shops and “yes” enabling the Edge to be built, and to reinvigorate the town and county by reinventing Norfolk Line.

Our inefficient councillors knocked that on its head, they allowed the ditching of the ferry service, they freely gave away our river to a company that had no experience in running a port.

Our port was then sold to an existing port company, giving away the millions of pounds that were hard earned that were meant for the benefit of the town as a whole.

Our town would by now, ten years after the great give away of what was not theirs to give away, would be booming, but instead we are on this impoverished list, and it will not change until we get councillors that put the borough first. Under the councillors that we voted in we will not be known as the town that bounced back, but now known as “benefit borough” of the East Coast.


Burnt Lane,


Hospital staff are exceptional

Recently my husband had to attend the James Paget hospital’s dental department to have two teeth with distorted roots removed. All of the staff that attended were both courteous and very kind.

Unfortunately we had to attend on two further occasions for more treatment and at each time we had the same friendly and caring treatment from the dentist and all the nursing staff. So thank you JPH.

Keep up the good work because we feel so lucky to be served by this exceptional hospital.


El-Alamein Way,


Article brought back Malda times

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed Peggottys article on Malda.

I and my sisters have happy memories of spending Christmas with the couple, Harold S Holmes (a builder) and his second wife Alice C Bond (Pyecroft) who were the residents of Malda during the seventies. I remember they had a servant who lived in the attic with the dragon.

As I had recently researched my late mother’s step mother Lily Rose the sister of Harold (first wife Eva Nichols) and son of George Holmes (a joiner) it seemed the appropriate time to say that Harold Holmes business built the former Crown building in Yarmouth Way during the seventies and Alice (Biddy) Bond worked at Grouts and Purdys donated part of the estate to the James Paget hospital after death in 1987.

If any relative wishes to contact me as I have a few photos of the couple they may wish to see or have they can email me at



Brexit will give us control back

Having connections and friends in the town, I feel compelled to comment on the letter from Judith Daniels criticising the excellent letters from readers who support Brexit. She states the Brexit team needs reining in. On the contrary we need to be strong against the arrogant EU and the likes of Mr Barnier who is stamping his feet because he knows the cash tap from the UK is soon to be turned off.

The latest insult to us, him stating we need to be educated in what it means for us to leave the EU. Who do you think you are kidding Mr Barnier? We knew what we were voting for and frankly the way the EU is behaving proves we are right to leave, and need to leave as soon as possible.

The dithering, stalling and back sliding harming our country is due to politicians who are in the pockets of the EU and do not wish to leave. I know many people in business who voted to leave and can not wait to be free of the shackles of the EU dictators with their silly regulations.

We voted to leave to control who comes into the country, to trade with who we wish and stop the flow of billions into EU coffers.

Before ‘Remoaners’ bleat we will lose EU funding it has to be remembered that the money is ours as we pay more than we get back. If the EU threatens us with tariffs, fine, then we can return the compliment.

They need our custom more than we need them.


Spinney Road,