Remember big freeze of January 1963?

filby broad 1963

filby broad 1963 - Credit: Archant

REMEMBER the Big Freeze of January 1963? Mr F Robinson of East Anglian Way, Gorleston sent in this image of Filby Broad. Mr Robinson, who at the time was 25 years old, and working at Birdseye in Yarmouth throughout the freeze recalls travelling around the area taking photographs of the phenomenon.

Mr Robinson also took pictures of Breydon Waters and remembers people skating on the ice at Filby Broad, although he was not brave enough to do so himself. He was disappointed that during the thaw he was unable to take images of the broken ice floes floating down the river and out to sea.

Mr Robinson recalls living in a house with only one coal fire, no running water or electricity during this time and admits he would now hate to live without his creature comforts.

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