Letter: I voted remain - but I’m not a Remoaner

Brexit: our reader voted remain, but they say that doesn't make them a Remoaner, Picture: ANTONY KE

Brexit: our reader voted remain, but they say that doesn't make them a Remoaner, Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Personally, I am getting wholeheartedly fed up with the constant letters to the Mercury concerning Brexit.

The sniping and repetition of views is becoming tiresome to say the least.

However, I will make an exception of NS Williamson’s letter published on 15 February.

NS Williamson, thank you. You make extremely valid points, without resorting to over-zealous use of a thesaurus.

I only have one point to make in response, which is that not all who voted Remain turned into Remoaners.

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I voted Remain, and do not want a second (or third or fourth) referendum, as I accepted the result of the first as being the will of the majority in a democratic process.

Just as I accept the result of local elections, general elections etc, even if my chosen candidate does not win. Unless I am wholly mistaken, that is what a democracy is about.

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Naturally, I am interested in what is going on at the moment, and wonder what the outcome will be.

But I agree, NS Williamson; there is a great deal of scaremongering going on. Even to the point of saying we will be unable to get lettuce! Hardly a staple food.

I do not believe for a moment we will be starving – in fact the meat and poultry industries, and fishermen etc in this country may well do better if imports are not as plentiful.

Of course we will be able to travel to the EU. Why wouldn’t we?

And if Tim Martin wants to spend his own or his company’s money in publishing his views, so what? No-one is obliged to read a Wetherspoon magazine.

No doubt Judith Daniels will respond to your letter of last week, and this letter of mine.

However, I will not correspond further, as there is simply no point.

Susan Gant


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