Dredging off the East Coast could be the cause of beach scouring

Coastal erosion hits large parts of Hemsby beach.Picture: Nick Butcher

Coastal erosion hits large parts of Hemsby beach.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

I have spent a number of years voicing my concern on the subject of aggregate extraction by vacuuming suction all off the east coast and east of Great Yarmouth.

Licences were awarded to a four-party team under a stipulated period of 15 months with a stipulated volume to be extracted.

It is a ridiculous number of barrow loads of ballastbeing taken off the seabed in these co-ordinates.

These four dredging companies I feel are the perpetrators of the resultant outcome of seabed levelling. Further proof will be gained with the next phase of seabed levelling which will carry on from now.

Any compensation claims should be placed at the doors of these four perpetrators.

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This has nothing to do with the “Beast from the East” or an act of God as time will tell. This is all to do with pillaging of our coastline with the resultant erosion at Winterton, Horsey and Hemsby!


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